Saturday, 31 August 2013

Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm..

I had to, i mean it calls my name, everything about this product drew me in, the smell, the packaging, the benefits, the texture.. put it this way im in LOVE.

The Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm is every beauty skincare addicts dream, it has so many beneficial factors to it how could i not add it into my skincare regime, after purchasing my amazing clarisonic (post below) i knew as soon as i tried the sample the lady at Space NK gave me to try out i was going to purchase it, the smell is out of this world, some people might not like it, to me it just smells like luxury, i feel exspensive applying it, the ingredients of this product are: Moringa seed extract, Wild Sea Fennel and Vitamin E: these help to balance, purify and help to minimise the appearance of open pores. Orange, Neroli and Mandarin extracts: Rejuvenate and revitalise the skin. Jasmine, Cedarwood and Rose: Help to recondition dull, dry, dehydrated and mature skins!

The texture of the product is almost like a thick lip balm, you apply a small amount to your hands mixed with a little water and apply this all over the face, you can also use the product for ten minutes like a mask, and also as an extra hydrating treatment by leaving on overnight.

One of the reasons i brought this was because when i was speaking to the sales assistant whilst i was purchasing my clarisonic, she was explaining that this is a fantastic product to clear acne scars, the properties of all the oils in the balm help reduce the size, colour and redness from them, so fingers crossed this will be a product that finally helps clear my scars aswell as any acne :)

Ive taken some photos of my skin (makeup free just to warn you all haha) you can see my scars, and any acne i currently have, i said i would do weekly updates of my skin using my clarisonic and this will be the cleanser i am using with it so you can all get an idea if these products are worth the hype and money ( we all know theres alot of hype around Emma Hardie in the blogging world)

Here we go..

Have any of you tried the Cleasning Balm? Please let me know if you have so i can get an idea of how the product has worked for you, or if your wanting to purchase and want to know how im getting on inbetween these posts my email is

Lots of love Frankie xxx

Friday, 30 August 2013

Clarisonic Mia 2..

Helloo my lovelies, so as you can tell from this post title i got a beautiful little gift for christmas..

Im literally over the moon that i finally have one, ive been wanting one for years now, every birthday and christmas i ask for one and end up changing it to something else, but i asked for a suprise this year and finally recieved one!
I got the Mia2 deep pore cleansing system, i absolutely love it!

There are literally tons of reviews online about how amazing the Clarisonic is, i know its going to be a huge investment into my skincare regime, and as many of my followers no i am really into my skincare and want to look after myself as much as i possibly can, on the inside of the box it has a mini 'article' i would say of what the Clarisonic does, and how effictively it cleans your skin..

I must say i can definitely say after using this tonight for the first time i can say i do NOT clean my face thoroughly enough by manual cleansing and i have photos to back this up..

I cleaned my face with the deep pore cleanser that comes in the set, by 'cleaned' i applied it to my face and with my hands i manually cleaned what i thought was all the makeup off of my face, i then applied a 20p sized amount to the head and followed the timer on the Clarisonic, it beeps/vibrates when you need to change the area on your face, 20 seconds on your forehead, 20 seconds on the chin/nose and then 10 on each cheek and your done, i washed my cleanser off with a splash of water and then took a look at the brush

It was literally orange and dirty, considering i had 'cleaned' my face already i never expected there to be anywhere near as much residue as there was, it just goes to show you how much we really dont get down into the pores of the skin by manual cleansing!

The brush head after i washed the residue off, see how much cleaner it is!

I then swept off any remaining mascara left on with my Clarins Eye Makeup Remover and then applied my usual Origins - GinZing moisturizer, which applied like a dream, it sunk straight into my skin and plumped it back up, as the Clarisonic did leave it feeling a little tight where i had properly deep cleaned.

I have to say im absolutely blown away by this product, or should we say beauty tool, i firmly believe this will be a staple in my routine, i have heard that you can go through a 'purging' phase with the Clarisonic (basically where all the acne comes to the surface of the skin where it has lay dormant underneath it for so long) but i am happy to go through that if i can see there's is going to be real benefits from using it!

