Thursday, 15 August 2013

Victoria's Secret Body Mists..

On my recent shopping trip to London at the weekend i ventured into the Victoria's Secret in New Bond Street, having never visited any of the stores before i couldnt wait to see what it had in store!

Well.. The store is obviously beautiful, and full of beautiful staff aswell, they have lots of the angels wings on display so you can drool over the amazing outfits the girls would've worn in the catwalk shows, and seeing as i have been watching them for years i couldnt wait to finally see them in real life!

Anyway onto the scents, i purchased 'Wild At Heart' and 'Sweet & Flirty' there both really lovely scents, i was tempted to buy three as i really liked the 'Warm & Cosy' scent also, but decided against it as its slightly more wintery for this time of the year!

'Wild At Heart' is described as: "Live wild at heart in red passion fruit and sheer musk. This refreshing body mist from our Victoria’s Secret PINK collection shows skin some love with conditioning aloe and a subtle hint of scent"

Its a lovely lovely scent, this was the one i picked up first, its warming and fruity, considering these are body mists they produce a heavy scent, almost as strong as a eau de parfum without being too over powering.

'Sweet & Flirty': Get flirty in sugar berry and pink grapefruit. This refreshing body mist from our Victoria’s Secret PINK collection shows skin some love with conditioning aloe and a subtle hint of scent.

After coming home and smelling these away from the store, this has become my favourite of the two, its fresh, fruity, definitely a smell that will wake you up first thing in the morning, spray this on your skin after having your shower as they all have moisturizing properties with the aloe ingredient in them!

At £15 each they can be rather pricey considering they are only body mists but if you buy them in store at the moment they are a special purchase price of two for £18 so makes one of them only £3 :)

I would definitely re-purchase these and have a few more on my list for the next time i visit london, also i wanted to share with you my new little storage boxes as i think there just so cute :D

Ive filled them with just a few of my everyday/weekly products that aren't to be hidden away in my beauty cupboard as they get used more often that the other products i have!

Nighty night my lovely followers, seeing as i have posted three times in one day i think im ready for a good nights sleep :)

Lots of love

Frankie xXx


  1. After reading your description i think i will love sweets and flirty..
    Wanted to know that which of the three is most long lasting.. !!
    Keep in touch,

  2. my favorite vs pink body spray is the give a little pink one from last year's holiday collection! i also love the fresh & clean scent, though they all smell lovely (:

    Natalie | Salt & Sail

  3. Amazing post and pictures!:) Follow? I follow you now!

  4. I love body sprays! Haven't tried those but I have thousand of H&M!

    Wanna follow each other? I'll be so glad to keep in touch :) Just let me know

    Irene Gm.
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  5. very sweet post :D
    I really like your rose background
    Im going to subscribe, maybe you feel like returning the favor ^^

  6. Hello dear, I am your new follower via GFC) Hope you follow me back, It would be great)


  7. I love body mist! It's great they had the multibuy on, otherwise that would be way too expensive! Haha!

    Corinne x

  8. Yea i definitely dont think i could've justified £30 on 2 body sprays haha :) xxx

  9. What cute storage! Hope you enjoy the body sprays :)

    Debra Bros

  10. Thankyou my love, i really love them :)


  11. These body mists look adorable i may have to try them now, love your storage!