Friday, 4 October 2013

#RushBloggerMeet at Rush Hair & Beauty..

Hey guys, sorry its been a few days since ive posted but ive been super busy with work and other things that i just haven't gotten round to posting much this week, im now currently sitting down infront of my TV watching Youtube, drinking tea from my favourite Cath Kidston mug and FINALLY writing a post for you all :D

So last night i ventured upto London for an amazing event i had the luck of being invited too, it was the #RushBloggerMeet which was being hosted by the wonderful people at House of Rush in Piccadilly, what an amazing venue to have chosen!
The event was hosted by the lovely ladies and a fellow blogger Becky from Lipgloss and Lashes and Laura who works for a PR company @Lauzzenger, the girls did such a fantastic job at making everyone feel welcome and the event was seriously so good, im so pleased i got the chance to attend, thankyou girlies :D

First of let me tell you just how beautiful this place is, id done a little sneaky online before i went there to see what it looked like and its even more beautiful in real life, the smell, seriously, heavenly, they were burning candles around the whole salon called 'THAI treatments' i WILL be hunting these things down because i neeeeeed them burning in my home!

The beauty treatment rooms are beautiful, you literally walk in and feel relaxed by the scent and the calm music playing softly in the background, we all got the oppurtunity to have oxygen facials, seriously i think i fell asleep half way through, its so relaxing, its basically a facial using oxygen being blown onto your face through a small nozzle, it feels like a dusting of cool water as it is moved around your face and you can have it done whilst wearing your makeup so perfect for a lunch-break treatments, it is pure oxygen which opens your pores allowing them to fully breath clean air therefor thoroughly allowing your pores to be cleaned, it leaves your skin with a beautiful dewy finish (Sam from Honey Go Lightly having her facial).

The interior of the salon is so chic, with quotes dotted around by famous names, inspiring you as you walk around, i've also decided i must book myself in here for a cut as i just want to sit infront of the beautiful hanging mirrors and take a selfie
(blogger problems)!
Also How cute are the room names :)

We also got to have a manicure done, super relaxing and if you'd seen the state of my nails before hand you'd have been glad they were offering this haha, i love having my nails done so this was such a treat for me, i chose Essie 'Fishnet Stockings' a beautiful berry red colour perfect for this Autumnal weather..

Doctor Carvar was also there to give us demonstations on Botox and Dermal Fillers, something ive considered in the past and now i have seen her first hand performing the procedure on a client i must say im more inclined to get them done in a few years, the lady having them done didnt even flinch, you can also dissolve the product too, so if you dont like the effect you can actually remove it, this is whats swayed my mind as im paranoid of having the dreaded 'frozen face'

Im so pleased i went and learnt so much from attending, met some lovely bloggers and got the chance to drool over the salon, the products and the food, i forgot about the food, delicious yummyness all in one area, i wanted some cake but never did as i feared of getting it all over me haha!

How bloody good does that cake look, i should've asked to take it home, i could've done with it on the train journey mmm ::)

Thankyou girls and to Rush for allowing us all to attend such a fantastic event, and a huge thankyou for the goody bags, im SOOOO pleased with my filofax, im in need of a new one :D
I also cant wait to try out all the other goodies, it did include some hair paste from Rush which i gave to Samuel, he used it tonight to go out and it smells like bananas mmm, also some Lindt chocolates but i ate them as there my favourites :)

Incase your wanting to get yourself over to Rush i have a code for you, you can get 20% of any beauty treatment or 50% of microderm treatment (which im desperate to try myself) when you call to book use the quote BLOG20 or MICRO50 to take up this fantastic offer!

Hope youve all had a brilliant week?

Lots of love Frankie xXx



  1. This is such a nice and intresting event...
    Nice setup...'loved the beauty room consept...
    Keep in touch,

  2. It was so much fun, if you can definitely go there :) xxx

  3. Great photos and post. Glad you had good time :-)

    Rachael x
    All The Little Things x | Rachael McClenaghan

  4. How nice were the oxygen facials, I didn't want it to end.


  5. Oh they were amazing, i definitely couldve fallen asleep :) xxx

  6. Oh wow what a beautiful place! Sounds like an amazing event!!
    I wish I lived in London so I could attend events like this..
    You're very lucky to be invited too :)) I love your blog!
    Now following you on bloglovin and look forward to future posts :D

  7. It's beautiful isn't it! I'd love to live in London too, such a great buzz to it!

    Thankyou lovely xxxx

  8. I only found your blog and Im already addicted, it so interesting and I would have loved to have gone here, lucky you!
    If you get a chance check out our blog, we are only new and would love you to follow us!
    Sarah N Nat xxx