Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Laura Mercier, Silk Creme Foundation..

So i was left makeup bag-less the other day, as i accidentally rushed out the house without putting it into my handbag, in a panic on my break at lunch i knew i needed some cover up and pronto, i had been wanting to try out this foundation for a while and what a better excuse to go and buy it, with the Space NK being two or three shops down from where i work it was a bit hard to resist, i wandered down and within minutes was matched up by the wonderful assistant there, seeing as she had actually trained in makeup-artistry i trusted her judgement on what was best for my skin-tone!

So the colour i was matched upto was Soft Ivory, one of the lightest shades, although i must say once the foundation has oxidized it is slightly darker than when you first apply it, so bear this in mind when looking at this foundation!

The formula of this foundation is really lovely, its not to heavy but its also not to light either, it gives a really good even coverage over the face without looking like your caked in makeup, the best part to this foundation is its staying power, it literally lasts all day, and if you powder over the top of it, it just doesn't budge, perfect for this summer weather we've been finally getting in the UK as it wont slip and slide all over your face in the humidity.

Swatch of the foundation on the skin and then slightly blended out so you can see what i mean with the coverage :)

Blended out onto my hand, you can see the quality of the foundation, it isn't orange, it isn't cakey, its a really lovely and lightweight, i must admit the first time i used it i didn't think i liked it, but you have to work out the best way for you to apply it, i personally prefer using brushes, but according to the assistant at Space NK, this foundation was created to be applied using a sponge, i haven't yet tried this technique but i will most likely test it out over the next few days using my beauty blender, but i will say using my Real Techniques buffing brush works just fine for me.

Overall this is a lovely product from Laura Mercier, i can tell why there has been so much hype around it, i wouldn't say its the best foundation i have ever used but its staying in my makeup bag for now as it is pretty good for the summer, however i would think in the winter this could be difficult to use on my skin but only time will tell for that!

What are your favourite Laura Mercier products? Mine are the eyeshadows and lipsticks, the colours and pigmentation are always amazing in the shadows and the lipsticks so moisturizing and such good qaulity, let me know what your opinion is on the Silk Creme Foundation if youve tried it below.

Lots of love

Frankie xXx


  1. It looks like a very good product, blended into skin so well..
    Nice, i think next tim i forget my makeup bag home i am going to do what u did.. This way i wount feel guilty of buying makeup..
    Keep in touch,

  2. Its the best way to treat yourself to a product as you dont feel too bad about buying makeup haha!

    Thanks for the comment my love


  3. I love this foundation soo much! Pricey but worth it. Lovely blog :)
    Daisie Petals

  4. Thankyou my love! Will follow you back


  5. Also hun are you Canadian? Happy to support another Canadian as well, hope you can answer the Liebster questions post will be shortly