Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Favourite Haircare Products..

As the post title says it all it doesnt really need much explaining other than the fact that im going to give you a run down of all my favourite haircare products that 'i couldn't live without'.

Im going to split them into sections to make it easier for everyone as there a few different types of products in here, admittedly the majority of them are 'higher end' products but these just seem the best for my hair type, that isn't to say that there aren't fantastic drugstore products, an alternative to my shampoos and conditioners are the Aussie Hair-care ones, they are amazing the only reason i havent featured them in this post is because i currently dont have any at home to photograph for you :)

Moroccan Oil - Moisture Repair Shampoo & Conditioner, i love love love this stuff, its aimed at weakened and damaged hair, i definitely had this at the time of first purchasing these products, this was around the time i had ombre'd my hair and then had blonde highlights run through it aswell so my hair was damaged on the ends from all the colour i had put on my hair (thats what working at a hairdressers does to you haha)
This seriously relieved and soothed my dry brittle ends, i had no more breakage and my hair instantly felt stronger and in so much better health, i cant praise this stuff more, theres only one downside to these and thats the prices, Shampoo £16.55 Conditioner £17.25 saying that i would 10000% purchase these over and over again as they really are such amazing products.

Phillip Kingsley - Re-Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner, Ive only been using these for about two weeks now but i honestly believe these are working wonders for my hair, it feels refreshed, thicker, more moisturized everything is good about these products, even the price, i purchased these from the new M&S beauty hall and you can pick them up there for £10 each, £15 elsewhere!
They are aimed at coarse textured, or very wavy curly or frizzy hair, i dont have coarse or very curly hair, its just slightly curly/wavy now but can be very frizzy which is why i chose these and my frizz is definitely eliminated using these!

Moroccan Oil - Intense Hydrating Mask, another amazing product by Moroccan Oil, i got this at the same time as the shampoo and conditioner for the same reasons above so i wont get into too much detail, its a treatment that you use 1-2 times a week for around 5-7 allowing it to penetrate the hair before your usual hair cleaning routine!

Phillip Kingsley - Elasticer, i saw Amelia Lliana raving about this in so many youtube videos, her hair is SO amazing that i knew i had to have it, luckily before i purchased it i realised In-Style magazine are giving it away with this months issue so i picked up two :)
Ive only used this the twice so far so i cant comment hugely on it but so far it has given my hair a new boost of life, another treatment you use pre-shampoo although this one you use for 10-20 minutes!

Aveda - Damage Remedy - Daily Hair Repair, this is a leave in product once you have shampoo'd and conditioned, it instantly repairs and protects from heat styling, i use this everytime i wash my hair as it has the protectant in it for when i blowdry my hair and it works at keeping my hair frizz free and moistured - a must have for dry hair!

Percy & Reed - Totally TLC Hydrating Mask, this is a lovely mask for the hair, i only use this really around once a month (generally because i tend to forget about it) but i love the smell of this which is one reason i like to use it, it has marshmallow in it, where the wonderful smell comes from, it nourishes and strengthens stressed tresses and has coconut oil for deep conditioning and moisturizing, you leave this on for 10 minutes, again pre-shampoo.

Loreal - Ever Sleek - Absolute Smooth Intense Mask, considering this is a drugstore product its probably one of my favourites out of all the masks, its aimed at frizzy, overworked hair and its seriously good stuff, it says to leave it 3-5 minutes but i
usually leave it a little longer just because it works so well on my hair, it never leaves me with any product build up and blowdrying my hair after using this is heavenly.

Moroccan Oil - Treatment, all hair types and light, COULDN'T LIVE WITHOUT THESE!!!
Does that explain it enough haha, i literally use these every single time i wash my hair, in dry hair, overnight left in so it deeply penetrates my hair, its the most amazing product you will EVER use!
It doesnt weigh down hair, its so light and non- greasy, even when you add it to dry hair it just soaks it all in and doesnt leave any residue, i have these two bottles and a small 25ml size of the all hair types version for travelling as theres simply no way im going anywhere without this EVER!
And the smell AHH, i could eat it, it smells so darn good!

