Monday, 21 October 2013

My Current Makeup Storage & Collection..

Ive been wanting to get some sort of storage for my makeup for a while now but due to lack of funds and no where to actually house anything in this house at the moment im having to make do with whats around my home already, i decided on emptying out an old set of draws that was holding a few random bits of Sams clothing, its not how i want it and fingers crossed in the next few months ill be able to change it up by getting some actual makeup storage but for now it houses everything nicely and i can actually get to everything meaning it will finally all get used :) So here goes..

We keep our TV on the draws so we can watch it easily in bed but i always end up using it to watch YouTube videos on, i was watching makeup collection videos at the same time to get some inspiration :)

On top i just keep my makeup brushes in old candle jars with little scented stones inside them to keep them in the jars nicely and adds a nice smell to the room :)

I have my Rituals lavender candle, and a plain sugar scented pillar one, also i have a Dolce & Gabbana powder and my Laura Mercier - Tarte Au Citron body cream which is my absolute favourite, also a mini MAC mirror just incase i need to touch up quickly!

Also the little gold makeup brush is a vintage Guerlain one i brought a few years ago, it has pastel hairs from yellow to blue, purple then pink, its so beautiful and has Guerlain inscribed into the metal handle, i love it and will never use it as its way too pretty :)

I added these little lavender scented love hearts from Primark to the draws just to make them a little prettier.

In the top draw i have all my face products, i basically used old perfume boxes and a Chanel gift box to house everything in, it fits everything perfectly and as i said earlier i can now get to everything so much easier than i could before as everything was stored inside a plastic Muji container and a dozen of makeup bags that were all completely jam packed full!

I have my foundations & concealers in 2 boxes, blushes, higlights & bronzers in another 2 boxes, face primers in one box, my setting sprays have been kept inbetween some of the boxes and i also added a few hair clips/bands in there too for keeping my hair of my face when im applying makeup :)

Next up i have my eye products draw, i used the plastic Muji draws to house everything in this draw as they fit all my palettes easier, and seeing as i dont have that many of them it all fits quite nicely :)

I have a candle jar which i cleaned out holding all my eye pencils, my Urban Decay eye primer and a whole load of lash glues for my eyelashes which i have just positioned down the side of the palettes so i can get to them easily!

Lastly is my lip draw, i love this draw as it houses all my beautiful MAC lipsticks :D

I had a glass jewellery holder given to me last christmas which actually houses lipsticks perfectly in it, also a section for lipbalms, inside the draw i have managed to stack the MAC lipsticks in threes which mean i have them all in one place if i ever need one, i also have another Muji draw in here holding my other lipsticks/glosses/lip crayons and also another MAC pot which i got from the christmas collection last year containing some more lipsticks as i couldnt fit them all in the plastic draw, in the middle i have all my pot versions of lip products, my holy grail lip balm - Nuxe - Reve De Miel and my Lush - Bubblegum lip scrub.

In the back i keep some little mirrors incase i have friends over doing there makeup and they can use those without having to all crowd around one mirror!

So there you have it, my simple makeup collection/storage, as i say i am really hoping to update it to something alot better than this in the near future and i will be doing that post as soooooon as i get my little hands on some new bits!

Hope you all enjoyed this post, i love snooping through other peoples makeup stashes as im such a nosey parker!

Speak to you all soon and have a good week my lovelys!

Lots of love, Frankie xXx


  1. Love the way you've stored everything Frankie! I'm still trying to get my collection in order!

    Ash :-)

    1. Ive been wanting to do it since i had my own place but that was nearly 2 years ago, its been a long time coming haha! Thanksss xxx

  2. I'm moving house the end of this week and it's given me so much inspiration for storage ideas!

    Lauren xo
    What Lauren Says

    1. Yay glad ive given you some inspiration, i bet your excited to move :) xxx

  3. I really like the isea of storingmajeup brushes in candle jars and scented stone...
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  4. I love looking how other people store their make up :) Very jealous of all your lovely products! x


  5. You have organised everything so great! I always start to do something like this and never finish it because i gwt frusttated. My drawers are quite small :-(
    You havw definitely gave some great ideas!
    I LOVE your lip collection! To die for!

    Rachael x
    All The Little Things x | Rachael McClenaghan

  6. Well done on sorting it all out and Wow! what a great selection!
    Looks like a small shop :-)

  7. Such an amazing collection!

  8. I think your chest storage is great, I would rather that over a more modern look, (just me as I love vintage). You have a wonderful collection of make up!!

  9. Wow that is so organised and I would love to raid your stash ha x

    Beautyqueenuk xx

  10. I am loving the way everything is so organised. Good work!

  11. Your collection is absolutely amazing, and I love how you store it! (Your lip products oh geeze.... I want them all! D; )

    Junniku blog [Click!]

  12. Seriously envious of your makeup drawer!

    Great blog

  13. we love the scented hearts, they're adorable. only if primark would hurry up and open in australia!

  14. Oh I love it, I am actually looking for some inspiration to make a nice and good home for my makeup, so that's really helpful :)

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