Monday, 30 June 2014

Current Skincare Routine

So my skincare routine has changed up significantly since the last one I posted a good year ago, everything from my cleanser to mousturizer has been switched up and I'm loving the results I've been having from them combination!

This Garnier Miceller Water is seriously amazing, Ive always been against these cleansing waters as I they always leave my skin with a horrible texture and residue, this doesn't do either of those and I'm pleased I've found a good makeup remover that doesn't cost the earth.

Ok, so no I'm not sponsored by Clinique or being paid to write anything about them it just so happens that the rest of the products I've been using are by them.
I had been breaking out over the last fews months and wasn't sure what exactly was causing it so I decided to pick up these products as I'd heard a lot about them being really good for acne and blemish prone skin, the liquid facial soap lathers up and thoroughly removes left over makeup from the using the Miceller water and feels lovely on the skin, you could use this alone without a toner although I do like to use the toner as part of my routine as it ensures all traces of makeup are removed.

The toner is super clarifying and has a soothing tingle to it, the first time I used it I was quite shocked by how strong the tingling sensation was but after the second use I was used to it and actually enjoyed the feeling as it seems asif it is soothing everything after the cleanser! 

Moisturiser is a step I'm quite lazy with, I do tend to forget to apply it and when my skin is breaking out I feel like I should avoid using it as it tends to make my skin worse, I know you have to go through the purging stage with new skincare so I've been trying to stick it out and give this a fair go, initially it feels light on the skin but it thickens up whilst rubbing it into the skin making it quite a rich formula, so far this has been fine with my skin and I haven't broken out any further than before hand.

The last step is to apply the anti blemish solutions spot treatment gel to any current acne I have, this works incredibly well at diminishing and reducing the size of any spots, it clears them much quicker than if I hadn't used anything atall, again this is a product that gives quite a tingle and can be sore if applied to any open acne but only lasts a few seconds, it dries out the spot and the next day whatever I have applied it to is practically disappeared.

I'm currently feeling really happy with my skincare routine and feel lik my skin has cleared itself up significantly since using these products, the clinique skincare range is something I would really recommend especially with people with acne prone skin!

I hope you enjoyed reading about the products that have been working for me recently, have you tired any of them? 

Lots of love, frankie 
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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Living/Coping With Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Currently sitting in my living room contemplating how I'm feeling.

After just having a huge freak out whilst walking home from an evening out with Samuel, I'm now calming myself down with what I know best, talking about my problems, only I'm sat talking to you guys, people I don't even know but mean more to me than most of the people I really know! 

So the last few weeks have been stressful, hard, frustrating and most of all bloody awful, my panic attacks have struck with avegence, my anxiety levels are currently sky high, and I'm left in a feeling I can't get seem to snap myself out of! 

After having a full on crying/panic meltdown, literally the last few months flashed through my brain within a few minutes, I hate my job, I've had family issues, my house is constantly a mess, anxiety medication has been the bane of my life, stress currently isn't the word! 

The medication I'm on to control my anxiety has been working perfectly for me for months now, i finally felt asif i had reached a stable point in my life where everything was good, i was feeling pretty much myself apart from the few stone i have subsequently gained from being on them, i was happy, until i recently picked up my prescription from my usual chemist and they had a different branded version of my tablets, i thought they would all be the same, i was so wrong, the new branded ones made me feel nervous, sick, shaky and generally made me feel like i was back to square one at the beginning on when i first started medication, i couldnt stand feeling like this so decided to take it upon myself to have one every other day, that way i could manage having a day off inbetween tablets but i literally dreaded the day i had to take them which was fueling my anxiety and panic further when i really just didnt need it!

Having watched a few of Zoella's video i understand clearly there are more of us out there than i know about, the response in the comments from others saying they too suffer with Anxiety made me realise its such a wide spread problem so i am very thankful im not the only person out there that feels this way, although i must admit i do feel alone with it a massive amount of the time!

