Sunday, 22 September 2013

Freelance Make-up Artistry, My Story..

So i figured ive been blogging For a while now and i haven't ever really gotten into much about my personal life, of course there has been little snippets along my blogging journey but never deep enough to get much of an idea about myself, so i thought i would write a post about being a freelance makeup artist and how i went about doing so, here goes..

From an early age i'd had a deep routed love for makeup, i don't know if its because my dad never wanted me to wear the stuff or if something had swayed me down that road without me realizing, its strange because my mum absolutely hates makeup and i think in the 40 years of her being on this earth ive seen her wear eyeshadow maybe once or twice, i think maybe the fact that i was swerved away from makeup made me really intrigued into why i wasn't being told to avoid it, its like when you tell a child to stop biting there nails, they do it even more, i think i had this reaction to beauty products.

It was when i first moved out of home that i knew i could finally get into working freelance as i would have the time and space to dedicate my time to it, and the fact that i had moved from the countryside to a town made it more accessible for me to reach a bigger client base, i decided i was going to trade under my 'real' name, Frances Clarke as to me it sounded more professional than Frankie, i kept it simple: Frances Clarke Makeup Artist.

I designed and produced my own business cards and basically handed them out to everyone willing to take one, hairdressers, salons, barbers etc, and of course family and friends as they talk about you work to anyone who will listen :)

These were fairly cheap to create, i designed them on VistaPrint and i think it cost around £11 for 500 cards!

I then decided i should start up my own website, i brought a domain name and created my first ever business site, you can find it here: it features my portfolio of work, prices and an information section of what i can possibly do for you!

Getting my name out there at first was a slow process, i advertised through my facebook, and created a facebook page for my business for people to like and i regularly updated it with my photos of my work, questions and answers, and just simple marketing to get my name out there, it definitely helped alot as many of my friends and friends of friends got in touch with my for bridal makeup and proms etc, currently so far i have done 3 weddings, 2 proms, handfuls of birthdays and general makeup for girly nights out, ive also hosted my own pamper party at my home where i had lots of friends and family come for an evening of makeup, nails and hair, it was a fantastic evening and definitely spread my name out there even more!

Even though i havent ever had any 'official' makeup artistry training i feel i am doing well as ive only been doing it for just under a year now, ive had such good feedback from clients who have hired me and have also had a few come back to me for other occasions, i definitely do want to go and further my skills by doing a course but i just have to figure out some time in my busy lifestyle to be able to go and get it done.
I do currently work a 9-5 full time job in an interior design showroom, aswell as blogging in my spare time, i have a very hectic schedule but i love it and thrive on the fast pased lifestyle, eventually i would love to fulfill my dreams of being a fulltime makeup artist/blogger as im way to creative to be sat in a showroom all day with someone elses creativity to market!

Onwards and upwards, i will leave you with some examples of work i have done recently so you can get an idea of where i am in my career now..

I hope you enojoyed reading this post and for any of you wanting to get into a career in makeup artistry please dont ever hesitate to email me: im always here to answer your questions, i will at some point be posting about my makeup artistry kit and what you need to start out in the business, for now i shall love you and leave you, speak soon!

Lots of Love Frankie xXx


  1. Good to know more about you... Loved the cards you designed, they are so classy..
    The makeup u did is beautiful..
    Keep in touch,

  2. Thannkyou for your lovely feedback :) will do xxxxx

  3. I love how they all look really natural as well not ott really pretty! Maybe you should do some tutorial videos? Love your blog xx

  4. Aww thankyou, yea i was thinking of doing some tutorials i just need to rope in a model haha! xxx

  5. This post was really useful! Great pictures.

    Beth | LittleMissFashion x

  6. really lovely photos! sounds like a lot of fun!: )

  7. Hello just wanted to let you know I have nominated you for a blog your heart out award

  8. Die Bilder sehen umwerfend aus :-)