Thursday, 26 January 2017

Soft Grey Luxe

So with beautiful weather impending on us comes beautifullly light soft hued linens and fabrics to adorn our bedrooms this summer.

Soft greys and pale heather tones are the pallete of choice, making these colours sumptous and inviting for the long warm nights ahead of us! 

When choosing the perfect linen for summer make it a higher thread count for maximum luxury and immerse yourself into the soft sheets with a lighter tog duvet, 4.5 is the ideal of this time of year keeping you cool and allowing the body to breathe.

Opting for a lightweight throw, the silk chevron heather throw is the perfect one for adding a touch of colour to the grey tones and is light enough to use as a cover for those warmer nights.

The linen is the perfect soft grey hue, with the jacquard weave accentuating the design and accompanying grey paisley cushions add a touch of design and darker colour to the palette to tie the look together, the linen is a 470 thread count, making the bespoke bedstead really stand out in its shade of soft lilac/grey Zinc. 

The look is neither feminine nor masculine, making it the ideal for couples who love luxury and elegance but with simplicity to there bedroom design! 
Adding the white linen cushions softens the look making it easier to dress up or down, depending on what sort of look you want to go for! 

Adding these beautiful grey and glass lamps, they are the perfect companion for the high headboard of the bedstead, not too outlandish for the design, the soft grey shade looks beautiful lit for a warm tone, or left alone to show the depth of the grey against the bedstead, the glass adds an elegant touch and definitely one of the accessories you would want to show off to welcoming guests! 

What do you think of the soft grey & lilac design, personally I love it! Let me know :) 

Lots of love, Frankie x 

* Paid for post in collaboration with Feather And Black