Thursday, 17 July 2014

Aveda - Damage Remedy - Daily Hair Repair

Ever damaged your hair so badly you believe it's beyond repair? *raises hand* yea that's me!

After spending the majority of my late teens over dying, straightening, curling and excessive blow-drying I had well and truly ruined my lovely long hair! 
Cutting it all off was just the first step and I literally couldn't believe I had super short hair after years of growing it, but the damage was still quite apparent through my hair as I had applied chemicals to it for so long i knew it needed some extra treatment, so off I went to my local department store to seek out the miracle product to get my hair back to feeling new and nourished.

Having a little wander around the beauty department the Aveda stand caught my eye, with those super large bottles of shampoo and conditioner, how could it not? 
I knew the brand must be great as the demand must be high for their products to carry bottles that large! 

Explaining my hair woes to the sales assistant she recommended to me the Daily Hair Repair from the Damage Remedy range, a product she uses herself due to her own over-dyed platinum blonde locks, she told me this literally saved her hair from falling out, I instantly snapped it up and couldn't wait to head home to try it out! 

I was quite sceptical at first as the product itself is a rather strange consistency, it's almost like a serum/gel that you apply to wet hair and leave in, it seems almost like your applying conditioner to your hair, but after drying (no heat protectant used as it already has this in the product, perfect for lazy girls like me) my hair felt nourished, soft and supple with the hair repair literally undetectable! 

  • Certified organically-derived quinoa protein penetrates hair to instantly repair damage and strengthen from the inside out.
  • Wheat protein helps protect from heat stylingâsuch as blow-drying and ironing.
  • Soy-derived oil detangles to help prevent further damage and breakage.
  • Certified organic essential oils including bergamot, mandarin and ylang ylang provide an uplifting aroma.
I've been so impressed with this product, that along with my holy grail; Moroccan oil, I've added this to my hair routine consistently for months, I'm down to the very last drops of this and it's lasted for well over 9 months as you only need a 10p piece size amount for even long hair like I have and ill definitely be re-purchasing come payday!

Have any of you tried this or another product by Aveda as I'm super keen to try some of their other products too, let me know :) 

Hope your all having a wonderful week so far? Lots of love Frankie x

Aveda Daily Hair Repair - £22.50 

Monday, 7 July 2014

Summer Ready Mani/Pedi - Gelish - Tiki Tiki Laranga

Tiki Tiki Laranga, does this name just not have you imagining laying on the beach with your toes in the sand, a cocktail in hand and the sun shining down on your bronzed up body, it does for me! 

Being trained in CND Shellac means I'm constantly making other peoples paws look bright and colourful other than allowing the time for myself to do my own, with that thought in mind I decided to take it upon myself to have a little treat and book in to have a mani/pedi at a salon near my home! 

I must say the experience was soooo relaxing I could've fallen asleep in the massage chair whilst my feet rested in a bubbling warm jacuzzi stylefootbath with heavenly spa salts mixed into it!

I've never been someone who likes my feet being touched, I'm naturally a ticklish person so the thought of a pedicure slightly scared me, though I was pleasantly surprised as to how relaxing it was! 

I opted for Tiki Tiki Laranga as I've been on the hunt for the brightest neon orange for too long so as soon as I spotted this on the swatch reel I instantly knew that was my shade for summer! 

It's really is super bright, almost highlighter fluro bright, I love how it stands out so much and I feel slightly more tanned with it on, funny how colours can do that?

The whole process is simple, base coat for 10 seconds, colour coat x 2 for 2 minutes each and top cat for a further 2 minutes all cured under a uv/led light.

The finish is super high shine and you can instantly see the difference between gel and regular polish, the shine is just like nothing else I've seen before! 

Adding in the fact it can last upto three weeks with no chips, scuffs or peeling, and best of all, Gelish still allows the nails to breath underneath meaning they grow long and strong, mine have started growing already and I can seriously notice the difference in strength since having the gel applied! 

                                    (Manicure after a week of having the gel applied, no chips!) 

I'm so pleased I had these applied, as my nails after two weeks are still perfectly intact and look as fresh as they did when I first stepped out of the salon! 

I'll definitely be converting from Shellac over to Gelish as the product is far superior to my original Shellac polishes and results after weeks of use are much better!

Have you ever tried a gel manicure? Let me know your thoughts on them, lots of love, Frankie x

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Saturday, 5 July 2014

The Candle Series .. Neom - Sicilian Lime and Fresh Basil

Is it possible to love a scent so much you acquire the mini size and the next day go out and purchase the larger one, well I did and I'm not sorry! 
Housed in newly redesigned packaging, the new scents from Neom are to die for, Sicilian Lemon and Fresh Basil is exactly that, fresh, citrusy goodness and I can't stop lighting it! 

