Saturday, 5 November 2016

pretty in pink

Incase you've been living under a rock for the past few years, Sketch seems to be one of those iconic 'insta-famous' places that we all have on our bucket list to visit.

The minute you walk through the curtains along the hop scotch path you played when you were 5, you are instantly hit with Diptyque, like the best smelling cocoon of scent, I genuinely walked in and said "Diptyque" such an iconic scent filling the rooms is so obvious if you know the brand, none the less the candles are hidden away in perfectly placed spots so only those who know, know!

Mostly renowned for its pink room with chairs replicating pink sponge fingers, from which they serve you the most beautifully quaint afternoon tea's, Chai was my flavour of choice along with plentiful sandwiches and decadent little pastries, scones and cakes to fill your belly beyond contempt & the most amazing alcohol free raspberry daiquiris were added to the table.

Of course one of the many wonders of Sketch are those egg shaped toilets, surrounded by disco coloured ceiling and fish eye mirrors, selfies had to take place, the decor is down to a fine art, everything from a simple loo, to the entrance of the building is carefully thought out, staff are casual, and waiters wear boiler suits and converse to add that Sketch twist.

I would definitely re-visit, although I think if I were to go again I would likely choose from the restaurant menus, the tea is amazing but I think once you've been once, you kinda see it all, so a choice from a different menu would be a new experience to try!

Have you been before? Are there any other recommendations of places to eat in London, I love trying  different foods so let me know below..

Frankie xo


Thursday, 15 September 2016

the candle edition | diptyque figuer


Ever the candle obsessive, I have added a new scent to the stash!
With a *mild* Diptyque obsession developing I felt the urge to pick up something fresh and summery, this fell in the form of Figuier!

On first sniff of this I must admit I really wasn't keen, it smells almost nettle like, something I wasnt drawn to, I considered exchanging it for a different scent, but persevered and decided to burn it anyway as I am a lover of fig scents and thought I'd see what it smelled like once it was burning.. Im so glad I did! 

The scent is very warming almost like baked figs and summer rolled into one, which isnt too over powering, for me I prefer this as there's just a subtle hint in the room i've lit it in once you walk into it, it almost leaves you wanting to know where the fragrance is coming from.

Diptyque describes this as: "The warmth of fig wood, the freshness of fig leaves and light milky sap all blend  to create a candle that is a glorious ode to the fig tree, with its light and delicious fresh fruit fragrance, figuier encapsulates the essence of summer" 

Figuier really is the scent you wish for at this time of the year, light and fresh but with a warming sence to the air, it almost reminds me of cosying up on a warm summers evening in the garden, eating salad and drinking pina coladas, I almost wish they would make this in a perfume, it would make the most  perfect summer fragrance!

Im so happy I picked Figuier up, and will definitely repurchase this in the larger size very soon, next on my list is the blogger cult classic Baies & my favourite perfume scent Roses, im desperate to try the candle version as I just adore the scent.

Have any of you tried Diptyque candles, know of any I should add to my wishlist?
Let me know in the comments below!

Frankie xo

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

melony lip goodness!

If any of you have watched my most recent Youtube videos you'll no I've been loving matte formulations in lipsticks recently and unfortunately as beautiful as they look on the lips they absolutely reek havoc in causing them to look and feel dried out, which is something I personally really hate the feeling of, therefore I found myself on the hunt for something that provided beautiful colour, as the liquid lipsticks do but also gives lots of moisture and plumps those bad boys back to life again..

The Stila Lip Glazes were a product I'd heard alot about over the years but for some reason had never picked one up, until I was asked by the lovely guys over at Stila, if I would like to try one out!
I chose the shade Watermelon, which as I'm sure you can see from the photos is such a gorgeous summery pink shade, and smells exactly as the name would suggest too, they are really true to colour once on the lips and rather pigmented for a gloss too, usually I find neutral glosses tend to disappear on my lips, as the natural colouring of mine are quite dark, but the formulation of these allow the colour to completely show through which gives them huge brownie points in my books.

