Friday, 30 May 2014

Rambly Chatty Afternoon Post

Afternoon my lovely bloggers, grab a cup of tea as this as the title suggests is a chatty long one :)

A rambly personal post again for you all (how joyful haha), im just going to talk at you about my life, what ive been upto and what im looking forward to in the future as i feel i havent connected with you all personally for a while now, not since my last post regarding my anxiety which had some really positive feed back from you all and i thank each and every one of you for your support and lovely comments, you cheered me up massively :D

Soo.. what ive been upto.. working in retail STILL, i feel like im forever doomed to being in retail, i desperately want a change from the ever boring daily routine of waking up, serving a few customers and going home, i pray there is something better out there for me as i find retail so mundane, although i have a brighter note to add to this and last weekend had my first bridal job of the year for my freelance makeup artist job and i LOVED every second of it!
Initially i was nervous as i had to makeup 5 women which is the most ive ever had to do in one job, but seriously calmed down as soon as i started applying all those wonderful products to there faces, seeing them so happy with the job i had done for them made me beam from ear to ear, i love making women feel beautiful in themselves and to make someone happy and confident is such a reward for what, to me, feels like a hobby!

The bride looked absolutely beautiful and so happy on her wedding day, and i adored her beautiful dress, it was just the right figure hugging fit with such intricate lace, it reminded me slightly of Kate Middleton!

I truly hope i can take my career in makeup further as i just know im destined for something more than the 9-5 sales advisor role!

As i mentioned in a few posts before, Myself and Sam have a lovely new house, i love it so much and we are currently in the process of re-decorating some bits and pieces, the bathroom needed a complete overhaul as it came with garishly green carpets and walls, imagine a big green bogey bathroom and that was what it looked like, we actually dressed my friend to match the interiors as our new tissue holder and she blended in perfectly haha!

We have pulled up the existing carpet, why you would want carpet in a room that gets constantly wet i dont know but its gone thankgod and replaced by painting the beautiful solid wood flooring underneath white, i wanted to created a fresh feel to the room and painted the walls a grey/very light blue, took away the awful towel rail and tissue holder and replaced them with nice nice silver and white traditonal ones, i painted an old antique towel rail cream and rubbed it down to a shabby chic style and threw on some gorgeous pale grey bath sheets to pull it all together, its getting there and i will be doing a post on the transformation onces its all done, i cant wait to show you guys :)

Getting back to my previous post about my anxiety, i have been struggling again recently, ive been trying to come off of my medication that i currently take which is a long and horrible process, my medication i feel actually makes me worse as it makes me so lethargic and lazy that i dont seem to get alot done or have any energy to get things done for that matter, i really want to pick myself up and get back on track with everything in my life, i adore blogging and just started making Youtube videos and i want as much energy and personality as possible to be able to keep persuing it, im definitely going to start some resolutions to keep my mind active and happy, i want to be a postive person and not let the negatives get me down, ive been focusing on getting things fixed with myself to make me a happier person overall and hopefully this will kick anxietys ugly rear out of my life!

Ive also recently been making it my mission to go out with friends and be more social as i definitely think getting out of the house and doing something keeps your mind healthy and active, i still dont drink alcohol but dont feel its been such a hindrance on going out anymore as the friends i have accept that i dont drink and dont force anything on me which is so good as i can relax a whole lot more and just be myself around them, making new friends is always a good thing and its definitely helped my confidence to go out alot more than before :)

Myself (stripy top) and Natalie (in the dress) on her birthday :)

Ending things on a happier note, i want to let you all know how much i love reading your comments and the emails ive recieved, they really make me so happy, i get all giddy inside like a teenager when i see new subscribers and love reading your replies to what i have to say in my little old world, the support from blogging is fantastic and i would love to get to know you all so much more, so please do feel free to keep in touch with me, im always somehow connected to social media #iphone addict haha!

Speak to you all soon you wonderful people, Lots of love Frankie x

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Friday, 23 May 2014

The Filming Face

Hi my lovelies, so as I recently explained in a blog post I am starting the wonderful and crazy world of Youtube :D

Today I filmed my third video (the first two were trial runs to get my confidence going), I decided the best thing to get me started was to film the ever predictable 'beauty guru' obvious, the "what's in my makeup bag" video!