Im not really too sure where this post is going or why im explaining whats currently going on in my little bubble right now, all i know is i needed to vent somewhere and i really dont want to hide a part of who i am with my readers, my blog isnt always about the perfect life, what makeup im wearing or what im currently loving, i am human and i have a different side to me that some people dont understand and i want the people out there who are also feeling this way to know, your not alone, there are certain factors in life we cannot control but we can ride the wave and come out the other side a bigger, stronger and better person! 
Posting about my anxiety helps myself and hopefully others a great deal and I hope you all understand the need for me to write this post without causing offence to anyone! 

Lots of love, Frankie x 

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Burts Bees - Therapeutic Bath Crystals

A random one for me, but today im going to profess my love for crystals, and no I don't mean those sort of crystals people believe give you healing and all that jazz, im talking about bath crystals, and those being the Burts Bees - Therapeutic Bath crystals!

The reason Im wanting to discuss these today is because im never a person to purchase something twice, I have to REALLLYYY like something for me to even consider buying it a second time and if I do love it enough I need to share it with you!

The way to use these are pretty simple you take a small handful and sprinkle them into a half full bath and that's literally it, no fussy bubbles, no nasty liquids pouring all over the bottle so you have to rinse it off, just a really simple product that gives you the most relaxing, aromatherapy spa style bath, they have a light scent which is very calming and I feel they really help me to breath clearly, and as I have mentioned in posts before as an anxiety sufferer, breathing clearly is a big deal for me and calming baths are a place I go when im feeling stressed or worried and these have been a god send for me, hence why I am onto the second jar of the stuff!

The salts contain Eucalyptus Oil which is where the soothing calming scent comes from, if you are unwell or have had a long day these will work wonders for you, think of when you use vicks in a hot bowl of water under a towel and the refreshing feeling these give you, they instantly make me feel 10x better if im feeling run down and they soothe aching muscles a gooden!

Another reason I love this product and the Burts Bees brand in general is because they are 100% natural meaning I don't have to worry about any nasties floating around in my bath with me!

These are a really lovely bathtime treat so if you ever feel like a pick me up, grab a tub of these pop the taps on, light some candles and have a long soak in the bath (just don't fall asleep like I have nearly done many a time).

Let me know if you have tried these or anything similar and how you got on!

Lots of love, Frankie x
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Thursday, 19 June 2014

HD Brows - Pro Eyebrow Palette

Evening my lovelies, so today im coming to you with a product which is new to me and that is the HD Brows - Pro Eyebrow Palette!

I picked this up after seeing a fellow blogger had written about it being a really good price on Ebay at the moment, the reason for this being that HD Brows have rebranded and redesigned all there packaging so the older packaged bits were being sold off via online stores so I instantly knew I had to buy this, and after just having come back from a Wedding I had done I realised quite how many different brow shades there really are and I wasn't quite catering to everyone's needs I had to make up!

I really like the older style packaging to be quite honest, its very sleek and shiny with the HDB logo on the front of the palette and comes with a HUGE mirror inside, I don't think I've ever seen a palette with such a big mirror inside, I find this super handy as you can see everything your doing and wont need to carry an extra one around with you!

The shades inside the palette are super versatile, you can cater pretty much any brow shade with these six shades, even though im mainly a mixture between the first and second shades I can see I will get a lot of use out of this as I mentioned before I will use it on my clients who majority of people I have come across have significantly darker brows than myself!

Another great use for this kit is that you could double up the use of the product and use them for matte shadows, all over the lids or for defining in the crease.

The pigmentation of the shadows are amazing, I was quite sceptical of the fact that I had purchased this from an Ebay store that it wouldn't be a genuine product and the quality would be rubbish but I for one definitely believe this to be a genuine HDB product as comparing it to other peoples palettes it is identical and the quality of the shadows is outstanding!

The shades in the palette are as below, you get some really great shades and they blend into the brows seamlessly, you cant see the visible lines like a pencil would give you and personally im a huge lover of shadow for the brows over any other product as it gives the most natural and flawless finish.

Overall im very happy I purchased this product and will definitely have to invest in some more HBD as the quality is seriously amazing, you can purchase the palette from the Ebay store here:
and it is priced at £13 with free delivery which is such a good deal!

