Friday, 3 July 2015

My go-to products - bathing

So we all have those favourites we go back to time and time again, those products you find your self frantically searching for a back up of, or scraping out every last drop and theyre always those luxury ones you know cost you a months wages and beyond! 

Bath Salts & Milks

Bath products are literally my saviour when it comes to aiding my relaxation after a long day at work, as a sufferer of anxiety the bath is my haven and having products like bath salts and milks literally make it into my own little sanctuary i can run away to and probably fall asleep ;) 

Neals Yard Remedies - Lavender Bath Salts, these are genuinely the best product you can find to help you drift of to sleep easily at night, when im struggling to settle down in bed i have a bath with a spoonful of these thrown in and i can pretty much gaurantee ill sleep peacefully that night!

Burts Bees - Therapeutic Bath Crystals, i usually pull these out when im feeling under the weather, achey or just in general need of some real stress relief, they pack a huge punch when it comes to making you feel better, the scent is very strong but it makes you feel completely revitalised and refreshed, if you can give them a sniff, theyre amazing!

The White Company - White Lavender & Neroli Bath Milk, if I could have giant container sized bottles of this stuff genuinely id have it, my absolute favourite bath product on earth!
The milk itself is lovely & lightweight so concentrated which gives you the most amazing big bubble baths with minimal use, the scent is divine, the lavender is very subtle with the neroli taking a big part of the scent, its very spa like, leaving you feeling completely calm and serene, you can tell calm is definintely something i try and aid when it comes to bath times!

Bath Oils 

Bath oils are something i find alot of people dont know alot about and therefore tend to avoid them, i personally love everything about them,
the silky soft feeling they leave you with after a bath is just the best, im a lazy person when it comes to moisturising so anything that means i dont have to is a thumbs up from me!

Ren - Morrocan Rose Otto Bath Oil is one that i use on a regular basis, the scent is really lovely and leaves you smelling beautiful even after your bath, as i said earlier my skin is left lovely and soft after using this. 

My favourite oil though is Beaautannia - Brideshead & Bloomsbury, i first discovered these in a wander into Space NK, i literally fell in love with the scent of Brideshead, its really deep and musky, it reminds me of Tom Ford Black Orchid in oil form, and then Bloomsbury is a close second, this is alot more floral and light and more for spring/summer time, sadly Space NK have discontinued them so i am reluctant to use my last bottle but i do believe you can still pick them up at some T K Maxx stores!

Another oil i use is one that doesnt go in the bath but is one i use straight out of the water, as i said before i really dislike moisturizing as i cant deal with how long it takes the product to sink into my skin, dry and not feel clammy so instead i use Nuxe - Huile Prodiguese Body Oil, you apply this straight onto wet skin, quickly rub it in and it dries as quickly as it would take for you to allow the water to naturally dry on your skin.


Ren - Exfoliating Body Balm is my all time favourite scrub, i wont go into huge detail on this product as my last post is a review of it so if you want to know more on this one have a little look here..

Hair Masks

When having a long bath a hair mask is a definite must, you can apply it as quickly as when youve gotten into the tub and leave it on whilst you read your book or if your anything like my prop your macbook up on the side of the bath and watch endless YouTube videos until you fall asleep.
The best one ive ever tried is the Phillip Kingsley - Elasticizer Extreme, applied to dry hair you just leave it on to really penetrate into the hair and then wash/condition your hair as normal, it adds protein and really strengthens the hair from root to tip, i like to use this especially when i have a big event il be going to the next day to ensure i have perfectly smooth locks! 

So I've shown you my favourites, i hope you learnt a little and have been tempted to try a few new ones out if you havent already, let me know what your bathtime favourites are :)

Lots of love, Frankie 

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  1. Wow! That is one gorgeous luxury collection. I love your blog and if you fancy a read, check onto my blog

    1. Thankyou! i do love luxury products haha! xxx

  2. Wow, I am searching more about your lavender bath salts!~ I love having a nice soak to unwind~

    1. Me too, im literally just about to run one now :) xxx