Thursday, 25 February 2016

the perfect everyday eye palette

Considering i've never been one for eyeshadow, let alone neutral offerings, even I'm pretty suprised at how in love I am with the most easiest of them all, customisable in variations of 3 or 6, Laura Mercier offers the best of pigmentation and ease of application in palette form.

I collected the first of the collection from Space NK a little while ago now, Canyon Clay (far right), the most perfect golden bronze shadow, beautiful all over the lid for a subtle glow or used on the very outer corner to add some warmth and depth to the overall look.

Transition shadows are somewhat in my eyes, quite hard to come by, being the neutral shades that they are, its all about mimicking that shadow you would naturally create to achieve a more contoured look.
The middle of the three shadows, the perfect warm tone beige, Warm Sands is just the most perfect shadow for the job, the sateen formulation of these shadows look rather glittery in the pan but once applied to the skin transform into more of a matte finish, which makes these incredibly easy foolproof even for the eyeshadow novice!

The most neutral of this trio Sparkling Dew is just the most effortless vanilla shade, applied all over the lid for that wide-eyed awake look, I also use this in the tearduct and under the brow bone to add a very subtle highlight for my everyday look!

Blendable with minimal fuss, pigmented with one application and some of the most beautiful shade ranges, Laura Mercier has the formulation of shadows down to a T & I for sure will be adding more to my ever growing collection!

Have you tried any of them, let me know your thoughts below, Lots of love, Frankie xo

Laura Mercier Sateen Eye Colours - £19.00 

Sunday, 21 February 2016

sanderson mad-hatters afternoon tea

Have you ever watched Alice in Wonderland and dreamed of becoming Alice and running away down that rabbit hole?

Well I basically did the next best thing, just off of Oxford street you can step into a magical world of teeny tiny sandwhiches, pocket watch macaroons, ladybird red velvet cakes and splendid cups of queen of hearts tea.
The Sanderson is one of the most beautiful hotels i've ever stepped foot into, having been twice before, it literally wows me everytime as much as that very first time I stepped through those unique doors.
 The interiors are quirky & unique, as soon as you walk through the door you are greeted by a huge pair of cushiony red lips and a swinging chair suspended from the ceiling - literally the best props for instagram photos ;)
The Mad Hatters Tea takes place in the ever so beautiful courtyard garden, with the most calming waterfall and marble tables adorned with piteresque themed crockery by Luna and Curious, literally every bloggers dream! 
To begin with is the savoury treats, scottish smoked salmon, quail and caviar scotch egg which is out of this world tasty, and caviar is not what I expected atall, its actually really sweet and lovely, the wiltshire ham and smoked applewood croque-monsieur was absolutely to die for, I couldve literally eaten these over and over, sneakily we ordered extra (hint, they do not offer you extra but are aloud to ask for more)!

Moving onto the most important course, the delectable puddings, seriously I have never tasted sweet treats quite like it, my favourite would have to be either the vanilla scones with clotted cream and fruit preserve or the white rabbits pocket watch macaroon, a delicate white chocolate and coffee flavour!

During your time at the tea party, you can help yourself to as many cups of the beautiful fragrant flavoured tea as you like.. considering how much of tea fan I am this definitely went down well in my books, the fruity leaf teas were just as delicous as everything else, my favourite was Alice - China black tea infused with blackcurrants, vanilla, caramel and citrus.

As im sure you can tell by now how much I literally love this experience, if you ever considered venturing out for an afternoon tea date, please do make this top of the list for places to go.
Such an experience for all ages, I cannot reccomend it highly enough, infact ive just booked again for this years Mothers day treat, I really hope she loves it as much as I do!

Frankieboo xo


Saturday, 6 February 2016

about me

Welcome to, my name as the blog url would suggest, is Frankie, i'm a blogger & vlogger, living in a small town in Kent & this is my little space on the internet on which I love to babble on about the things I have a penchant for!

Having studied Fashion & Design alongside Graphics & Photography, I always had a keen eye for anything creative and *hopefully* my blog portrays just that!
I love having a portal where I can share this all with you and interact with other like minded creative souls.

I also enjoy creating regular content on YouTube, having watched so many channels over the years, I thought it was about time I put my best face forward and branched my blog into more of a viewer friendly aspect and let you get to know me a little better.
I love creating lifestyle vlogs which feature my fiance Samuel & our 2 ginger kitties, Simon & Bella, going about our day to day lives, you will also find beauty musings and lots of other fun content over there too!

I hope you enjoy sharing this space with me, Frankie xo