Saturday, 31 August 2013

Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm..

I had to, i mean it calls my name, everything about this product drew me in, the smell, the packaging, the benefits, the texture.. put it this way im in LOVE.

The Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm is every beauty skincare addicts dream, it has so many beneficial factors to it how could i not add it into my skincare regime, after purchasing my amazing clarisonic (post below) i knew as soon as i tried the sample the lady at Space NK gave me to try out i was going to purchase it, the smell is out of this world, some people might not like it, to me it just smells like luxury, i feel exspensive applying it, the ingredients of this product are: Moringa seed extract, Wild Sea Fennel and Vitamin E: these help to balance, purify and help to minimise the appearance of open pores. Orange, Neroli and Mandarin extracts: Rejuvenate and revitalise the skin. Jasmine, Cedarwood and Rose: Help to recondition dull, dry, dehydrated and mature skins!

The texture of the product is almost like a thick lip balm, you apply a small amount to your hands mixed with a little water and apply this all over the face, you can also use the product for ten minutes like a mask, and also as an extra hydrating treatment by leaving on overnight.

One of the reasons i brought this was because when i was speaking to the sales assistant whilst i was purchasing my clarisonic, she was explaining that this is a fantastic product to clear acne scars, the properties of all the oils in the balm help reduce the size, colour and redness from them, so fingers crossed this will be a product that finally helps clear my scars aswell as any acne :)

Ive taken some photos of my skin (makeup free just to warn you all haha) you can see my scars, and any acne i currently have, i said i would do weekly updates of my skin using my clarisonic and this will be the cleanser i am using with it so you can all get an idea if these products are worth the hype and money ( we all know theres alot of hype around Emma Hardie in the blogging world)

Here we go..

Have any of you tried the Cleasning Balm? Please let me know if you have so i can get an idea of how the product has worked for you, or if your wanting to purchase and want to know how im getting on inbetween these posts my email is

Lots of love Frankie xxx


  1. I tried this and hated it! It broke me out so badly. Good to see it works for you though! :) x

  2. This cleansing balm is lovely! It really is a luxury product x

    Abbie | Dainty Little Dreams