Monday, 26 October 2015

Marbella blues..

So last week i travelled not to far away to a place called Puerto Banus, a Marina located in Marbella Spain, a much needed break away with Samuel, his sister & her partner.

We stayed in the most amazing villa in the mountains, the views were the most spectacular i've laid my eyes on in a while, awaking in the morning to views of the sunrise behind mountains, white wash buildings, palm trees and the sea was exactly what my life needed! 

Puerto Banus Port is the most amazing place to visit if you want to see a life of pure luxury, with high end store from the likes of Hermes to Dior and million pound yachts among speed boats and supercars, you leave with an insight into how 'the other half live'!

Bars are strewn with beautiful people with there shisha pipes and cocktails in hand, whilst men drive around in lambos and ferraris aiming to attract the attention of the passers by, dont get me wrong as lovely to look at as it is, it is very ego-tistical and a "look at me" lifestyle, but visiting just makes you feel like you are living that life just for five minutes so it makes it super fun! 

We travelled to the main island of Marbella via boat which was amazing, it had open canopies above the ocean water in which you could sunbathe (even if the weather wasnt exactly co-operating)
The weather was slightly shocking and we ended up travelling back to where we were staying due to nothing being open that day from the weather + a bank holiday which we had no idea was happening that day!

We shopped at local markets, which sold everything from replica handbags, ceramics and jewellery!
I picked up some beautiful pieces, although i couldve quite happily have come away with a lot more but unfortunately baggage allowances wouldnt have allowed me to do so (sad face) 
I have been wanting to find little additions like these for a while now, i knew that the markets would definitely have had something along the lines of what i was wanting but these pieces were better than i expected to find, the coasters are originally from Marrakech and i just love the patterns and colours of them, and the bowl is made locally, this will be used for my love of balsamic vinegar and olive oil!

Aside from all the site seeing and shopping, we had a lovely time just relaxing around our pool, taking in the views and having a real chill out time, we cooked ourselves BBQ's and also dined out in the port and at local restaurants nearby, your typical holiday! 

It was so lovely to have some time away, but its back to normality for now, and to start preparing for christmas time and snuggle up under fur throws and drinking hot chocolate! 

I also vlogged our entire trip so if you fancy having a little nosey further into what we got upto have a little watch of those here.. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, have any of you been away this year, i would love to hear about it as im always looking for new places to visit in the future and love hearing your reccomendations :) 

Lots of love, Frankie xXx


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