Friday, 30 May 2014

Rambly Chatty Afternoon Post

Afternoon my lovely bloggers, grab a cup of tea as this as the title suggests is a chatty long one :)

A rambly personal post again for you all (how joyful haha), im just going to talk at you about my life, what ive been upto and what im looking forward to in the future as i feel i havent connected with you all personally for a while now, not since my last post regarding my anxiety which had some really positive feed back from you all and i thank each and every one of you for your support and lovely comments, you cheered me up massively :D

Soo.. what ive been upto.. working in retail STILL, i feel like im forever doomed to being in retail, i desperately want a change from the ever boring daily routine of waking up, serving a few customers and going home, i pray there is something better out there for me as i find retail so mundane, although i have a brighter note to add to this and last weekend had my first bridal job of the year for my freelance makeup artist job and i LOVED every second of it!
Initially i was nervous as i had to makeup 5 women which is the most ive ever had to do in one job, but seriously calmed down as soon as i started applying all those wonderful products to there faces, seeing them so happy with the job i had done for them made me beam from ear to ear, i love making women feel beautiful in themselves and to make someone happy and confident is such a reward for what, to me, feels like a hobby!

The bride looked absolutely beautiful and so happy on her wedding day, and i adored her beautiful dress, it was just the right figure hugging fit with such intricate lace, it reminded me slightly of Kate Middleton!

I truly hope i can take my career in makeup further as i just know im destined for something more than the 9-5 sales advisor role!

As i mentioned in a few posts before, Myself and Sam have a lovely new house, i love it so much and we are currently in the process of re-decorating some bits and pieces, the bathroom needed a complete overhaul as it came with garishly green carpets and walls, imagine a big green bogey bathroom and that was what it looked like, we actually dressed my friend to match the interiors as our new tissue holder and she blended in perfectly haha!

We have pulled up the existing carpet, why you would want carpet in a room that gets constantly wet i dont know but its gone thankgod and replaced by painting the beautiful solid wood flooring underneath white, i wanted to created a fresh feel to the room and painted the walls a grey/very light blue, took away the awful towel rail and tissue holder and replaced them with nice nice silver and white traditonal ones, i painted an old antique towel rail cream and rubbed it down to a shabby chic style and threw on some gorgeous pale grey bath sheets to pull it all together, its getting there and i will be doing a post on the transformation onces its all done, i cant wait to show you guys :)

Getting back to my previous post about my anxiety, i have been struggling again recently, ive been trying to come off of my medication that i currently take which is a long and horrible process, my medication i feel actually makes me worse as it makes me so lethargic and lazy that i dont seem to get alot done or have any energy to get things done for that matter, i really want to pick myself up and get back on track with everything in my life, i adore blogging and just started making Youtube videos and i want as much energy and personality as possible to be able to keep persuing it, im definitely going to start some resolutions to keep my mind active and happy, i want to be a postive person and not let the negatives get me down, ive been focusing on getting things fixed with myself to make me a happier person overall and hopefully this will kick anxietys ugly rear out of my life!

Ive also recently been making it my mission to go out with friends and be more social as i definitely think getting out of the house and doing something keeps your mind healthy and active, i still dont drink alcohol but dont feel its been such a hindrance on going out anymore as the friends i have accept that i dont drink and dont force anything on me which is so good as i can relax a whole lot more and just be myself around them, making new friends is always a good thing and its definitely helped my confidence to go out alot more than before :)

Myself (stripy top) and Natalie (in the dress) on her birthday :)

Ending things on a happier note, i want to let you all know how much i love reading your comments and the emails ive recieved, they really make me so happy, i get all giddy inside like a teenager when i see new subscribers and love reading your replies to what i have to say in my little old world, the support from blogging is fantastic and i would love to get to know you all so much more, so please do feel free to keep in touch with me, im always somehow connected to social media #iphone addict haha!

Speak to you all soon you wonderful people, Lots of love Frankie x

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  1. wow that bride looks stunning! i hope you settle into your new house well. id love it if youd comment back xx

    1. She looked absolutely gorgeous! Thankyou lovely, i will pop over to your blog now xx

  2. Great post
    You look stunning and so does the bride
    I love re decorating, I'm having my room painted in a few days
    but can't decide on a colour
    Rachel XX

    1. Thank you love, I'm really loving pale grey or white you can always dress up the room with accessories xxx