Tuesday, 30 June 2015

ren - exfoliating body balm

Seeing as summer has fast approached us, we all need to amp up on our skincare throughout the warmer season as theres a whole lot more body on show these days and dry skin is a definite no-no!

Rens exfoliating body balm is the product of choice for me, exfoliating the skin is a key part to keeping your skin smooth, supple and flake free.
The body balm is full of beautiful oils which for starters smell heavenly but adorn the skin in rich moisture, its grainy texture removes dead skin cells allowing the oils to penetrate deeply for perfectly nourished skin.

Basil, peppermint and olive oil along with guarande sea salt make this the perfect combination for dry skin, they gently exfoliate, moisturise and nourish the skin, apply to dry skin before your bath/shower or for a gentler treatment apply to wet skin and rinse off.

I've been literally loving this the past few weeks and can't see myself putting it down anytime soon, I can imagine this being a lovely winter product too as the scent is very refreshing and uplifiting, so its large size tub will keep you going for a long while!

Have any of you tried Rens body products, I'd love to hear your opinions on them!

Lots of love, Frankie xxx

Monday, 29 June 2015

foundation favourite

As some of you may know, i previously worked for Clarins, during this time i discovered a few firm favourites and one of them is the True Radiance foundation.

True Radiance is literally the most beautiful, flawless-inducing foundation i have ever used, and believe me i have tried ALOT.

The formula is very lightweight but incredibly dewy, i would say a little powder is neccesary with this product just on the T zone, im someone who is more on the drier side and even this is a little
too dewy for me, as i said having drier skin makes this foundation a god send for me as it has some really fantastic skincare properties, shea butter nourishes the skin feeding it some well needed moisture, whilst moringa seed makes the skin luminous and bright.

The photo above just shows the product lightly buffed with my fingers, personally i use a duo fibre or stippling brush to give the most natural effect, the pigmentation is very high considering it feels so sheer and lightweight on the face.

I would even go as far as saying this is my holy grail foundation, it lasts all day, is natural, yet flawless without feeling cakey on the skin and just gives everyone ive ever applied it to the most perfect looking skin whilst remain soft and dewy!

What are you favourite foundations and are there any that you reccomend i give a try, and have any of you tried this particular foundation, what are you thoughts on it?

See you all soon, Frankie 

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Saturday, 20 June 2015

the five minute everyday face

Minimal makeup is definitely my go-to right now, anything that takes longer than five minutes to apply just doesnt cut it for me right now!

My approach to makeup has changed drastically since changing jobs, from working in a department store as a makeup artist/beauty manager i learned how to apply makeup quickly and effectively with minimum effort and it is something that since leaving that career i still put into practise everyday!

The Base

The best way to look fresh faced and awake is to always apply a great moisturiser which works as a base for the products you will apply later on, seeing as this is a quick and easy look, i use the Dr Jart BB cream, this has a shed load of fantastic qualities for your skin to literally drink up, it contains serum, moisturizer and fantastic coverage all in one little tube, along with a beautiful radiant glow,
 it really is amazing!

If im feeling suitably pale i will just roughly contour and bronze myself using Soleil Tan De Chanel - Chanel, using a medium sized brush i just sweep this in the hollows of my cheeks and then naturally where the sun would hit my face just to give myself a healthy glow, something my face usually never has the honour of having!

On the apples of my cheeks i dab a little of the Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blusher, again a very quick and versatile product which creates a really lovely dewy glow.


To fill in my brows i use the Sleek Brow Kit just to fill out the shape a little and make them a little darker than usual as my brows are very light, and for mascara the Chanel Le Volume is perfect for a one application wonder, its the blackest formula i know and the easiest for full foolproof thick lashes!


If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know i am a huge bold lip coveter, think Mac Candy Yum Yum & brighter and I'm all over it, but when it comes to a natural quick look it has to be something that i dont need to line my lips with and if it wears off throughout the day doesnt neccasarily need touching up, my go to shade for that is Mac Pink Plaid, it is the perfect everyday berry pink colour that is fuss free and just looks a little more polished than wearing nothing at all!

So that concludes my five minute everyday face, and even though they take little time to apply the longevity of the products generally last me a whole day without the need to retouch throughout the day which is the best part of it all!

What are you fool proof everyday products, let me know below.

Lots of love, Frankie 


Friday, 19 June 2015

Life Update.. Blogging again, weight loss & getting engaged..

After procastinating over and over for the past few months, i've finally logged back into blogger and now im here writing this post for you all!

Sooo, whats happened over the past 6 months?

I thought i had literally done nothing so far but writing this post made me realise actually quite a lot has happened since my last post, weve finally moved back in with Samuels parents, a major shock to my system living with other people but we are already half way through our journey here and suprisingly to me im feeling quite settled here recently (thats not to say i dont massively miss my own space and cravings for all white interiors) but thats all to come and for now i will have to lust over pinterest and gather ideas for when we move.


In my last blog entry i had said how i wanted to lose the weight i had gained from being on medication and i can say i have succesfully managed to shed a ton of weight, 61 lbs or 4 stone 4lbs to be precise!

I lost the first 31.5 lbs myself, just by literally coming off of medication and allowing my body to adjust to the changes it had gone through, but during this transition i joined Slimming World, where i lost the remainding 29.5 lbs through there plan and also through light exerce at the gym and regular sessions at the local pool!

Losing weight has made a HUGE difference to my life, pshyically, mentally and to be completely frank, looks wise too! 

I feel comfortable in my own skin now, and finally feel like me again, a lot of the reason i hadnt posted much on here recently was due to the fact i was going through a huge lifestyle change and i really want to give you all the best of me and i just wasn't happy before.

Now you can look forward to much more fashion and beauty hauls, and i will finally feel comfortable posting outfit of the day posts on here, i literally cannot wait!

I still have around another half a stone i want to lose to be completely where i want to be but im so close now and really, if i had to stop now id be happy where I've gotten to :) 


Im sure you can see by the title i also have some more amazing news to share with you all..


I literally never thought the day would come where Samuel would finally ask me to be his wife, i am so over the moon and so excited to be on such an amazing journey with the love of my life!

I have now become a Pinterest bride-to-be obsessor and have a million different ideas of how i would like our day to be, i believe we have a date set in our minds of when we would like it to be (around May 2017) so i have lots of time to plan everything and a lot more time to be saving!


Andddd... finally as some of you may be aware, i have a new blog layout/background and this has given me a new lease of life when it comes to blogging again, i finally feel like im in a place where i can dust off the macbook and type away to my hearts content.

Im so happy to feel back in the swing of things again, in my life and with my little space on the internet too, everything just feels so good right now and im going to be sharing it all with you along the way!

I do hope you have enjoyed reading my little update and i would love to hear from you all how your doing too?

Lots of love, Frankie xxx