Monday, 7 July 2014

Summer Ready Mani/Pedi - Gelish - Tiki Tiki Laranga

Tiki Tiki Laranga, does this name just not have you imagining laying on the beach with your toes in the sand, a cocktail in hand and the sun shining down on your bronzed up body, it does for me! 

Being trained in CND Shellac means I'm constantly making other peoples paws look bright and colourful other than allowing the time for myself to do my own, with that thought in mind I decided to take it upon myself to have a little treat and book in to have a mani/pedi at a salon near my home! 

I must say the experience was soooo relaxing I could've fallen asleep in the massage chair whilst my feet rested in a bubbling warm jacuzzi stylefootbath with heavenly spa salts mixed into it!

I've never been someone who likes my feet being touched, I'm naturally a ticklish person so the thought of a pedicure slightly scared me, though I was pleasantly surprised as to how relaxing it was! 

I opted for Tiki Tiki Laranga as I've been on the hunt for the brightest neon orange for too long so as soon as I spotted this on the swatch reel I instantly knew that was my shade for summer! 

It's really is super bright, almost highlighter fluro bright, I love how it stands out so much and I feel slightly more tanned with it on, funny how colours can do that?

The whole process is simple, base coat for 10 seconds, colour coat x 2 for 2 minutes each and top cat for a further 2 minutes all cured under a uv/led light.

The finish is super high shine and you can instantly see the difference between gel and regular polish, the shine is just like nothing else I've seen before! 

Adding in the fact it can last upto three weeks with no chips, scuffs or peeling, and best of all, Gelish still allows the nails to breath underneath meaning they grow long and strong, mine have started growing already and I can seriously notice the difference in strength since having the gel applied! 

                                    (Manicure after a week of having the gel applied, no chips!) 

I'm so pleased I had these applied, as my nails after two weeks are still perfectly intact and look as fresh as they did when I first stepped out of the salon! 

I'll definitely be converting from Shellac over to Gelish as the product is far superior to my original Shellac polishes and results after weeks of use are much better!

Have you ever tried a gel manicure? Let me know your thoughts on them, lots of love, Frankie x

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  1. LOVE how bright this shade is! So pretty and absolutely perfect for Summer xx

  2. What a lush colour!! This would be great for my holiday to Ibiza at the end of the month :) xx

  3. Definitely, it's the perfect colour for Ibiza xxx

  4. This is such a beautiful shade!
    I too do Gel nails
    I cant wear normal nail polish because it just chips in seconds
    I love Gelish its my fave
    Rachel XX

  5. looks lovely! i hardly ever do my nails though haha :)

    xx fameliquorlove

    1. That's why I love gel you don't need to touch them for weeks at a time :D xxx

  6. I've had a bad experience when I went to get my gel manicure removed, so it's now off limits for me. :( I love the convenience of not having to worry about my nails for a month though! This shade looks so lovely for summer. Great pictures too, btw! xx

  7. Such a bright shade, great for summer. I love how shiny they look.

  8. Do you want folow each other via bloglovin? Let me know.♥ Link:

  9. Such a great colour for summer, love it! Followed you via GFC hun. xx