Now usually I'm usually someone who quite likes a sticky gloss as I tend to find these have the greatest longevity in my opinion, therefore meaning they are providing more hydration throughout the day, while the Lip Glazes aren't super sticky, they are very hydrating and extremely long lasting, again big brownie points.

I'd almost go to say that they are pretty high up there in my favourite lip products, which is saying something.. as I have ALOT.

I'm really impressed with the shade I picked up, and will definitely be adding a few more to my ever growing collection, Have any of you tried these, what are your thoughts on them, I'd love to know if you have any recommendations on shades I should pick up, or anything else from Stila you think I would like, let me know below!

Frankie xo 

*Paid post in collaboration with Stila Cosmetics 


Friday, 24 June 2016

Aroma Works | Basil & Orange Candle

So as many of my regular readers may be aware, I'm quite the candle addict lover & have an ever growing collection that I am yet to burn myself through, that however didn't stop me from picking up yet another beautifully scented jar of goodness! 

Beautiful packaging aside, the Basil & Orange candle from Aroma Works is super luxurious soy and aromatherapy oil based, allowing it to be safe to burn as it isn't full of those nasty chemicals some regular candles posess.

The scent is very spa like (I will let you in on a little secret, it is extremely reminiscent of the Neom candle - Basil & Neroli and a fraction of the price), the basil is light and fragrant, whilst the orange notes are subtle and warming, it is a very calming and relaxing fragrance, therefore when you light this you almost unwind and chill without even realising you have done so, perfect for somone like me who doesnt have the ability to unwind easily after a long day! 

I picked up mine from Waitrose, who I believe the collection is actually in collobaration with, which makes me very happy as I can pick up my favourite scented treats alongside my weekly food shop, although I would say it wouldn't be great for the bank balance, but they are extremely reasonably priced at £10, which frankly I would pay alot more for a candle of this high quality!

Have any of you tried AromaWorks Candles? Im keen to try more from the range, so if you have any recommendations, or if you have any other brands you think I might like let me know! 

Frankie xo

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Jo Malone - Peony & Blush Suede Shower Oil

Good morning lovelies, I hope you're all well? 

Recently I made a little trip to one of my favourite stores, in search of a new body product to ease the fact that my skin had become a little dry over the previous months, I headed into Jo Malone.

Automatically presuming I would've been picking up some form of moisturiser, I found myself sampling the body cremes, the scents were gorgeous and that was my problem, I liked them all!
I think the sales assistant could sense I was struggling on what to purchase, she came and advised me on what particularly I was in search of, and also which scents in general I like, she suggested I have a hand and arm massage with herself, using some of the scents she recommended from what I had told her I personally like from Jo Malone.

We chose Wood Sage and Sea Salt in the body creme and on her recommendation, the Peony & Blush Suede shower oil, a product I had personally never tried from Jo Malone!

She applied a generous amount of the heavenly smelling oil onto my arms which lathered into the most luxurious milk, the fragrance is incredibly light and almost undetectable until you catch it upon a whim and wonder where the scent is coming from.
Once she washed away the oil she asked me to feel my skin, it felt incredibly soft and supple, you would've thought i'd done a full body scrub and moisturised it was *that* soft, I just couldn't stop touching my arms and wondering how it had become so soft from one quick application of what seemed like a body cleanser? 

To finish off she applied a small spatulas amount of body creme in the Wood Sage and Sea Salt scent (one of my personal favourites in scent from the collection).
This wasn't a scent I would have ever thought to have paired with the Peony and Blush Suede, but she assured me that they work really well together.. well .. they did, creating an incredibly warm and sofisticated layered fragrance 

I ended up picking up the Shower Oil as I absolutely loved the way it felt alone, it was moisturising enough by itself for me to want it, plus I also loved the ease of use, knowing that I could use this in the shower without having to apply much effort or take into consideration 'dry time' as you would with a body creme! 

