Thursday, 17 July 2014

Aveda - Damage Remedy - Daily Hair Repair

Ever damaged your hair so badly you believe it's beyond repair? *raises hand* yea that's me!

After spending the majority of my late teens over dying, straightening, curling and excessive blow-drying I had well and truly ruined my lovely long hair! 
Cutting it all off was just the first step and I literally couldn't believe I had super short hair after years of growing it, but the damage was still quite apparent through my hair as I had applied chemicals to it for so long i knew it needed some extra treatment, so off I went to my local department store to seek out the miracle product to get my hair back to feeling new and nourished.

Having a little wander around the beauty department the Aveda stand caught my eye, with those super large bottles of shampoo and conditioner, how could it not? 
I knew the brand must be great as the demand must be high for their products to carry bottles that large! 

Explaining my hair woes to the sales assistant she recommended to me the Daily Hair Repair from the Damage Remedy range, a product she uses herself due to her own over-dyed platinum blonde locks, she told me this literally saved her hair from falling out, I instantly snapped it up and couldn't wait to head home to try it out! 

I was quite sceptical at first as the product itself is a rather strange consistency, it's almost like a serum/gel that you apply to wet hair and leave in, it seems almost like your applying conditioner to your hair, but after drying (no heat protectant used as it already has this in the product, perfect for lazy girls like me) my hair felt nourished, soft and supple with the hair repair literally undetectable! 

  • Certified organically-derived quinoa protein penetrates hair to instantly repair damage and strengthen from the inside out.
  • Wheat protein helps protect from heat stylingâsuch as blow-drying and ironing.
  • Soy-derived oil detangles to help prevent further damage and breakage.
  • Certified organic essential oils including bergamot, mandarin and ylang ylang provide an uplifting aroma.
I've been so impressed with this product, that along with my holy grail; Moroccan oil, I've added this to my hair routine consistently for months, I'm down to the very last drops of this and it's lasted for well over 9 months as you only need a 10p piece size amount for even long hair like I have and ill definitely be re-purchasing come payday!

Have any of you tried this or another product by Aveda as I'm super keen to try some of their other products too, let me know :) 

Hope your all having a wonderful week so far? Lots of love Frankie x

Aveda Daily Hair Repair - £22.50 


  1. I use the Be Curly curl enhancer. It transform my waves into beautiful curls. I used to use the Dry Remedy mask. I used it as my regular conditioner. It definitely saved my hair.

    1. I have the be curly enhancer aswell but never known how to properly use it haha! Xxx

  2. I put it in the palm of my hand and work it in starting with the under hair and working my way to the outer hair. I then twist my hair into spirals and let it dry.

  3. I really need to try this it sounds so nourishing <3

  4. I've just ombre'd my hair and it's quite a bit damaged so I need to check this out! Thank you for the review. x

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog

  5. It sounds like an amazing product, specially if it's being compared to the almighty Moroccan Oil! I'll have to try it, my hair is in need of some major pampering :)

    Ana X