Monday, 2 September 2013

New Summer Fragrances..

Whilst shopping a few days ago i had decided i needed a new summer scent(even though we are nearing the end of our UK summer) i did purchase three perfumes but after i soon realised this was abit too many, i returned the Hugo Boss - Jour as it was my least favourite and stuck with these two beauties :)

I repurchased and old favourite of mine which had been empty for so long but i can never throw the bottles away because there too pretty, this being the Juicy Couture - Peace, Love & Juicy, it has notes of Meyer lemon, wild hyacinth, sweet apple and black currant buds, Sambac jasmine absolute, star magnolia, Malibu poppy, honeysuckle and linden blossom, iris root extract, patchouli blossom and sensual musk, alot of different scents go into this bottle to create a beautiful fruity/musky concoction, i have the original Juicy Couture perfume which is alot deeper in scent, this is a lighter more summery version of the original :)

My second purchase is a new release from Escada, it is part of there permanent range, the Elixir perfume is desctibed as:
A powerful interpretation of the original rose-based fragrance, it is an exciting addition to the ESPECIALLY ESCADA collection, building on the classic Eau de Parfum.

An intense scent which embodies happiness and sophistication, Elixir is inspired by the ESCADA woman who is boldly elegant, radiating confident femininity and joie de vivre, lighting up the room with her smile and energy.
Top notes: Pear, ambrette seed Heart notes: Rose Heart, & Ylang Ylang Base notes: Vanilla, Patchouli, Musk.

I think its become quite obvious that im enjoying fruity/musky scents at this time of the year, im normally one for really heavy smelling perfumes, for instance my favourite is my Tom Ford - Black Orchid and Chanel - Coco Noir, these are still my firm favourite perfumes but i will save those for the colder winter months when you need a strong warm smell to liven you up on a cold day!

I also brought Samuel a new Cologne as he wouldnt ever go out and by them himself, i really wanted to get him the Bleu De Chanel until the assistant showed me the new Gucci - Made To Measure scent, as soon as i smelt it i knew it was the one i had to get for him, its such a manly fragrance but not overpowering!

Whats your favourite summer/winter fragrance, let me know :)

Frankie xXx



  1. the bottles of these look so pretty haha X

  2. I love collecting the bottles, they always look so good on a dressing table :) xxx

  3. I love these bottles! I always keep mine on my vanity :)
    Lovely post!
    Mia ♡ Une Jolie Vie

  4. Thank you lovely, following your blog now :) xxx