Friday, 6 September 2013

Another Mini MAC Haul..

Hey lovelies, Before i start this post i want to say thank you to all the people who have taken the time to comment, follow, and look at my blog! It makes me quite happy to see you all enjoying what i have to post, and i love hearing all your thoughts :)

So as i said in my last post that the MAC assistant said the new Indulge collection was due out the next day, i of course ran straight there like a little kid in a candy shop, i couldve purchased all of the new lipsticks as there all sooooo nice!

I really struggled between two shades but ended coming home with only one, Just A Bite, the most beautiful deep red/burgundy shade you've ever seen, think Rebel mixed with Ruby Woo and add a touch of Nightmoth liner and there you have the shade (what i imagine it to be anyway haha)..

The swatch above makes it look really bright red but its actually alot darker and more sultry, literally like youve just taken a bite from someone, oh so Edward Cullen and Bella ;)

My second purchase was again another item i mentioned in my last post, Cranberry eyeshadow, ah thankyou Miss Tanya Burr for introducing me to the most gorgeous burnt red shade ever imaginable!

Its soo pretty, perfect for the winter time, very festive and will look fantastic with knits and fur, i think the lipstick and eyeshadow combination could make the perfect deep sultry look, i love dark makeup especially in the winter, it seems to warm up my face and makes me feel cosy (i know that sounds strange, i must be the only person who thinks like that?)

So i now have 2 little shadows in my collection now, i think i must be in a phase of dark shadows with frost finishes?

Do any of you have any suggestions for me to add to my palette? I used to have so many beautiful colours, im still so sad ive lost my original one, next on my list i think is Nylon and Amber Lights as they were my favourites in the old one!

Speak soon lovelies, Frankie xXx


  1. I love this MAC lip color! It is like the perfect red. Looking forward to upcoming posts!

  2. It's sooo nice! Aww Thankyou lovely xxxx

  3. That cranberry shade eyeshadow is beautiful!!! Lovely blog xxx

  4. That lipstick is such an amazing colour!! Is it limited edition? I'm already so jealous of your Mac lipstick collection!! So sad that you lost your Mac palette, I think I would probably cry!! xx

    1. Yea its from the new indulge collection so hurry if you want it :) xxx

  5. i love dark makeup in the winter too! love these colours x

    beauty about town ♡

  6. Oh this looks an interesting colour that I need to investigate!


  7. The cranberry shadow is so gorgeous. Now you got me to go look on the MAC website now :(

  8. Its so pretty, i could buy everyshade haha! xxx

  9. The Cranberry eye shadow looks lovely xx

  10. Mac lipsticks are my absolute favourite!! Nice haul xx