Sunday, 20 October 2013

eve lom - kiss mix..

I just wanted to write a mini post on this wonder i recently brought, the Eve Lom - Kiss Mix, its a beautiful minty lipbalm with super moisturizing properties!

House inside beautiful, simplistic, typlical Eve Lom packaging, this beauty acts as a sunscreen aswell as protecting against the harsh winter winds so is ideal for use all year round, perfect for this cold weather we have coming up!

I like to pair this with a lip scrub just before bed to really allow it to penetrate into my lips, it has a lovely tingling/cooling sensation which makes you feel like its really working on those chapped lippies, i always wake up with beautifully soft smooth lips :)

Overall i love this little pot of menthol goodness, its perfect for applying before and after lipstick to make it less drying on the lips and is a lovely little gloss by its self, it also has really good staying power so good for days when you havent got much time to keep applying products!

Have any of you tried Kiss Mix?

Love Frankie xXx


  1. Nice!

  2. After reading your review I feel like buying it rut now..
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  3. Mmm I love the sound of this! Minty is one of my fave scents :) I've always wanted to try and eve lom product but the price puts me off!xxx