Monday, 16 June 2014

The Candle Series - Jo Malone - Sweet Almond & Macaroon Candle

So me and my candle obsession is going slightly over-board, hey im not complaining (think my bank balance may be?)
Ive recently purchased a Diptyque candle and adore it but this scent from Jo Malone has a special place in my heart, partly because of my Mother who has and adores the scent and the fact that it took me ages to trace it down, thank you John Lewis @ Oxford Circus, i LOVE you!

You also have to adore the packaging, Jo Malone definitely have there service down to a T when it comes to creating beautifully presented products, everything is spritzed with a cologne and placed in solid boxes with the JM logo, perfect for reusing around the home, i personally keep little keepsakes in mine, notes, small trinkets and memories of things me and Sam have had together! 

The candles come with complimentary JM matches which are long and perfect for getting into the candle once its burned down meaning no pesky finger burns for me (this has happened too often).

Being presented with a JM bag makes you feel special and luxurious as the ladies make you completely catered for and leaving with a smile, and of course the gorgeous goodie inside that bag!

I couldn't be more obsessed with a scent if i tried, while i am still loving my Diptyque, Laura Mercier and White Company fragrances, JM have definitely hit the top spot in my candle obsession, i just wish they would introduce this scent into the body products, if they did i would be there asap with my card at the ready!

Do any of you have enjoy JM and have anything you recommend picking up as im so desperate to try some more from them, the Vitamin E body scrub is next on the list!

£39 from Jo Malone stores 

Lots of love, Frankie x
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  1. Massive love for any Jo Malone fragrance - the almond sounds soooo good! I'm super jealous!


    1. It is beautiful, if you get the chance have a sniff, youll fall in love! xxx