Upon using this at home, Ive realise how long the oil is going to last, you honestly need the tiniest amount, a little goes a really long way! 
If im feeling particularly in need of some moisture, I use a second application of it on my skin and just allow the shower to gently wash off the oil without using any force to remove it, this allows a light layer of the oil to stay on my skin leaving it feeling super soft and luxurious, without feeling as if there is any residue on my skin, it feels almost invisible on my body but allows an extra level of moisture to penetrate my skin!

I really feel that this is going to be one of those beauty products that you just keep repurchasing throughout the years, it has become a daily staple in my routine and something I can honestly tell my skin is missing if i forget to use it.

Asides from the beautiful packaging it really is a super luxurious and splurge worthy product that I can honestly say you should own in your collection!

Are there any Jo Malone products you can recommend, I absolutely adore their candles and diffusers, but am yet to branch out into there perfumes, which is something I would really like to add to my stash, but yet again there are SO many scents I just don't know where to begin, so any advice or personal recommendations will be greatfully recieved.

See you all again soon, Frankie xo 

Monday, 13 June 2016

the best victoria sponge - bake with me

So for any of those out there who know me, and know me quite well will be aware of my love for baking, well love for anything that involves eating cake, but yes my love for baking..

I have decided to include a new series into my blog, sharing my little baking joys and spreading the love throughout my recipes for you all on here, this week I thought I would grace you all with possibly the tasiest victoria sponge cake *ever*.

Did I mention it's actually super easy and quick to make too?

You will need:

200g Caster Sugar 
200g of softened butter (it makes it easier to mix)
4 eggs (beaten)
200g self raising flour 
2 tbsp milk 

Now the method should really be followed as it's written to make the cake super lightweight and full of spongey goodness..


* Preheat the oven to 190c - Fan or 170c/Gas Mark 5 
* Butter two sandwhich tins and line these with non stick baking paper (this makes them pop out of the tins with ease, nothing worse than making a beautiful base for it to get stuck and fall to pieces :(
* Using a sieve for the powdered ingredients & also fold in the beaten eggs slowly ensuring everything is well mixed together creating a smooth batter with no lumps.
* Divide the mixture evenly between the two tins.
* Smooth the surface with a spatula or baking spoon.
* Bake in the oven for around 20 minutes or until golden brown (the best way to test if the cake is fully cooked throughout is to take a skewer or a knife and poke it through the middle, if there is no residue left on the skewer/knife then your sponge is completely cooked, if these is residue continue to bake until there is none. 
* Leave the sponges to cool for around 20-30 minutes otherwise the cream/jam will run out of the inside of the cake!

Now for the filling, I personally use extra thick double cream, I whip this with a wisk until it reaches light peaks, basically it looks like a light thick mousse and if you were to tip the bowl upside down nothing would come out, once this point is reached you can take your spatula/wooden spoon and spread this onto the bottom base, I like to have a really thick layer of cream as generally this is my favourite part, although you can tailor this to your preferences!

For the jam, spread on the top layer of the cake (the underneath of the top layer if you catch my drift). I use either Tiptree raspberry conserve, it has a gorgeous sticky finish with no bits, or if you prefer a jam with bits in I also recommend Bon Maman Strawberry conserve, both are equally delicious it really is down to what you prefer, alternatively you can use any jam you like, these are just the ones I personally like and find work well! 

* Place the two pieces of cake together (like the photo below.
* Dust over the top of the cake with some icing sugar and decorate how ever you like, these cakes also look really pretty decorated with summer berries, this is something I would do if they cake was for an occasion as it always has a wow factor to it :) 

.. And enjoy, Im pretty sure you will love this recipe, if any of you make it please send me a photo of your creation or hashtag your photo with #frankieboobakes 

Love Frankie xo


Saturday, 11 June 2016

a cult blogger fav?