Let me know if any of you purchase this and if you have any other HBD products you recommend?

Lots of love, Frankie x
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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Avene - Eau Thermale Spring Water

So in the few years I have been blogging, I never thought I would writing posts about 'water' but I am, strangely I have developed a little obsessing with the Avene - Eau Thermale Spring Water!

This product had been collecting dust on the top of my makeup stash for ages when I decided to chuck it in my handbag so that I actually got some use out of it, and considering the only reason I purchased it was because id seen a few bloggers with it in there bags also I thought there must be a reason for it.
I had been using this product as a makeup setting spray, which personally I don't think it does much for your face other than make powders look less cakey and considering I don't wear powder it pretty much was a dud for me, until the ever careful Samuel came back home with delightful sunburn all over his face back and shoulders that I whipped it out of the handbag and sprayed it all over him before bed, I have no idea what possessed me to think this would work, I just assumed it would cool him down but no, he awoke the next morning near enough pain free and a whole lot less sunburnt, couldn't be down to the Avene could it?
Well yes it indeed was as he continued to use it over the next day or so and it literally transformed his sunburn into a lovely golden tan, no peeling in sight!

I hadn't ever read the back of the bottle before but on doing so I was surprised to see what exactly the product is aimed at, as you can see from the photo below it has a whole host of things it works on and I couldn't believe a 'water' product could work wonders on everything from nappy rash to facial redness, luckily I do not suffer from nappy rash but facial redness I do and have used on makeup free days to calm down the clown cheeks just a tad!

Another little thing I have used this for is a little TMI but im afraid there's no boundaries where im concerned on this blog, I actually sprayed it 'down there' yes you can guess where I mean, I had a little sore shaving rash and it was seriously irritating me and I was finding it rather uncomfortable to wear underwear so I pulled out the trusty little can and sprayed away, left it overnight and woke to feeling literally no pain whatsoever, I know for many of us out there the bikini line pain can be abit of a problem and nothing has ever solved the problem like this before!

Im so impressed by this wonder water in a can that im 100% heading straight out the door to buy the larger bottle (or 2) if theres one product you invest your money into this year this must be one of them, I cant stress enough how much this has saved my life for some of those really inconvenient problems we all suffer from time to time!

Have any of you tried this and if you have let me know your thoughts!

Eau Thermale spring Water - £3.15 

Lots of love, Frankie x
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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Bourjois - Rouge Edition Velvet

Back with another lip love, im pretty sure most of you would of heard by these beauties by now?
The Bourjous Rouge Edition Velvets are pretty much amazing and have had such good press recently that i cant not speak about them, silky formula, extremeley pigmented , glide on the lips and have great staying power, how could i not like them!

Pink Pong is basically like Mac Candy Yum Yum in a stain form, i saw this featured of the lovely Vivianna from (VDM) and instantly loved the shade, also Amelia Liana was sporting this lip in one of her recent videos, it really is a universal shade that pretty much suits anyone! 

The finish of this shade is very matte, which I really like, I've never been matte lip lover but the formula of these aren't drying atall, infact they feel quite moisturizing which is unheard of these days! 

The second one I picked up was this absolutely eye catching red 03 Hot Pepper, the name for this really matches the product, it literally is pepper red, slightly firey looking, perfect for the red lip wearer! 

The finish of this shade has a slight gloss too it, even though it is a matte product you can see from the photos it has a sheen to it which I actually find it makes the lips look fuller and sexier, this is one product you could wear out for the evening and feel pretty confident in wearing, and best of all because they are a stain you won't have to worry about reapplying it! 

Im becoming a big fan of these and would like to add more of them to my collection, have any of you picked these up, what shades would you recommend? 

Lots of love, Frankie x 

Bourjous Rouge Edition Velvet - £8.99 or 2 for £14 @ Boots
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Monday, 16 June 2014

The Candle Series - Jo Malone - Sweet Almond & Macaroon Candle

So me and my candle obsession is going slightly over-board, hey im not complaining (think my bank balance may be?)
Ive recently purchased a Diptyque candle and adore it but this scent from Jo Malone has a special place in my heart, partly because of my Mother who has and adores the scent and the fact that it took me ages to trace it down, thank you John Lewis @ Oxford Circus, i LOVE you!

