Monday, 5 August 2013

August Treats..

So the end of the month for me means only one thing.. PAYDAY!!!
So to celebrate this month i've only gone and gone shopping haven't I!

Seeing as this is mainly a beauty blog i will post the beauty related items i have purchased this month, i know were only at the beginning of August but i usually do a once a month shopping day (usually the day i get paid) where i buy all the bits ive been lusting after the month before, i go with my iphone where i've stored a list on my notes of everything i have written over the month beforehand and have one big blowout, then i'm sensible-ish for the rest of the month.

This month i have been ab-so-lutely been loving Sleek Makeup, Id been looking everywhere for a Superdrug around me that stocks the brand and found one finally, i only brought three items on the day, an Ooh-La-La Lip-Liner in Pumpkin, a Pout Paint from the limited edition Candy collection and the Blush by 3 palette in Lace as i had been eyeing up the middle shade as it looks alot like Nars Orgasm :)

Once i had ventured into Sleek i then decided i needed more from them in my makeup collection, the pigmentation of the products is AMAZING to say the least, and the smell of the lip products, to die for, think MAC with a twist of vanilla bean, heavenly!
I went straight online and within two days had a package through my door, thankyou Mr Postman :)
Seriously you must, if you havent already, try the products from this brand, im yet to find anything from what ive brought that i dont like.

I had been watching Barbara from 'The Persian Babe's' videos on Youtube, and one she recently filmed was a makeup tutorial where she was using Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess bronzing powder, ok so i know i brought Nars Laguna last month but i knew i had to have this, they have 4 shades in the range so i had a good feeling i would be able to find one that suits my pale skintone and i did, I got Light01 and its seriously perfect, not orange at'all it just gives you the warmest glow, i have been pairing it with my new Boujious Bronzing Primer, which im sure alot of you have been recently reading about as its all over the beauty blog world so i wont go into to much detail on that one, other than the fact it looks god damn good on the skin!

The last makeup bits i have to show you are neutral shades, which for me is a rarity, let me tell you!
Im a bright lipstick loving girl, but as im loving being bronzed at the moment i feel you should never go to overboard with the rest of your face, so neutral tones it is, and im actually really rather enjoying it, i purchased a Guerlain eyeshadow in 143 L'instant D'une Etriente, a lovely pale shimmery almost white, silver, it looks really pretty just lightly brushed over the lids and in the inner corner of the eyes, to pair with this i went to Space NK and found a Laura Mercier lipstick in 60'S Pink, i dont think i could ever love a lipstick more, i am a MAC lover through and through, but i think i may have found a better alternative to lipsticks (I DID NOT JUST SAY THAT) but seriously the colours gorgeous and the pigmentation, seriously good, its moisturizing and the colour stays on for ages!
I also purchased a light pink blush and a pale eyeshadow intense from Boujois to complete the look :)

Blusher - Je Taime collection - Golden Rose, Eyeshadow Intense - Extrait 03.

Onto skin care, i grabbed the new Vaseline Cocoa moisturizer, one because i loathe the idea of lathering on cream all over my body then waving around in the air trying to dry off, with everything then sticking to you because you simply dont have the time before work, so you just shove your clothes on as quickly as possible to run out the door in time for the train you already 5 minutes late for, WELL, this is perfect for me, simply spray and go, couldnt be simpler, definitely a winner for me, and it smells bloody gorgeous, GIMME!

Last but by no means least i splurged on a few products for my face, Sarah Chapman facial mitts for giving me that deep cleanse everyday without having to use my No7 facial brush every evening, which can be abit abrasive to use every single day.

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo, i had been reading so many good things about this and in my mission to clear skin decided i knew this was going to be a new staple in my skin diet, so far so good, definitely living upto the beauty hype but only time will tell!
And the best of them all, Estee Lauder New Advanced Night Repair Serum, holy cow this stuff is bloody awesome, literally have been using this a week so far and im sold for life im telling you!
My skin has never ever looked so good, ive even had people complementing me on how good my skins looking so it must be good as that just doesnt happen, the glow you get from this is unreal, my scars are much less prominent, and i have no spots atall, HAPPY DANCE!
If you want to read more about the benefits of this product then read this here as it explains exactly what it does for you skin:

So my lovelies, thankyou so much for reading this mammoth haul post and let me know what you all think of the bits i purchased this month, i also brought a few clothing items and as usual candles for my house haha, let me know if you would like me to do a little mini haul of these items aswell :)

Lots of love


  1. Loved sleek products... Will try them for sure...
    I also make notes if what i want the entire month and shop the day i get money..

    Keep in touch,

    1. You wont be let down i promise you, also if you shop online at the moment you get 10% off :)

      Will follow you on instagram my love


  2. Ah I've wanted to try Sleek products ever since I heard about the I-Divine palette.... Now I NEED to order! lol =]