I almost cant quite believe I've never written a post about this, seeing as I am now onto my third jar and cant see anything changing in my cleansing routine anytime soon, I thought it was about time that I graced my blog with this beauty and tell you all about it (although pretty sure the majority will have already read about this somewhere previously as its just too goddamn amazing). 

Having been a long time sufferer of teenage/adult acne & acne scarring, I had tried numerous and i mean numerous different products that claimed to be the cure to acne, Having spent a small fortune along the way (I could've had a deposit for a house with the amount I've spent) and many products thrown away, gifted to others or battled through with the hopes that one day they  *might* just work, I finally stumbled across this beauty! 


The Moringa Balm has not only saved my skin, but has saved my confidence, or lack of.. Too! 
The most beautifully soft, smooth balm, literally glides onto the skin like butter, is so lightweight and delicate it almost feels as if it couldn't really be doing anything to cleanse, then you look in the mirror and see every trace of makeup, dirt and the days grime just melting away.

Once adding water to the balm it emulsifies into a delicate milk that just gently washes away everything with ease, its such a concentrated balm that you could get away with one cleanse easily and feel pretty secure that your skin is freshly cleaned!

I can honestly say this product has single handedly cleared every trace of acne on my face, dramatically reduced the appearance of those blooming ugly scars and overall improved the clarity of my skin, its so much more radiant these days and I almost feel OK with leaving the house makeup free, I can't say I feel the overwhelming urge to slap on a full face of makeup anymore, a dab of lip balm is enough to make me feel put together these days!

Another thing I have noted is that I suffer with a very awkward patch of dry skin on the entirity of my toplip/ under my nose area and this has seriously helped in making it more moisturised and soothed, don't get me wrong if I don't moisturise for a day or so it does flare up ever so slightly but nothing like it ever did before, so this is a huge bonus for me regarding my skincare, as again I just couldn't find anything that didn't aggravate that area or help soothe it either! 

Another use I have found with helping soothe my dry skin is leaving the balm on overnight as an intensive mask treatment, or slathering it on whilst in the bath and allowaing the warm steamy air penetrate those pores, its a fabulous way of deeply moisturising the skin and also looks like I've had a facial the next day when I've done this.

I can honestly say if you are one of the minority that haven't ever picked up Emma Hardies cult classic Moringa Balm then what are you doing... Please please pick a tub of this up, if you are sufferers of acne, rosacea, scarring, dry or general dull skin, you really do need this in your life! 

I cant rave about this product anymore than I already have, unless I somehow manage to bag a job with Emma herself #dreamjob, it really is my all time cult fav cleansing product and I can fully expect to be using this years and years down the line, this better never be discontinued, I would cry rivers of tears haha!

Have any of you tried/not tried Moringa Balm, let me know your thoughts on it below, id love to hear your opinion and if you have any tips for products that would work well with it?

Lots of love, 
Frankie xo

Thursday, 25 February 2016

the perfect everyday eye palette

Considering i've never been one for eyeshadow, let alone neutral offerings, even I'm pretty suprised at how in love I am with the most easiest of them all, customisable in variations of 3 or 6, Laura Mercier offers the best of pigmentation and ease of application in palette form.

I collected the first of the collection from Space NK a little while ago now, Canyon Clay (far right), the most perfect golden bronze shadow, beautiful all over the lid for a subtle glow or used on the very outer corner to add some warmth and depth to the overall look.

Transition shadows are somewhat in my eyes, quite hard to come by, being the neutral shades that they are, its all about mimicking that shadow you would naturally create to achieve a more contoured look.
The middle of the three shadows, the perfect warm tone beige, Warm Sands is just the most perfect shadow for the job, the sateen formulation of these shadows look rather glittery in the pan but once applied to the skin transform into more of a matte finish, which makes these incredibly easy foolproof even for the eyeshadow novice!

