Wednesday, 20 January 2016


Monogramming has always been a huge love of mine, I love little personal touches to those intricate items you own, I love adding the last detailing to something I cherish, and something else I love.. Aspinal! 

Aspinal of London has always been my go to brand if I want that little piece of luxury without having to break the bank to do so, but at the same time feels super luxurious and really make a statement 
I own everything from bags, to ipad cases & makeup bags from the brand and i'm never failed by the quality and workmanship, the leathers are by far some of the best I have felt and they stand the test of time, I have owned my card holder for around four years now and it still looks as pristeen as the first day I purchased it.

Stumbling into Selfridges one afternoon I came across the Aspinal department, and noticed they had a monogramming service, this is something I have been wanting to add to my pieces for a while so whilst I was in London I decided to get my card holder personalised with my initials, and whilst i was browsing I came across the beautiful beige saffiano leather luggage tags, which I decided to also have personalised as i was there with mine and Samuels initials.

The process is really easy and quite educating to watch, its all done on an old fashioned machine which stamps the product using pressure to begin with, and then using the colour you have chosen, a foil is applied to the underneath of the stamp and then pressure reapplied to the same area which therefore pushes the foil into the previously stamped area leaving you with your selected monogram. 

It costs £15 per product to be monogrammed which I personally feel is a little steep per product, especially if you shop in stores like Louis Vuitton where mongramming is free, but nether the less I was happy to pay for it when I know they look so beautiful and it means I have my own personalised items at the end of it.

I am so happy with the end result, I think they look amazing and it is definitely something I would reccommend if your looking for something that extra special for yourself, or for a gift for someone else, next on my list is a monogrammed diary..

Have you ever had anything monogrammed before, or own anything from Aspinal, as I said before I love there products so would love to hear any of your reccomendations?

Lots of Love, Frankie xo 


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