Saturday, 19 October 2013

the personal post..

So ive been contemplating for a few days now about writing a personal post, and this evening made me completely make my mind up on doing it, so here it is..

Tonight i had been invited out with my partner and a few friends to our local pub and from the minute i got there i realised how left out i felt, i know why this is and i guess im partly to blame, i dont drink alcohol so i guess they feel like im some-what different from the rest of the group which in turns makes me excluded from there little group of fun, my reasons for not drinking are down to a huge weight in my life *anxiety*

This wasnt something i was going to talk about through this blog as i wanted to keep it aside from everything in my blog, i keep seeing a few posts about speaking up about anxiety and i feel maybe i should too, im quite happy to speak about it in my everyday life so i guess if i can help others through speaking about it on my blog i will do!

Basically i left everyone and went home this evening, i walked home in tears frustrated at them and at myself for letting my troubles get in the way, and also annoyed at the fact that because i dont drink i shouldnt be included, why do they feel the need to judge on the fact that i dont drink? Im just as fun, if not more happy than them when im sober and have some of the best nights with a completely clear head, so what is it about anxiety that makes me seperate from everyone else?

Anxiety is something i have been suffering with for about 3 years now, i did suffer from the worst panic attacks, which since going on medication i hadnt had one for nearly a year, until the last few weeks, they seem to have come back and i think its making me focus more on them than everyone else around me, maybe i seemed disconnected to everyone this evening and thats why i hadnt been involved?

I just want to be able to speak to like minded people who also suffer from anxiety and panic attacks and gather a way of talking about it with the hopes that we can all work our way through it and offer tips and advice for each other on how we deal with it, the one thing i have noticed is that it seems to be creative people that seem to suffer with it the worst, i dont know why this is maybe all that creativness causes overdrive in our minds haha!

Excuse the long rambly post, i just needed to clear my mind and i thought writing this would help!

If you ever want to talk to me about anything my email is if not leave a comment and i always reply :)

Lots of love Frankie xXx


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  2. This is inspirational - best wishes and I'm always here if you need someone to talk to, lots of love lauryn from

  3. S with me so many tims, i dont drink too and feel out of place...

  4. its frustrating, im just glad im not the only one who doesnt drink :) xxx

  5. I'm really glad you posted this. I have also suffered from anxiety for years and panic attacks. It's interesting that you mentioned creativity and an overdriven mind. My anxiety is related to my ADHD unfortunately. Anyways, I feel your pain, it sucks you can't just go hang out with them just because you don't want to drink. I do drink, but have had times when I didn't for similar reasons. I think the best thing is to not tell anyone that you aren't drinking. Go to the bar, order a ginger ale or something bring it back with you and no one needs to know! You only need to say something if anyone specifically asks you, and even then try not to make any sort of deal out of it, give them a quick answer and go back to whatever other conversation was happening before. That's just my 2 cents, hope you figure this out!

  6. I don't drink aswell and this post really hit home as I had a similar thing happen to me recently, it's so frustrating being judged just because I don't drink, thank you for posting this - it's made me feel a little less alone in this xxxx

  7. Thankyou for everyones comments, it definitely hits home when you hear other people speaking about the same thing, its just a relief to know im not the only one who goes through it!
    Hopefully we can all overcome the bloody thing :D

  8. Frankie this is such a brave post, thanks for sharing and for opening up..I think is very important and I'm sure with this blog post you did a little step forward from your anxiety.
    I do understand your frustration and it's right you shouldn't be judged because you don't drink and if people do that, they are just not people worth to mind their opinions to be honest. You know who you are and if others don't care of discovering it, tough!Their loss!
    I've just discovered your blog through "Meet me on the bright side" blog hope and I'm happy to follow you now :)

    Ila x

    1. Thankyou Ila, its definitely helped, ive had a much better day today than i have all week so fingers crossed talking about it will change my perspective :) Of course i would love to follow you back, will have a look at your blog now :D xxx

  9. Frankie, I am so glad you done this post. I can totally relate. I don't drink and rarely go out but everyone seems to be like 'what! You dont drink'. At times its like they are disgusted at the point of it. The fact people can judge you like that is so unfair and they cant see it from an opposite point of view. If it was them who didn't drink they wouldn't like the judgement. I personally don't need drink. I'm mad enough craic without it.

    I hadn't had a panic attack in so long. At least 5years ago and couple weeks ago, I got very worked up and frustrated over a couple of work situations and took my first panic attack in a long time. I then took another one a couple nights later and near had another on my way in to work today. Its scary and so many things can be the cause of it. For me it could take a lot or the tiniest thing and that is me!

    Im glad you done this post as others will find comfort from it knowing they aren't alone. I know I have.
    You know to just drop me a wee line if you ever need to talk :-)

    Rachael x

    All The Little Things x | Rachael McClenaghan

    1. Thankyou so much for this lovely reply, im glad we both have someone we can talk to about it!
      Fingers crossed we will beat the evil thing, it seems so strange that so many bloggers have anxiety and panic attacks, maybe blogging takes our mind off it, im again another one who is mad enough without drink so im in a good mood regardless haha! lots of love xxx

  10. Hi Frankie, there is a brilliant blogger called Imogen Massey who writes at who writes very well about anxiety-I don't suffer but my partner does and her posts have helped me to understand him a little bit better

    lots of love

    Stacey Expat Make-Up Addict xx

    1. Thankyou lovely, im going to check her out now! xxx