The most neutral of this trio Sparkling Dew is just the most effortless vanilla shade, applied all over the lid for that wide-eyed awake look, I also use this in the tearduct and under the brow bone to add a very subtle highlight for my everyday look!

Blendable with minimal fuss, pigmented with one application and some of the most beautiful shade ranges, Laura Mercier has the formulation of shadows down to a T & I for sure will be adding more to my ever growing collection!

Have you tried any of them, let me know your thoughts below, Lots of love, Frankie xo

Laura Mercier Sateen Eye Colours - £19.00 

Sunday, 21 February 2016

sanderson mad-hatters afternoon tea

Have you ever watched Alice in Wonderland and dreamed of becoming Alice and running away down that rabbit hole?

Well I basically did the next best thing, just off of Oxford street you can step into a magical world of teeny tiny sandwhiches, pocket watch macaroons, ladybird red velvet cakes and splendid cups of queen of hearts tea.
The Sanderson is one of the most beautiful hotels i've ever stepped foot into, having been twice before, it literally wows me everytime as much as that very first time I stepped through those unique doors.
 The interiors are quirky & unique, as soon as you walk through the door you are greeted by a huge pair of cushiony red lips and a swinging chair suspended from the ceiling - literally the best props for instagram photos ;)
The Mad Hatters Tea takes place in the ever so beautiful courtyard garden, with the most calming waterfall and marble tables adorned with piteresque themed crockery by Luna and Curious, literally every bloggers dream! 
To begin with is the savoury treats, scottish smoked salmon, quail and caviar scotch egg which is out of this world tasty, and caviar is not what I expected atall, its actually really sweet and lovely, the wiltshire ham and smoked applewood croque-monsieur was absolutely to die for, I couldve literally eaten these over and over, sneakily we ordered extra (hint, they do not offer you extra but are aloud to ask for more)!

Moving onto the most important course, the delectable puddings, seriously I have never tasted sweet treats quite like it, my favourite would have to be either the vanilla scones with clotted cream and fruit preserve or the white rabbits pocket watch macaroon, a delicate white chocolate and coffee flavour!

During your time at the tea party, you can help yourself to as many cups of the beautiful fragrant flavoured tea as you like.. considering how much of tea fan I am this definitely went down well in my books, the fruity leaf teas were just as delicous as everything else, my favourite was Alice - China black tea infused with blackcurrants, vanilla, caramel and citrus.

As im sure you can tell by now how much I literally love this experience, if you ever considered venturing out for an afternoon tea date, please do make this top of the list for places to go.
Such an experience for all ages, I cannot reccomend it highly enough, infact ive just booked again for this years Mothers day treat, I really hope she loves it as much as I do!

Frankieboo xo


Saturday, 6 February 2016

about me

Welcome to, my name as the blog url would suggest, is Frankie, i'm a blogger & vlogger, living in a small town in Kent & this is my little space on the internet on which I love to babble on about the things I have a penchant for!

Having studied Fashion & Design alongside Graphics & Photography, I always had a keen eye for anything creative and *hopefully* my blog portrays just that!
I love having a portal where I can share this all with you and interact with other like minded creative souls.

I also enjoy creating regular content on YouTube, having watched so many channels over the years, I thought it was about time I put my best face forward and branched my blog into more of a viewer friendly aspect and let you get to know me a little better.
I love creating lifestyle vlogs which feature my fiance Samuel & our 2 ginger kitties, Simon & Bella, going about our day to day lives, you will also find beauty musings and lots of other fun content over there too!

I hope you enjoy sharing this space with me, Frankie xo 

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

most amazing brownies..

Evening everyone, hope your humpday has been as exciting as mine, i only say mine has been exciting as i have been baking today, and this is one of the creations i cooked up in my kitchen this afternoon..

185g unsalted butter
185g best dark chocolate
85g plain flour

Wednesday, 20 January 2016


Monogramming has always been a huge love of mine, I love little personal touches to those intricate items you own, I love adding the last detailing to something I cherish, and something else I love.. Aspinal! 

