Friday, 7 February 2014

Bumble and Bumble - Secret Hairdressers Invisible Oil

Hey my lovelies, im welcoming myself back to the wonderful world of blogging, seeing as i have been MIA for a while now :( i have seriously missed blogging so much, if you guys read my last post you will have seen a little bit of what i have been upto recently, but to cut a long story short i have had a very hectic few months, i have finally moved house and nearly all settled into it, but thats all for another post coming soon (hint hint house tour)

I just wanted to write a short post about this beauty, i have had this for agessss and recently decided to start using again as i was a little bored of Moroccan Oil and wanted something to bring my dry winter hair back to life!

The Secret hairdressers invisible oil is actually so lovely, its very lightweight - aslong as you use it sparingly, if you apply to much to your hair it can make your hair look very greasy and it doesnt come out until you next wash it so bear that in mind!

If you apply a small 10p piece to your hand and smooth into wet/damp hair you will seriously have no fly aways or frizziness once your hair has dried!

I just recently had my hair trimmed as even though i am growing it long it had become unmanagable and very dry due to the weather in England being very cold and humid, this has brought my hair back to life, and adding the oil into my haircare routine has definitely improved the condition of it even more, im loving this little bottle of orange goodness right now and think i will be using it for a while atleast :)

Have any of you used this oil or have any reccomendations for Bumble and Bumble products as im really keen to try out some more stuff from the brand and tempted by a shampoo & conditioner!

Let me know and ill see you all soon, Lots of Love

Frankie xXx