Sunday, 29 June 2014

Living/Coping With Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Currently sitting in my living room contemplating how I'm feeling.

After just having a huge freak out whilst walking home from an evening out with Samuel, I'm now calming myself down with what I know best, talking about my problems, only I'm sat talking to you guys, people I don't even know but mean more to me than most of the people I really know! 

So the last few weeks have been stressful, hard, frustrating and most of all bloody awful, my panic attacks have struck with avegence, my anxiety levels are currently sky high, and I'm left in a feeling I can't get seem to snap myself out of! 

After having a full on crying/panic meltdown, literally the last few months flashed through my brain within a few minutes, I hate my job, I've had family issues, my house is constantly a mess, anxiety medication has been the bane of my life, stress currently isn't the word! 

The medication I'm on to control my anxiety has been working perfectly for me for months now, i finally felt asif i had reached a stable point in my life where everything was good, i was feeling pretty much myself apart from the few stone i have subsequently gained from being on them, i was happy, until i recently picked up my prescription from my usual chemist and they had a different branded version of my tablets, i thought they would all be the same, i was so wrong, the new branded ones made me feel nervous, sick, shaky and generally made me feel like i was back to square one at the beginning on when i first started medication, i couldnt stand feeling like this so decided to take it upon myself to have one every other day, that way i could manage having a day off inbetween tablets but i literally dreaded the day i had to take them which was fueling my anxiety and panic further when i really just didnt need it!

Having watched a few of Zoella's video i understand clearly there are more of us out there than i know about, the response in the comments from others saying they too suffer with Anxiety made me realise its such a wide spread problem so i am very thankful im not the only person out there that feels this way, although i must admit i do feel alone with it a massive amount of the time!

Im not really too sure where this post is going or why im explaining whats currently going on in my little bubble right now, all i know is i needed to vent somewhere and i really dont want to hide a part of who i am with my readers, my blog isnt always about the perfect life, what makeup im wearing or what im currently loving, i am human and i have a different side to me that some people dont understand and i want the people out there who are also feeling this way to know, your not alone, there are certain factors in life we cannot control but we can ride the wave and come out the other side a bigger, stronger and better person! 
Posting about my anxiety helps myself and hopefully others a great deal and I hope you all understand the need for me to write this post without causing offence to anyone! 

Lots of love, Frankie x 


  1. It's so good to let it all out sometimes! You are defo not alone, I always try to do some meditation if I have feeling anxious or some yoga. Everything in life is temporary, the bad times will eventually pass x

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  3. hi, i also suffer with anxiety and panic attacks, i feel that writing it all down helps. If you want to talk to someone just send me a message on my blog, remember your not alone.