Friday, 15 January 2016

new hair new year

So with 2016 upon us i have been finding myself more motivated than ever to make changes in my life and my surroundings, the first thing to make its exit was my hair.

I'd been lacking in positivity regarding my image, my hair was looking limp and lifeless, id been growing it out for the past god knows how many years and had managed to get it past boob length, i loved it but over the previous few months i just felt like it was weighing me down and no matter what i did with it, it never looked 'styled' i felt messy and knew it needed to go, so off i trotted to my local salon for the chop!

 Im so shocked at how much i love it, i feel like i have a new lease of life and feel much fresher and more awake, its crazy how that trusty blanket of hair can make you feel so suffocated!


Adapting my surroundings is another big change i plan for 2016, we are finally moving house in 3 weeks time and to say i cannot wait would be an understatment after living with parents for the last 13 months i can safely say i am ready to re'fly the nest and start a new chapter with Samuel in our new space, im feeling all white interiors, calm and serene is my inspiration.


So i know everyone goes through the phase of new year new resolutions but this year i have adapted mine ever so slightly, instead of resolutions i have a new mindset, i have changed my ways of thinking and aiming to be more positive and happy in the year ahead, 2015 for me was a very testing year in my life and also on my mind, it had a negative impact on my life and i hated it, i detested waking up everyday and feeling low, as soon as i decided to stop thinking this way i instantly felt better, i know its not easy for everyone to switch it off, and for me it usually isn't but im just being optimistic and as soon as i feel those negative voices creeping in occupy myself with something  i love doing, for instance ive started a YouTube channel again after four years which is something i love doing, ive been creative all my life and never had an outlook where i feel fulfilled until now, i love creating, i love the editing process and i love the interaction with other who have similar interests to myself. 

Second to this i have two little things I've started to do this year which are keeping my positivity in track.. a memory jar and a memory scrapbook, they are as simple and basic as they sound but they fill me with joy and keep me going on this new journey.
In the jar i write small postive notes of the things i have enjoyed that day/week/month and in the scrapbook i am filling it with photos of those events so i can look back over the year and remember all the happy times!


So as you can see the year ahead for me is looking good, and i really hope yours is too, do you have any new years resolutions or aims for 2016? Id love to hear them!

Frankie xo