Monday, 9 September 2013

Whats In My Make-up Bag..

The title of this post is pretty self explanatory but for those of you who didnt realise im going to show you a snippet of whats in my everday make-up bag :)

As ive said in previous posts i dont really wear huge amounts of makeup in my day to day life, foundation, mascara, blusher and lipstick is the general go to look for days at work, although i have been aiming to make more of an effort for work these days so have been adding a few little extras into my routine just to make myself look more polished and put together..

1. YSL - Babydoll mascara, This has to be my favourite mascara ever created, it lengthens, coats every single lash with the blackest formula, it volumizes and just gives you the most amazing looking lashes ive ever seen, it also has a really nice scent to it which makes it a dream to apply!

2. Nars - Sheer Glow foundation, again another formula i love, it is an almost satin finish with a dewy glow, even though the foundation has 'sheer' in its name its isnt sheet atall, infact the coverage is actually really high, i have alot of acne scars (you can see in previous posts) and this covers them completely - a winner for me hands down :)

3. Beauty Blender - i rediscovered this in my makeup collection a few weeks ago, when i first purchased this i absolutely hated it, i think this was because i just didnt know how to use it, now i cant actually see myself applying my makeup without it!

4. Maybelline - Age Rewind Under Eye concealer - a good product for the under eye area, it brightens and conceals even the darkest of circles!

5. Bobbi Brown - Eye Pencil, this isnt a product i use alot as ive been using another product for the brows.. i use this if my brows are looking sparse and really need filling in, and on the occasional night out if im wanting a more dramatic brow!

6. L'Oreal Collection Privee - Doutzen lipstick, just because its new so it has to be in there for a while i guess :)

7. MAC - Sunny Seoul, same reasons as above, its new so im using it more, plus its BEAUTIFUL!

8. Laura Mercier - 60's Pink lipstick, one of my favourite go to lipsticks for everyday wear, nude/pink toned which warms up my face perfectly!

9. MAC Mineralize Skin Finish - Adored, another new product of mine, ive been using this as a blush for everyday use as its so light on the skin and looks as if you just have a flush of colour rather than full on blusher.

10. MUA Pro-Brow, so this is the product ive been using for my brows for months and months now, i cant see myself using anything different than this ever! Its seriously that good, it has three different colour brow powders, a setting gel, slanted dual ended brush and mini tweezers all for £3, YES £3!

11. Laura Mercier - Silk Creme foundation, just incase i fancy a change to my Sheer Glow or darker shade foundation for when im slightly more tanned (very rare and usually found from bottle form haha).

12. Avene - Eau Thermale Spring Water, i use this for a multiple of things, to set my makeup, make powdery finishes less 'powdery' looking, applied to brushes for more intense eyeshadows and to calm down any redness on none makeup days :)

13. Collection - Lasting Perfection concealor, i really dont need to say anything about this as every girl and there dog has this and knows everything about it, one word AMAZING!

14. Clinique - Bottom Lash mascara, used just for the bottom lashes, a teeny tiny wand that gets into all the nooks and crannies and also the only mascara that has absolutely no fall out whatsoever and gives me zilch black under eyes!

Well thats it for my everyday makeup bag, i dont use all these products every-day they are just the essential ones i like to carry around incase i want to switch things up one day, also they are everything i need incase i stay over somewhere and need different products for different occasions :)

Hope you enjoyed this post, id love to see some of you doing this post as im generally quite nosey and would love to see what your everyday products are :)

Lots of love, Frankie xXx


  1. I love these types of posts. Thanks for sharing. I LOVE your makeup bag xx

  2. Oh and I nominated you for the Liebster Award. I'm not sure if you've been nominated before but you should check it out. Love your blog and you deserve it!

  3. Hiya love, thankyou, ive been nominated already but no idea how it works haha, please help :)xxx

  4. Great products doll and cute blog!
    what about following each other via GFC and Bloglovin? Just let me know!


  5. I keep hearing about these beauty blenders.. I think I need to get my hands on one! I am pretty attached to my foundation brush, but everyone says once you try a blender you won't go back!

    1. I felt exactly the same way, i absolutely loved my foundation brushes but now i dont think i could ever put my beauty blender down its AMAZING!!!


  6. your blog is beautiful my love if you have any free time please check out my blog & follow if you enjoy :D
    thanks so much! :D

  7. you have lovely makeup I'm jealous ha! I'm in need of a new foundation would you recommend the Nars - Sheer Glow foundation? I'm torn between that the mac studio fix which I've heard great things about but I've tried a few mac foundations and they have all made me feel like a cake face ha! and the new chanel aqualumiere such a tough choice!!!


    1. Aww thankyou, lots of hardwork to get it all though! I definitely reccomend the Sheer glow if your after a more natural looking full coverage foundation if not studio fix is also amazing but the coverage is REALLY heavy and i wouldnt reccomend it for everyday use, im also a makeup artist so if ive ever used Studio Fix its been for night outs/partys, if you feel like the mac ones have given you a cakey feeling then studio fix is a definite no no :)
      Hope this helps, let me know :)

      My email is if you have any questions xxxxx

  8. I love your make up bag!! And I've been contemplating buying a beauty blender for ages but can't justify the price for a real one, maybe I'll get a cheaper version somewhere else haha :) great post, followed.xx