Loreal Elvive - Extraordinary Oil, another drugstore favourite, this is such a good dupe for the Moroccan Oil, i brought this as an alternative for the Kerastase oil as i heard this was the same formula so i had to give it a go, i was pleased from the outset, only one draw back with this is if you do apply too much it is quite greasy so a little goes along way!

Bumble & Bumble - Secret Hairdressers Oil, another good product that id heard so many good things about, this is perfect for travelling as its very light and comes in a plastic bottle so good to throw in your suitcase if you have weight restrictions on your flight.
Another formula that can be greasy if you use too much, but atleast it will last you a long time that way!

Macadamia - Healing Oil Treatment, this was a late night TK Maxx shopping trip buy which i dont regret atall, firstly i got it for around £9 which is fantastic as its the 125 ml which retails for around £20, its a wonderful oil, the reason i brought this (other than the price) was that i had heard lots online about this brand, especially the hair masks that it was a must i try it, its a lovely oil, it smells beautiful and really penetrates the hair making it super shiny and soft!

Here are a few photos of my hair in the last few months so you can get an idea of what its like now :)

Writing this post made me realise how many haircare products i absolutely love but i wouldnt change it atall, im abit of a haircare hoarder/obsessive i will literally try everything once, and as i said before i do love a drugstore product too so never disregard them as you can find some hidden gems in the supermarket aisles so if these arent in your budget dont be afraid to hunt around for cheaper alternatives!

I really hope you liked this post as much as i enjoyed writing it, please leave some suggestions of posts you would like to see in the future as i love hearing your feedback on what you would like to see next :D

Lots of love, Frankie xXx


  1. I am going to look for your shampoo abd conditioners in india and if they are a alia le them i am buying for sure..
    Keep in touch,

    1. Which ones, the moroccan oil or phillip kingsley? I think moroccan oil would be really easy to find in India :) xxxx

  2. Thanks for doing this post, it's really useful as I have really dry hair too! I've tried that L'oreal oil as well as the Keristase one and the Keristase on is a million times better! I definitely wouldn't consider it a dupe, just my opinion though! xx

    1. Thats ok love! Oo i havent ever tried the Kerastase one i just heard so many people compare it to it, i think its more the packaging that confuses people more than anything as they are nearly identical :) zzz

  3. I couldnt live without Moroccanoil treatment either, im on my third bottle... IN LOVE! wanna try the mask and shampoo/conditioner now :)

    1. Its seriously the best stuff ever, the shampoo and conditioner are amazing, they also do a volume range which i hear is great for body :)

    2. ill deffo have to try those out, thanks for sharing xx

  4. I've never tried the Moraccan Oil brand, but I use a few cheaper products that have moraccan oil in them and I'm obsessed. Need to try out the real deal though!


  6. Wow, that's a great selection, the problem with me and my hair products is that I get so lazy and I stop using them a few weeks after I buy them..

    Have a great week,
    Mary x

  7. I have been writing about hair all week on my blog! I'm planning a post about my favourite products but it's a lot shorter than yours! :)

    I don't really use hair masks (though I may look into them now), but I love my Argan Oil!

    Following on GFC :)

    Janey x

  8. Oo ill check it out, i love other hair posts :)

    Definitely worth looking into, hair masks really did my hair the world of good :)


  9. I am a hair oil convert, I love the stuff xx

    Beautyqueenuk xx

  10. Your hair looks amazing! Great choice of products :)

    Love Daniela (New Fan) - oxo

  11. Great post! I love Macadamia products.
    I just followed you making you now 100 followers!! well done hun.


  12. Saw the post you left on my blog, I'm already following. :) :)

    Anyways, I love Macadamia and I'm dying to try out Moroccanoil x

    Beauty from the Fjord

  13. Great post, I love Moroccan Oil it's such a good product, I just wish it wasn't so blooming expensive! Thanks for guest posting on my blog too :-)

    Helen X

  14. defiantly going to try the morocon oil

  15. we lovee your blog and would love it if you could follow ours!

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