Thursday, 15 August 2013

YSL Beauty Haul..

So on a trip to London on the weekend i decided i was going to treat myself to some Yves Saint Laurent beauty goodies, i had been super eager to get my hands on the Touche Eclat foundation, as a lover of the original Touche Eclat Highlighter/concealer pen i had a feeling this was going to be a pretty good product to indulge in, its described as: " A unique alchemy, the magic light of Touche Eclat is infused in a foundation of refined purity, free of any opaque powders, its perfecting formula liberates a pure luminous glow that defines the contours of the face with dimensional radiance.
Its ultra-sensorial texture blends with the skin for a perfect, made-to-measure coverage.
Dullness and imperfections dissapear, without covering or masking contours of the face.
Full of life, the complexion is dressed with a natural, unique luminescence"

These are some pretty grand claims which i think a company like YSL should definitely live upto, and that they do, this foundation is perfect for those not looking for a heavy coverage, its a light foundation with a dewy glow, fresh looking, it really awakens the face and you feel fresh after applying it, if your looking for a product thats really going to mask any imperfections this isnt the one for you, it would be perfect for weddings as the finish is so radiant, it really would make any bride look beautiful on there big day!

You can see from the photo the consistency of the foundation!

The foundation blended out onto my hand, as you can see it really does have a beautiful finish to it, its more of a daytime product, as for the evening i personally would want a little more coverage, the product only has one downside for me and thats its staying power, after a full day at work around my chin and on my nose the product had completely worn off on me, thats even with adding a little powder in those areas, you would most likely need to use a setting spray with this foundation if you planned on using it from morning to evening!

Secondly i of course i had to get myself the original Touche Eclat

I really love the new design on this product, it has tiny hammered holes all over the packaging, im sure many of you wouldnt like this but i think it adds a new fun element to the product.

I used to have one of these a good few years ago and never really knew back then exactly its use, i used it solely as a concealer but it is infact more of a radiant enhancing highlighter, perfect for the undereye area as it really covers dark circles and awakens the eyes, im really into looking after the skin around my eyes at the moment and using a product like this really enhances them during the day!

It provides a medium coverage and is really lovely for around the eyes as it isn't to thick therefore there is little creasing!

The last piece i picked up was the Babydoll mascara, i think i may have found the BEST mascara EVER!!!

It is seriously amazing, it lengthens every single lash, it coats every single lash so evenly, it is actually beautiful, it even has the most gorgeous scent to it, you can smell it whilst your applying it to your eyes and it really makes you feel like your using a luxurious product, just look how long its made my lashes:

On both of these photos i have done one single coat of mascara, the formula is just crazy it really works at giving you the most amazing looking lashes, the applicator is a plastic wand, something i usually hate on mascaras but for some reason this actually works perfectly!

I hate to say it as i find it a cliche beauty blogger phrase, but i may have found my holy grail mascara!

Im completely sold on purchasing more YSL products in the future, its not usually a brand i would go to if i wanted high end products but i think that will slowly be changing in time as they have some wonderful products, i definitely think i will be adding the Touche Eclat foundation to my makeup-artistry kit for the beautiful brides i have to makeup over the summer as i think they will love this foundation as much as i do!

Have any of you tried these products or other ones from YSL, what are you favourites, id love to hear them!

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Speak to you soon,

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  1. The babydoll mascara looks so good! Adding that to the wishlist!
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  2. It really is amazing, definitely try it out :) xxx

  3. Nice post , u really explaind products very well..
    I dont think foundation is for me, as u said there are issues with staying power..
    And i think YSL can do a better job with consealer too.
    Keep in touch,

  4. great haul, i always wanted to try their cosmetics but could never force myself to fork that much money over for cosmetics. i am a cheap-o when it comes to cosmetics. but their products look really good, thank you for sharing. lovely blog as well, would love it if we could keep in touch and follow each other on GFC. please feel free to check out my blog and let me know if you'd like to on there.


  5. Thank you for this review! I am more prone to try them out now!

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  6. Your lashes are amazing!
    Thanks for visiting my blog, I followed you :)

  7. great review! followed x