Monday, 5 January 2015

New Year, New Beginnings..

2014 left us as quickly as 2015 found us, it was such a fast year with many different things that we left there, me and samuel moved into another rental house, i started a new career, we had four lovely kittens and went on a lovely holiday with the parents, even though these seems like really huge things i didnt feel like i achieved anything in 2014.

2015 has huge things set out for Me & Samuel, we are moving out of our rental home in two weeks to go back to Sam's parents as we are saving for a mortgage, we have always wanted to own our own home and moving out at a young age meant we could never afford to do it whilst renting, were so lucky to have a second chance to go home and be able to save as, as lovely as it is having your own space, renting is such a huge waste of money, we are currently paying out around £1300 a month with rent and bills and it just seems like we are throwing money down the drain!
Im almost certain im going to miss my own space but it wont be long and we will have it back again, in the form of our very own home that we actually own!!!

During our stay at home we will both be finally driving, we both know how to physically drive we just havent ever passed our practical/theory tests so as soon as we pass those we will be buying a little car and on the road finally, we are quite old considering most people our age have been driving for around 7-8 years we again just could never afford it whilst renting so this is one of the big things i cant wait to do :)

We are going to Barcelona in three weeks time, so this will be a well needed break away after a hectic move, it will be our 7 year anniversary whilst we are there and i cant wait to finally celebrate an anniversary in another country, we have wanted to do this for the previous years before hand and never got around to doing it so im very excited and looking forward to some quality time away with Samuel <3

The last thing on my list for 2015 is to lose weight, i know most people have this as their new years resolution but i really have to, some of you may know from reading my blog that i gained weight from anxiety medication i was taking for previous years, well i am now off the medication and have already lost quite alot of weight just by stopping them so this year is the final push for me to get back to where i used to be!

So as you can tell this year ahead of us has some big things in store for Me and Sam, fingers crossed this time next year i will be writing a new blog post from my new house with a new year to look forward to!

What are your plans for 2015 and do you have any new years resolutions, let me know i love hearing about them all :)

Frankie xXx


  1. I'm planning to do my driving licence this year as well, never missed that but having kids is so important to be able to take them to different activities. So fingers crossed for passing the exams :) Happy New Year! x
    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    1. Yes having children is definitely a difficult thing if you dont drive! thanks xxx