Saturday, 7 September 2013

L'Oreal Collection Privee - The perfect Nude..

So on my little shopping trip the other day i picked up a new lipstick from L'Oreal's new collection, The Perfect Nude!

I chose the Doutzen Kroes Nude, a very light almost sheer pinky/nude, very wearable for us pale skinned girls.

The shade is very milky toned, its light on the lips but leaves you with a balmy feel even once the shade has almost worn off, this makes the formulas very moisturizing!

I know this swatch isnt very clear as this shade really doesnt show up on the skin very well, so i have pictured L'Oreals ad of Doutzen wearing her own shade..

Incase you didnt know Doutzen is a Victoria's Secret model, she is absolutely stunning so i knew any shade she had created was going to be beautiful because she wears the exact same tones as myself, she is also rather pale skinned so this was also a bonus for me as i knew i would suit her shade, and it was my favourite of them all :)

The other colours in the collection, if your American the Cheryl Cole colour us Brits have is actually named under JLo's name!

The packing is sleek, with an almost rubbery feel to the outside, it also features a gold clasp holding the lipstick in place, so no rummaging through your bag for the lid, considering im quite the makeup snob and only really like high end products, im really shocked by this collection because they're actually such high quality products, with lovely colour pay off and super moisturizing properties!

L'Oreal you have won me over!

Have any of you tried the new collection, who was your favourite shade?

Frankie xXx


  1. Loved that light pink..
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  2. Loving the shade, and the packaging.
    Following you now xx
    New huge Sephora haul ♥

  3. That's such a beautiful shade :) I want to try all of them haha x

    Ana /

  4. There all really pretty girly shades :) xxx

  5. Gorgeous colour , I love nude lips x

  6. such a pretty shade. really want to try these out. i didn't realise they used JLO and Cheryls names for the one lipstick.x

    1. Yea, i only figured it out the other day as i had read a few of the US articles/ad campaigns which all featured JLos shade, and it is missing in the English version and replaced by Cheryl, when i was browsing the collection Cheryls shade was sold out everywhere, im presuming this is why they swapped Jlo for her over here because they knew she would sell out?