Saturday, 19 October 2013

riri for mac..

As soon as i saw a press release image of this collection way back when i instagrammed it back at the end of April, the beautiful rose gold packaging instantly drew me in, the fact its Rihanna had nothing to do with it (yer right)!

I had originally wanted to get the 'talk that talk' lipstick, a dark deep purple tone, it had sold out instantly and can i get my hands on it, no of course, so i decided to go with the original 'Riri Woo' this was the other lipstick i had wanted to get hold of and thankfully my local MAC still had a few left, pheww!

I also picked up the Riri lashes, i didnt actually realise that she had released lashes in her collection until i went to buy the lipstick, i saw them and put them straight on the till and handed over my card without hesitation!

Im absolutely in love with Riri Woo, a blue toned red with Rihanna's signature Riri carved into it, i almost dont want to use it for that reason but i definitely will be, infact i will be applying this beautiful shade to my lips as soon as i have posted this and head off to work!

Now you can see why i needed (wanted) these lashes, for starters they are the most natural looking lashes i have ever come across, they are a very dark brown which makes them even better suited to me as i have such light lashes naturally that black ones can sometimes look to harsh on me, they are so fluttery, they look like semi-permanent lash extensions where they have been so naturally done, im in love with them and cannot wait to wear them, i havent ever owned a pair of MAC lashes before so im even more excited to try them!

Im always a sucker for MAC collections, but this time im so pleasantly surprised by this one even more than any previous collections that have been released, the quality is so good, i love that the packaging is really well done, not just cheap plastic looking, and the fact that its Rihanna just tops it off, who doesnt want to wear something on there lips that emulates the queen of hot, she makes everything instantly sexy and the shades she has chosen for her line make you feel confident and independant!

Have any of you picked up something from the Riri collection, what did you get or lusting after?

Frankie xXx


  1. Those lashes are just amazing...
    Packaging of lipstiic is really nice, gold...
    Keep in touch,

  2. Well done to get in there and manage to get your paws on the products! I was too slow off the mark, but to be honest there weren't that many shades that suited me anyway. I do love the packaging though :o). Xx

  3. Packaging looks great, and those lashes look amazing! Great post!

    Alice X

  4. I swore I would not pick anything up from this collection but when I saw it in the flesh I succumbed to 2 things-am posting about them today! I love your new layout too

    Stacey Expat Make-Up Addict

  5. Never have bought any MAC make up and if I was to get something it would be a lipstick. Would love trying this one. It looks so pretty!

    Rachael x
    All The Little Things x | Rachael McClenaghan

  6. Oh wow this look amazing, I haven't seen or it or heard of it until reading your post, thanks for sharing xx


  7. Wow! The shade is just gorgeous I really need to get this <3

  8. I'm dying to get down to Mac and have a look at this collection, this colour is gorgeous! And those lashes look amazing


  9. Thank you for the follow..following back :)) love this collection need to get my hands on some bits!! Xxx

  10. I like the design of this collection, it looks lovely :)