Friday, 24 June 2016

Aroma Works | Basil & Orange Candle

So as many of my regular readers may be aware, I'm quite the candle addict lover & have an ever growing collection that I am yet to burn myself through, that however didn't stop me from picking up yet another beautifully scented jar of goodness! 

Beautiful packaging aside, the Basil & Orange candle from Aroma Works is super luxurious soy and aromatherapy oil based, allowing it to be safe to burn as it isn't full of those nasty chemicals some regular candles posess.

The scent is very spa like (I will let you in on a little secret, it is extremely reminiscent of the Neom candle - Basil & Neroli and a fraction of the price), the basil is light and fragrant, whilst the orange notes are subtle and warming, it is a very calming and relaxing fragrance, therefore when you light this you almost unwind and chill without even realising you have done so, perfect for somone like me who doesnt have the ability to unwind easily after a long day! 

I picked up mine from Waitrose, who I believe the collection is actually in collobaration with, which makes me very happy as I can pick up my favourite scented treats alongside my weekly food shop, although I would say it wouldn't be great for the bank balance, but they are extremely reasonably priced at £10, which frankly I would pay alot more for a candle of this high quality!

Have any of you tried AromaWorks Candles? Im keen to try more from the range, so if you have any recommendations, or if you have any other brands you think I might like let me know! 

Frankie xo

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  1. These candles look so nice! I am also a candle addict! :) £20 for a Yankee candle is a bit pricy so I'm definitely going to pick this one up and give it a go! Thankyou for the recommendation 😊

    Megan xx |

    1. I love Yankee Candles but Tend to buy the tarts as it makes it much more affordable `and you can get alot more scents for the money :) xx

  2. Nice post.It will be helpful for aroma loving people.Please add ingredients especially scent of these candles and burn time as well.The price is reasonable so add how to buy candles via online shop. Thanks