Its actually been really fun to film, getting used to talking to no-one is actually surprisingly easy the hardest partest is strangely the editing, its super hard to get your head around and unless you have had some sort of training in it you will most likely struggle as I have, I cant even cut parts out yet haha!

So todays post is dedicated to my 'Filming Face' - what I wore for my first video..

I was really nervous about how to do my makeup as I wanted to represent myself to exactly who I am, I didn't want to over-do it, I wanted to keep things to how I would usually apply my makeup just a tad more put together for my viewers :)

I used Lancôme - Tient Idole Ultra as it is a good foundation for me as I like abit of coverage that will still allow my skin to breath (it can get a little hot being all flustered infront of the camera you know!)
I also applied a little Collection - Lasting Perfection concealer under the ol bags under my eyes and down the bridge of nose as a slight contour, along with a touch of my Illamsqua cream blush in Seduce to add a pinched flush to my cheeks just to make me look a little more awake than zombiefied, lastly for the base I brushed some MAC Mineralize Skin Finish - Adored to give me a healthy glow and highlight on the tops of my cheekbones, I 'adore' this highlighter, its the perfect shade for me as im just a little on the pale side!

Loving the shot I managed to grab here haha & excuse the top being a tad see-through (oops) #filmingfail.

Prepping the lips was a must before anything could be applied to them as for some reason I seem to have awoken with super dry chapped lips today so I used my Lush Lip Scrub - Bubblegum (tastes freaking amazing) with some Lanolips Lemonade Lip-Aid to make them all soft again I then used my favourite formula glosses at the moment - Tanya Burr - Exotic Island which has to be one of the prettiest blue pinks imaginable, and makes your teeth look white white - always good for being on film :)

Eyes and brows were kept pretty simple, as I explained earlier I didn't want to stray to far from my usual everyday look so kept it muted with MAC's Naked Lunch and Satin Taupe shadows light brushed over the lids, my sleek brow kit in light, I only applied the shadow to my brows as the gel can be a little heavy for the daytime and is slightly too dark for me, then set this all in place with my No7 Brow Set Gel :)

I really hoped you liked this post and having a little delve into a sneak-peek of what will be coming up on my channel soon, atleast once ive mastered the technique of editing!

See you soon, Frankie xxx

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Monday, 19 May 2014

Phillip Kingsley - Elasticizer 40th Anniversary Edition

So im pretty sure most of you have heard of the Elasticizer - cult hair mask with a huge celebrity following, oh and created for the pretty amazing Audrey Hepburn?

Phillip Kingsley has brought out a 40th anniversary limited edition set which includes a beautiful pearlized bottle with a hair wrap to keep the heat in your hair which makes the mask penetrate the hair further and this means I can wear it overnight without any mess ending up on my pillow :)

I have the original mask in the usual tub which I actually have in the Extreme Elasticizer for extremely dry hair which is amazing but only needs to be used once a month on my hair, the downside to the tub version means you have to dig the product out, which I don't mind at all but I know that some people really don't like the idea of this, well with the anniversary edition it comes in a squeezy tube meaning you wont waste any product or get water inside the bottle from digging around for the product!

I use around two 50p pieces as my hair is rather long now and this covers it just nicely, I don't apply this to the root though as it can make my hair greasy quickly when I do, I apply this from around 3/4 of the way up my hair right down to the tips where I am the driest and leave it for around 15-20 minutes whilst I bath, I use a cap from my original tub to make sure no water washes any of it off and keeps the hair warm as I explained earlier to allow it to penetrate the hair shaft deeper for maximum use of the mask..

One ive washed this out of my hair I follow with my regular shampoo and conditioner as normal, upon drying my hair I can instantly tell the difference in the feel of my hair, it brushes through so much easier, there are virtually no tangles, no dryness it literally feels as if I have had my hair freshly cut!

I love this product as it really does the job in transforming my dry hair in between cuts, I highly recommend purchasing Elasticizer, the anniversary box is slightly more expensive than the regular tub version but you do get more for your money with this set, if you fancy just testing it out then you can purchase a mini version too :)

Hope you enjoyed reading this post, have any of you tried the Elasticizer before?

