Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Diptyque - Eau Rose

After recently purchasing Verveine candle from the luxurious brand diptyque I have been sold on there scents, ever the opulent brand that diptyque are, there perfumes don't disappoint, housed in there typical classic packaging, Eau rose has become a firm favourite in my collection!

I purchased the roll on version of this scent as I was keen to add a perfume to my hand bag that wouldn't weigh it down or risk of it leaking, the 20ml bottle is the perfect size to pop into any size bag making it easy to take from day to night, popping it into your clutch.

Eau rose is a sophisticated scent which lingers on the body, I place it on my pulse points on the wrist and neck to allow my body heat to disperse the scent, you literally only need a swipe of this for it to get to work, it has gorgeous ingredients, light crispness from blackcurrants, lychee and bergamot layered upon damask and centifelia roses with a touch of cedar and honey make this scent the perfect spring companion! 

I definitely plan on creating a little collection of diptyque perfumes and candles as the brand definitely know how to produce grown up products without the typical old lady smell to them, they're fresh and warm and I've grown to love this traditional style! 

Have you tried anything from Diptyque I'd love to hear your suggestions on what to add to my collation! 

Eau Rose 
20ml rollerball £32
100ml bottle £68 

Frankie xxx 

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  1. I'd love to get something from Diptyque, it's such a de luxe brand :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

    1. They have some really beautiful scents, id really put off purchasing something from them for ages but now I have im addicted!