Tuesday, 8 November 2016

the scent of christmas..

 Christmas is my most favourite time of the year, the frosty air, wrapping up warm under blankets, lighting the fire and cosying up on the sofa with a candle lit, watching a traditional christmas movie (Miracle on 34th Street of course!!) 

The Landon Tyler, Scent of Christmas range is just THE most perfect scent for this time of year, the rich smell of Norwegian Spruce, originating from the Spruce tree gives it that fresh winter air smell, Clementines give it a beautiful citrus scent, the same scent you would expect from the wreaths studded with slices of citrus and cinnamon, the clove gives off a warm aroma of spice, spice is something I really consider a poignant status for Christmas time!
I adore anything with a spice at Christmas, it really makes me feel like its hit that cold point in the air and the holidays are truly nearing, Scent of Christmas is a really lovely strong, warm scent, it packs a punch even without being lit & placing the diffuser in any part of the house, will really give a strong sense of smell throughout.

Considering these are £8 (candle) & £10 (diffuser) I feel like these are incredible for such a great price point,  the packaging is very luxurious, the frosted glass makes the range look so much more expensive than it is, so I can definitely see myself picking up more of these as gifts for family and friends this year!

Have any of you tried the Landon Tyler range? They have so many more scents in there collection I'm intrigued to see what else they have to offer, so do let me know if you have any favourites? 

Frankie xo 

*Product gifted to me from the brand, but all opinions are my own, I would only ever represent a product I personally enjoy using and feel it is beneficial to my readers + you all know I love a candle!


Saturday, 5 November 2016

pretty in pink

Incase you've been living under a rock for the past few years, Sketch seems to be one of those iconic 'insta-famous' places that we all have on our bucket list to visit.

The minute you walk through the curtains along the hop scotch path you played when you were 5, you are instantly hit with Diptyque, like the best smelling cocoon of scent, I genuinely walked in and said "Diptyque" such an iconic scent filling the rooms is so obvious if you know the brand, none the less the candles are hidden away in perfectly placed spots so only those who know, know!

Mostly renowned for its pink room with chairs replicating pink sponge fingers, from which they serve you the most beautifully quaint afternoon tea's, Chai was my flavour of choice along with plentiful sandwiches and decadent little pastries, scones and cakes to fill your belly beyond contempt & the most amazing alcohol free raspberry daiquiris were added to the table.

Of course one of the many wonders of Sketch are those egg shaped toilets, surrounded by disco coloured ceiling and fish eye mirrors, selfies had to take place, the decor is down to a fine art, everything from a simple loo, to the entrance of the building is carefully thought out, staff are casual, and waiters wear boiler suits and converse to add that Sketch twist.

I would definitely re-visit, although I think if I were to go again I would likely choose from the restaurant menus, the tea is amazing but I think once you've been once, you kinda see it all, so a choice from a different menu would be a new experience to try!

Have you been before? Are there any other recommendations of places to eat in London, I love trying  different foods so let me know below..

Frankie xo