Frankie xxx

Elasticizer Anniversary Edition £38.
Elasticizer Tub £21
Travel Elasticizer £15

Monday, 12 May 2014

Dior - Fluid Stick - Kiss Me

Afternoon my lovelies, today im going to ramble on about another lip product ive added to my already big enough stash, and that comes from one of my favourite brands the wonderful Dior.

Dior Makeup have brought out a new release of these lipstick/lipgloss hybrids that every brand seems to be releasing a version of recently, they are a gorgeous formula, very pigmented whilst nourishing on the lips, there is also 16 colours in the collection, so something to suit everyone!

I chose the colour Kiss Me, aside from the cute name i loved the shade, i seem to have been on a mission this month so find the 'perfect pink' for me, as much as im loving my Hourglass Origami (post below) ive been using this for when i want a heavier pigmented pink on the lips rather than a flush of colour, and this does that perfectly in one sweep.

The fluid sticks contain water for maximum lightness on the lips, they literally feel asif you have applied a lip balm but provide intense colour at the same time, perfect for days when you have no time for touch ups as they create a stain underneath the gloss, so when it wears off you still have pretty lips :)

Ecxuse the pale awkward face, wearing Kiss Me (freshly applied)

I also adore the packaging, housed in the typical Dior lipstick style, it looks like a lipstick from the outside but when you twist the lid it reveals the doe foot applicator keeping the lipstick shape intact!

They also have a really lovely scent about them, which i love!

Have any of you picked up one of these yet? If so what colours did you go for, id love to try some more, what are you reccomendations?

See you soon, Frankie x

Dior Fluid Stick £26.50

Tanya Burr LipGloss

Evening my lovelies, hope your weeks going well so far?
I just wanted to do a short little post about a product I'm absolutely loving right now, and that is the Tanya Burr lipgloss range! 


I'm so happy I finally purchased these, considering I'm not a lipgloss wearer, and haven't been since I was in my teens, I'm seriously in love!

The Lipglosses are so pigmented and the colour pay off on the lips is outstanding, I adore the smell of them and I need more in my life.

If I'm honest I never quite expected to like them as I was worried about the idea of using a gloss again after all these years but I'm completely converted back, they have a slight lacquer finish to them which is very hydrating and they last hours on your lips without needing to reapply!

In my collection so far I have: Just Peachy, First Date & Aurora, my favourite of the three is First Date, it's a beautiful pale pink which looks really natural if you use a small amount or a lovely flush of colour with a full coat, I've been wearing these non stop since I got them last week and can't see me putting them down in the future!

Excuse the messy appearance and the work mess behind me but I'm wearing First Date <3 

Thank you Miss Tanya Burr for giving us such a lovely product, again definitely one of my favourite youtubers and even more so now, just need to add some pretty new colours to my growing collection x  

Tanya Burr Ligloss £6.99

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Hourglass - Extreme Sheen Lipgloss - Origami

Yep its that's little pink beauty above, the Hourglass Extreme Sheen Lipgloss, a very luxurious little present to myself.

Origami has to be the prettiest spring pink you could pick, one swoop of this loveliness on your lips and your set for a picnic in the park, the formula is just as beautiful too, think pigmented but not sticky, nourishing but not wet, it has the perfect consistency for transitioning from day to night-time, just add a second layer and your good to go for that perfect pink lip along with a gorgeous tan and little dress.

I adore these doe-foot style applicators, this has a large one but is completely fool-proof to apply, I love the way I can literally pop this on the go without a mirror at hand and know that it will look perfected, products like this are a must in my life as im always busy and like to be an 'train journey makeup on the goer'

I also have a personal little place for this lipgloss is my heart as it literally smells to me like my holiday to Cuba with Sam, the scent of it reminds me of suncream i wore whilst there and it literally makes me feel warm inside when i apply it as it just takes me back to my favourite place with my favourite person <3

The lovely sales assistant in Space NK was wearing another of the hourglass shades in Nectar which is the next one on my list to pick up, but I instantly knew Origami was the first shade I should pick up as it just suited my needs for the perfect pink daytime gloss, I definitely think after trying the Tanya Burr range im now a fond lover of gloss again, which needless to say my lips are loving all this hydration after years of matte mac lippies :)

Have any of you tried anything from Hourglass and have any reccomendations for me, let me know lovelies!

Frankie xxx

Hourglass Extreme Sheen Lipgloss £21.00