Friday, 2 January 2015

Lancôme - Le Vie Est Belle

So i had planned to do the typical beauty blogger christmas edition 'what i got for christmas' post, uhmming and ahhing over whether or not to do that post i decided i would just stick to what i know best and keep it simple and post about the products i love, there is so much scepticism over those posts that i just wasnt sure if it would be a viable move (although if you would like to see a post about it comment and let me know, you may wangle me round!).

I had been banging on and on about Le Vie Est Belle to everyone for so long, i spray it at work continuously on myself and ive probably upped Lancome's sales over the last few months by promoting it so much, but i just didnt own it.
Everyone who knows me, knows im a pefume fiend, my collection is ever growing, but never big enough and i just knew LVEB had to become a staple in my collection!

Samuel had a nudge in the right direction by the mother in law and this landed in my present stash this christmas, i was over the moon as i didnt expect anyone to have remembered me talking about it and that i finally owned my own!

The scent at first is very sickly sweet, but bare with it, when it warms down it is the most beautiful sweet but elegant scent, the notes contain Iris, Orange blossom, Jasmine and Patchouli and considering the notes are floral this fragrance is actually not very floral at all, although you can definitely smell the Iris when first sprayed, the fragrance is warm and inviting, perfect for the cold winter months.
LVEB really lingers around for a long time so even if you only go for a small bottle it will last you a super long time, i sprayed this on my scarf christmas day and i could still smell it when i picked up my scarf yesterday, so your talking a good week and it smells just as beautiful as when i first applied it!

If you ever go past a Lancome counter please have a little test of this fragrance as im sure you will love it as much as i do, a big thankyou to Samuel for getting it for me!

Frankie xXx

Lancome - Le Vie Est Belle from £39+ 



  1. This sounds like it smells gorgeous. I need a new perfume so I will have to see if I can find it to see what I think x