Thursday, 10 April 2014

Home Tour.. Beauty/Blogging Room..

Hi guys, apologies for the lack of posts in the previous months, have had sooo much to do recently that i just havent had the time to upload, im sure you will all here about what ive been upto in the next few months as i have so much to tell you all :) In the mean time if you follow my Instagram you will see more about me as i upload daily over on there @frankiebooblogx

As you will know from the previous post me and Samuel moved house, we now have a beautiful little Victorian Terraced Home with two bedrooms and i have the luck of having the 'spare' room as my own little officey/makeup/beauty/spare room space, Brownie points to him for knowing a girl with too much makeup needs a room to put it in ;)

Just to pre-warn you this may be a little photo heavy for your liking but i love posts like this so im hoping you guys will too :)

The room is quite large so i manage fit in a spare bed which is always handy as we usually have people stay over and as much as i want a pretty pretty makeup room we have to be practical too, i absolutely love my bed its from Feather and Black, underneath it also has a guest bed which pops up on legs and actually turns the bed into a super-king so you dont have to squeeze onto the small bed if a couple stays over :)

I wasn't really to sure what to do with this little area, i do want a huge floor to ceiling mirror to go in this gap especially for when im getting ready for an evening out, it currently holds my hair products, brushes etc a cake stand which i plan on popping my perfumes on and a little chair which i will be repainting white, i love it as it came from my mums and plan on using it for future baby in our lives when that day comes :)

In the wardrobe i keep my 'nicer' clothes in here, mainly dresses for going out and nicer tops etc, in the bottom draw houses all my 'extra' makeup, i.e the stuff that i dont keep on my desk in my Muji storage as its products i tend not to use so often or bits from my freelance kit, i will be doing an actual makeup collection post hence why i havent gone into more detail of this, hope you guys dont mind :)

The bedside/nightstand just currently holds these beautiful glass bon bon jars with my cotton balls/pads and cotton buds as its super easy to get to when taking off makeup in the evening, i love little details like these as i feel they add a classy but simple element to the room, i also have a little mirror tray with my earrings in and i like to keep my watch in here too!

My desk is actually the farm house table i had in the old kitchen, i wanted to purchase the Ikea Malm dresser which every blogger and there mum has but i actually really liked the idea of using this as its so large and houses everything nicely with lots of space to take photos, type up posts and do my makeup at.

The reason im using such a huge tv screen as my computer is as its a spare room i still wanted guests to be able to use the tv in the room and its makes typing at the desk so much easier than constantly having to have my laptop there at the same time.

Love this little area of my desk, it just makes me feel good when i walk in the room and always have pretty flowers to cheer me up, also how cute is my little bunny light <3

The light is from Ikea and the floral lights are from Asda, i love simple lighting to make the room look extra girly without being too in your face, the chandelier style shade i picked up from Amazon for around £12 and i love it, it looks super pretty in the room and catches the light from the window aswell so is always sparkling.

I hope you enjoyed a little tour around my beauty space, and let me know which room you would like me too show you all next <3

See you all soon lovelies, love Frankie x