Saturday, 11 June 2016

a cult blogger fav?


I almost cant quite believe I've never written a post about this, seeing as I am now onto my third jar and cant see anything changing in my cleansing routine anytime soon, I thought it was about time that I graced my blog with this beauty and tell you all about it (although pretty sure the majority will have already read about this somewhere previously as its just too goddamn amazing). 

Having been a long time sufferer of teenage/adult acne & acne scarring, I had tried numerous and i mean numerous different products that claimed to be the cure to acne, Having spent a small fortune along the way (I could've had a deposit for a house with the amount I've spent) and many products thrown away, gifted to others or battled through with the hopes that one day they  *might* just work, I finally stumbled across this beauty! 


The Moringa Balm has not only saved my skin, but has saved my confidence, or lack of.. Too! 
The most beautifully soft, smooth balm, literally glides onto the skin like butter, is so lightweight and delicate it almost feels as if it couldn't really be doing anything to cleanse, then you look in the mirror and see every trace of makeup, dirt and the days grime just melting away.

Once adding water to the balm it emulsifies into a delicate milk that just gently washes away everything with ease, its such a concentrated balm that you could get away with one cleanse easily and feel pretty secure that your skin is freshly cleaned!

I can honestly say this product has single handedly cleared every trace of acne on my face, dramatically reduced the appearance of those blooming ugly scars and overall improved the clarity of my skin, its so much more radiant these days and I almost feel OK with leaving the house makeup free, I can't say I feel the overwhelming urge to slap on a full face of makeup anymore, a dab of lip balm is enough to make me feel put together these days!

Another thing I have noted is that I suffer with a very awkward patch of dry skin on the entirity of my toplip/ under my nose area and this has seriously helped in making it more moisturised and soothed, don't get me wrong if I don't moisturise for a day or so it does flare up ever so slightly but nothing like it ever did before, so this is a huge bonus for me regarding my skincare, as again I just couldn't find anything that didn't aggravate that area or help soothe it either! 

Another use I have found with helping soothe my dry skin is leaving the balm on overnight as an intensive mask treatment, or slathering it on whilst in the bath and allowaing the warm steamy air penetrate those pores, its a fabulous way of deeply moisturising the skin and also looks like I've had a facial the next day when I've done this.

I can honestly say if you are one of the minority that haven't ever picked up Emma Hardies cult classic Moringa Balm then what are you doing... Please please pick a tub of this up, if you are sufferers of acne, rosacea, scarring, dry or general dull skin, you really do need this in your life! 

I cant rave about this product anymore than I already have, unless I somehow manage to bag a job with Emma herself #dreamjob, it really is my all time cult fav cleansing product and I can fully expect to be using this years and years down the line, this better never be discontinued, I would cry rivers of tears haha!

Have any of you tried/not tried Moringa Balm, let me know your thoughts on it below, id love to hear your opinion and if you have any tips for products that would work well with it?

Lots of love, 
Frankie xo


  1. I absolutely love thsi cleanser too and the matching face oil but I'm not crazy about the eye cream in this line xx

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    1. Ah that's good to know, I was considering picking the eye cream up too! Thanks for your comment xxx