You also have to adore the packaging, Jo Malone definitely have there service down to a T when it comes to creating beautifully presented products, everything is spritzed with a cologne and placed in solid boxes with the JM logo, perfect for reusing around the home, i personally keep little keepsakes in mine, notes, small trinkets and memories of things me and Sam have had together! 

The candles come with complimentary JM matches which are long and perfect for getting into the candle once its burned down meaning no pesky finger burns for me (this has happened too often).

Being presented with a JM bag makes you feel special and luxurious as the ladies make you completely catered for and leaving with a smile, and of course the gorgeous goodie inside that bag!

I couldn't be more obsessed with a scent if i tried, while i am still loving my Diptyque, Laura Mercier and White Company fragrances, JM have definitely hit the top spot in my candle obsession, i just wish they would introduce this scent into the body products, if they did i would be there asap with my card at the ready!

Do any of you have enjoy JM and have anything you recommend picking up as im so desperate to try some more from them, the Vitamin E body scrub is next on the list!

£39 from Jo Malone stores 

Lots of love, Frankie x
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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Mac Playland - Sweet Experience

Happy Sunday everyone :)
As i said in my previous post i recently had a little shopping trip in London, and i picked up a few beauty bits from Selfridges, this beautiful creation being one of them, i was instantly drawn to the MAC stand for obvious reasons, but this time they had an extra little area where they were advetising there new Playland collection, i knew straight away this was going to be a collection for me!
Bright candy pinks, candy floss, pastel unicorns, carousels and pink flamingos, you name it they had it there!
I picked up the amplified creme lipstick in Sweet Experience..

Candy pink, check!
Literally, this is the lipstick i have been searching for pretty much my entire life, the perfect baby pink, think of that pink your barbies wore when you were 10 in a subtler form, i love!

The formula is so lovely, creamy soft but incredibly pigmented, it doesn't dry out the lips, lasts a long time and actually feels quite nourishing on the lips, as far as lipstick goes this is a gooden!
You only need one swipe on the lips for this to be incredibly pigmented, i quite like either dabbing it on the lips or applying in one swipe but blotting off the excess, meaning this will last you a long time, especially good as it is limited edition, although heads up MAC you need to add this to the permanent line, pretty please :)

I hope you agree with me just how pretty this lipstick is, i do believe you cant pick this up online anymore, i have checked MAC & Selfridges and they dont have it online, but always check your local stores as they will still carry some of the shades :)

Frankie x

Mac Lipstick £15

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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Chanel - Soleil Tan De Chanel

Evening my lovelies. Hope your all well, the past few days have been busy ones, shopping in London over the weekend and back to work after a long and lovely 8 days off!

My recent shopping trip found me adding some new beauties to my collection, I've actually just uploaded a haul on my YouTube channel of the bits I picked up, but today I'm bringing you one of the special pieces I picked up, a product I've been lusting after for a long time now, that being the Chanel - Soleil Tan De Chanel! 

The beautiful packaging is just where the love for this product begins, housed in a gorgeous solid tub with the classic black lid and chanel gold engravings, this looks beautiful on show on my makeup table! 

The product inside is just a dream to use, lightweight but pigmented, this glides into the skin effortlessly, while you do need to buff this in thoroughly, once blended its creates the perfect faux glow, perfect for a pale skinned girl like me.

I adore the finish on the skin this product gives me, a few days in the sun is now no longer needed as this gives the appearance of having been on holiday, you know those first few days where your just starting to tan and everything you put on seems as if it looks much better, yea that does this! 

The first time I applied this I had a few compliments on how healthy my skin looked and the old "have you been on holiday" was snuck in there too! 
I actually used this as a base for my foundation to sit on top off and it works like a dream, my makeup actually lasted a whole lot longer than usual so I would go as far as saying you could use this as your daily primer too! 