I picked these up for two reasons:
1 the fact that it's a lemon candle is just me to a T.
2 the nature behind this candle being aimed at aiding stress relief, mental fatigue and encourage clear thinking, definitely some attributes I've had recently and relaxation is something I'm desperately seeking! 

The scent is just so inviting, and literally feels the whole of my house within 30 minutes or so, now I'm someone who loves a candle to be smelt everywhere in the house, I have no time for spending money on something that smells good in the jar but not noticed outside of that, complete waste of beautiful scent in my eyes! 

"Sun baked lemons, picked at the perfect moment of ripeness from the lush branches of the trees from a Sicilian lemon grove. Coupled with clean, fresh basil, this is a pure, energising scent." 

I also love the simplicity of the redesign of the Neom brand, it's much more sleek and crisp now, before you had glass candles with neom transfer in gold, I feel the new look is much more me and this definitely aided my buying of two candles, bad for my bank balance, good for Neom's branding team! 

I love the fact they come in a frosted white solid jar, you could keep these when there finished with and use them to keep flowers in, (sneaky one in the background from an old Yankee Candle with my peonies in) or for jewellery, sweets or little sample perfumes :) 

Maintaining your candle is definitely key to maximising the burn time with these candles, always trim your wick and make sure you burn them until the top layer is completely even to ensure even wear throughout the life of the candle, burn for a minimum of 2 hours and a maximum of 4! 
More on candle maintenance in a post coming up soon (who knew candle maintenance was a thing? Show of hands!) 

Neom as a brand are fast becoming one of my favourite brands of candles, although I could possibly say that every time I purchase one from somewhere else haha! 
The reason I really like Neom is due to the fact they are pure natural vegetable wax and 100% natural fragrance! now don't get me wrong im not a green peace fanatic but I do like the idea of burning natural scents around the home.

They are made up of 30-40ml of pure essentials oils and work to change your mood as they fill the air with scent when you breath it in, so breathing in natural oils make me satisfied I won't be breathing in any nasty chemicals or fragrances! 

I'm super happy I picked these up and couldn't be more happy that I've finally dipped my toes into the Neom pond, I will be adding more and more to my ever growing candle collection very soon, so if you have any recommendations let me no in the comment box below, I love hearing from you all! 

Lots of love, Frankie x 

Small £16.00
Large £45.00
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Day Out Essentials..

Good morning lovelies, so this post is spurred on by a recent trip to a theme park, whilst I was whizzing myself around on all those wonderful but dreadingly sickening rides it deemed across me that I just had to write a post about those 'day out essentials' everyone needs but not everyone thinks of when, ultimately there on there feet all day and only able to cram everything into one of those little side satchel bags!

Go to products have to be east to apply, effortless and last all day without needing to be reapplied as you don't want to be carrying around excess you don't need with you. 
MAC Face and Body foundation is a life saver, it's waterproof, can be layered for heavier coverage if needed and looks super gorgeous alone, I apply this with the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer over my blemishes and using this little sample of the Prep and Prem primer so everything sits well on my skin and stays all day! 
A few slicks of Soap and Glory's Thick and Fast Mascara as it doesn't smudge on the bottom of my eye area and is a one coat wonder, slap on a layer of Nuxe Reve De Miel Lip Balm (my favourite) and your good to go! 

I use the Mitchum Pure Deodorant as it's super fresh, smells so good and lasts a good day without any need to apply more and no horrid smells emitting from those pits to worry about.

I add a few spritzes of a body spray to keep things light and smelling good, one of my favourites are from Victorias Secret, this Wild At Heart is beautiful, if you can have a spritz, do, I guarantee you won't leave the store without it! 


People who know me personally know that I'm never seen without a trusty scarf, they have so many multi-purpose uses to them, tying in your hair to keep hair off your face, drape over your shoulders for a cover up from the heat, or to keep you warm when it's cooler or just to add a pop of colour to your outfit.
I always try to keep with these sort of styles above as they are super lightweight and can easily fold up into your bag for when you don't need it! 
Scarf - Mango £19.99


                                                        (Image from Caroline's Mode) 

Comfort is essential on a long day out, be it lots of walking, or a casual stroll at your own pace taking many photos of the sights, converse or any other type of trainer/plimsoll is a must.
My personal favourite are the white classic ones above as they pretty much go with everything, are super comfy and wash up incredibly well, always good if the day includes some sort of dirt! 

The satchel/side bag is my go to, it's convenient to pop over your shoulder or just effortless and casual hanging on the side, they fit the perfect amount of essentials inside them without being bulky or frustrating to carry round with you, also it frees your arms up for those long shopping trips, meaning you can carry more things.. Hello more clothes ;) 

All the above products kept me going for a super long day out and I wasn't needing anything I didn't take with me, I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if you have any other ideas or pieces you take with you on days out. 

Lots of love, Frankie x
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