Aspinal of London has always been my go to brand if I want that little piece of luxury without having to break the bank to do so, but at the same time feels super luxurious and really make a statement 
I own everything from bags, to ipad cases & makeup bags from the brand and i'm never failed by the quality and workmanship, the leathers are by far some of the best I have felt and they stand the test of time, I have owned my card holder for around four years now and it still looks as pristeen as the first day I purchased it.

Stumbling into Selfridges one afternoon I came across the Aspinal department, and noticed they had a monogramming service, this is something I have been wanting to add to my pieces for a while so whilst I was in London I decided to get my card holder personalised with my initials, and whilst i was browsing I came across the beautiful beige saffiano leather luggage tags, which I decided to also have personalised as i was there with mine and Samuels initials.

The process is really easy and quite educating to watch, its all done on an old fashioned machine which stamps the product using pressure to begin with, and then using the colour you have chosen, a foil is applied to the underneath of the stamp and then pressure reapplied to the same area which therefore pushes the foil into the previously stamped area leaving you with your selected monogram. 

It costs £15 per product to be monogrammed which I personally feel is a little steep per product, especially if you shop in stores like Louis Vuitton where mongramming is free, but nether the less I was happy to pay for it when I know they look so beautiful and it means I have my own personalised items at the end of it.

I am so happy with the end result, I think they look amazing and it is definitely something I would reccommend if your looking for something that extra special for yourself, or for a gift for someone else, next on my list is a monogrammed diary..

Have you ever had anything monogrammed before, or own anything from Aspinal, as I said before I love there products so would love to hear any of your reccomendations?

Lots of Love, Frankie xo 


Friday, 15 January 2016

new hair new year

So with 2016 upon us i have been finding myself more motivated than ever to make changes in my life and my surroundings, the first thing to make its exit was my hair.

I'd been lacking in positivity regarding my image, my hair was looking limp and lifeless, id been growing it out for the past god knows how many years and had managed to get it past boob length, i loved it but over the previous few months i just felt like it was weighing me down and no matter what i did with it, it never looked 'styled' i felt messy and knew it needed to go, so off i trotted to my local salon for the chop!

 Im so shocked at how much i love it, i feel like i have a new lease of life and feel much fresher and more awake, its crazy how that trusty blanket of hair can make you feel so suffocated!


Adapting my surroundings is another big change i plan for 2016, we are finally moving house in 3 weeks time and to say i cannot wait would be an understatment after living with parents for the last 13 months i can safely say i am ready to re'fly the nest and start a new chapter with Samuel in our new space, im feeling all white interiors, calm and serene is my inspiration.


So i know everyone goes through the phase of new year new resolutions but this year i have adapted mine ever so slightly, instead of resolutions i have a new mindset, i have changed my ways of thinking and aiming to be more positive and happy in the year ahead, 2015 for me was a very testing year in my life and also on my mind, it had a negative impact on my life and i hated it, i detested waking up everyday and feeling low, as soon as i decided to stop thinking this way i instantly felt better, i know its not easy for everyone to switch it off, and for me it usually isn't but im just being optimistic and as soon as i feel those negative voices creeping in occupy myself with something  i love doing, for instance ive started a YouTube channel again after four years which is something i love doing, ive been creative all my life and never had an outlook where i feel fulfilled until now, i love creating, i love the editing process and i love the interaction with other who have similar interests to myself. 

Second to this i have two little things I've started to do this year which are keeping my positivity in track.. a memory jar and a memory scrapbook, they are as simple and basic as they sound but they fill me with joy and keep me going on this new journey.
In the jar i write small postive notes of the things i have enjoyed that day/week/month and in the scrapbook i am filling it with photos of those events so i can look back over the year and remember all the happy times!


So as you can see the year ahead for me is looking good, and i really hope yours is too, do you have any new years resolutions or aims for 2016? Id love to hear them!

Frankie xo