To proclaim my love to this once more. I'm actually obsessed with this product, I rarely throw that out there so for me that's a big deal. I thought I loved my Boujouis dupe but hell no, compared to this I'll quite happily ditch any bronzer for this any day! 

I really hope you enjoyed this post, and don't forget to take a peak at my London Haul video over on YouTube search Frankie Boo for my channel and I'd love for you too subscribe and leave me a comment saying your popping over from the blog! 

Lots of love, Frankie x 

Chanel - Soleil Tan De Chanel £32.00
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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Clinique - Anti Blemish Solutions Foundation

Afternoon my lovely friends, hope your midweek Wednesday is going well?

Today I'm blogging to you about a wonderful new find I stumbled across recently, that being the Clinique - Anti Blemish Solutions foundation, I have the shade 01 Fresh Alabaster which is the lightest shade in the range, seeing as I am SUPER pale and even this can be slightly dark on me so a warning to anyone who is on the fairer side, get colour matched before you buy this, something I didn't do.. that being said I quite like the colour of this on me, gives me a little hint of colour!

The formula to this foundation isn't too heavy, its gives good coverage whilst still being light on the skin which is definitely something you need when you suffer from acne as I do (I have previous posts that are more in depth about this).

You can just see where my hairline is that the colour is slightly dark for me but it blends well into my neck which is where i generally tend to worry more as I hate the obvious foundation lines that I coveted back when i was 13!

I wanted to actually test this foundation out before I popped it up on the blog as I feel this is a product people will want to know more in-depth about before the go out and purchase it, although I do feel this is worth the money.. I believe this has actively cleared up numerous current outbreaks I have had, my skin has been much smoother in appearance and overall it looks much brighter and healthier.

The oil free foundation is aimed at actively controlling breakouts, neutralizes redness (definitely a problem I suffer with) whilst preventing future blemishes, I really feel Clinique have got this formula and testament bang on, I feel much more confident with my skin makeup free now than before as combining this with there skincare (post coming up on this soon) i have clearer fresher skin!

The finish of the foundation is quite matte, I would almost say you could get away without using a powder on top of this, unless you are more on the oilier side, it smoothes out perfectly using a buffing brush and is almost invisible once dried - beware though this is a very fast drying formula so you will need to work quickly!

Another feature I find fantastic about this foundation is the bottle, especially the little nib where the product is dispersed from, it controls the amount of product you use by only allowing you to squeeze what you need out from it, I would say a 10p piece on the back of your hand is the perfect amount for a full face meaning this will you last you a long time and no wastage!

Overall I've enjoyed using this foundation and think I'll be sticking with it until something else catches my wandering eye #beautybloggerproblems, keep your eyes peeled for the skincare instalment from Clinique coming up soon!

Do let me know if you have any questions about this or anything else skincare related as i love to hear from you!

Frankie x


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Diptyque - Eau Rose

After recently purchasing Verveine candle from the luxurious brand diptyque I have been sold on there scents, ever the opulent brand that diptyque are, there perfumes don't disappoint, housed in there typical classic packaging, Eau rose has become a firm favourite in my collection!

I purchased the roll on version of this scent as I was keen to add a perfume to my hand bag that wouldn't weigh it down or risk of it leaking, the 20ml bottle is the perfect size to pop into any size bag making it easy to take from day to night, popping it into your clutch.

Eau rose is a sophisticated scent which lingers on the body, I place it on my pulse points on the wrist and neck to allow my body heat to disperse the scent, you literally only need a swipe of this for it to get to work, it has gorgeous ingredients, light crispness from blackcurrants, lychee and bergamot layered upon damask and centifelia roses with a touch of cedar and honey make this scent the perfect spring companion! 

I definitely plan on creating a little collection of diptyque perfumes and candles as the brand definitely know how to produce grown up products without the typical old lady smell to them, they're fresh and warm and I've grown to love this traditional style! 

Have you tried anything from Diptyque I'd love to hear your suggestions on what to add to my collation! 

Eau Rose 
20ml rollerball £32
100ml bottle £68 

Frankie xxx 

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