Im so pleased and will update you all every week of before and after photos of over the next month, on how i'm getting on with it, and if its worth you going out and buying one yourself.

Do any of you own a Clarisonic? i'd love to hear your thoughts, and if its worked for you or not?

Speak soon, Frankie xXx

Monday, 26 August 2013

A Little Bit Of Me.. The Beauty Blogger Tag..

So i've been thinking that although im on my blog pretty regularly, and i conversate with as much of you as possible, none of you really know that much about me, apart from the fact that i probably hideously overspend on beauty products and love to take photos!

I didnt really want to sit here and drone on about my life story so i thought i would find a relevant questions and answers tag to follow by, and atleast that way i can pass it onto all you lovely bloggers out there to do in return so we can all find out a little more about each other, i will start with my name, Frankie Clarke.. im aged 22 (23 in 2 months ah scary).. and this is me:

So lets get onto the questions...

1. Is your hair naturally curly or straight?
Naturally its wavy/curly, i have really thin tempremental hair that is wavy in places and then i get those little baby hairs around the side of my face which are really curly and VERY annoying!

2. Do you dye it yourself or go to a salon?
It depends how im feeling and on my money situation at the time, i used to work in a hairdressers so i had my hair done alot there (as i didnt have to pay for it) at the time but since changing jobs i now tend to dye it at home as its more convenient to do an at home jobby :)

3. Do you wear the same style everyday, or do you change it?
Generally my hairs up in a high bun, ive had it this way for around a year or two now as i have been trying to grow it really long and this to me is the best way to style my hair without having to use heat etc!

4. Do you do your own mani/pedi or go to a salon?
I studied a beauty course at college to i do my own, i have a shellac kit which i use on myself to give myself gel manicures/pedicures, even though i do them myself i do love the feeling of going to the salon so i tend to treat myself once in a while to having something done elsewhere.

5. How often do you change your nail polish?
Around every 2 weeks, just because i wouldn't want to remove my gels all the time as it would damage my nail, if i do use regular nail varnish i would tend to change it as soon as it chips as i hateeee chipped nails (probably why i like gels :))

6. Do you polish your toes in the winter or just the summer?
Im one of those girls who cant stand feet, especially plain toenails, they just look so ugly, always always wear nail varnish on your toes even in the winter as you never know where your feet will be on show!

7. How long does it take for you to put on makeup?
Considering how much of a makeup junkie i am it actually doesnt take me long to do my own makeup, its usually done on my commute to work in the morning which is a ten minute journey so you get the jist of my daily makeup routine.

8. What do you do first? Face or eyes?
Always my face first, just because i have facial scarring from teenage acne and i hate being seen out in public without them being covered up, but if im going out i would do my eyes first so that i dont have any product fall down onto my face onto my foundation and then have to remove it all.

9. Do you collect makeup or just buy what you need when you need it?
I work as a freelance makeup artist so I guess I collect makeup as part of my career, but I would say in quite a hoarder and a slight magpie when it comes to makeup/products as soon as a new product is released I'm the first in line to get on the bandwagon.

10. How often do you wear false eyelashes?
Hardly atall actually. I used to wear them alot, mostly on nights out etc, but since moving into my own place I hardly even venture out of my sitting room so I really have no use for the ones sitting in my collection. The only time false lashes appear out of the box is usually on clients I'm doing :) 

11. Do you do a full face of makeup everyday?
I guess it depends what you class as a full face of makeup haha.. Yea I mean I apply foundation, concealer, mascara, blush and lipstick. That's the general everyday face! 

12. Do you wear makeup when you're home alone or with family?
No not really, unless its when I've just got home from a days work then il be wearing it but if I've stayed in all day I wouldn't have bothered applying any! 

13. Will you leave the house without makeup?
Yea I do but I would say I'm self conscious when I do do it, I would atleast leave the house with a little concealer on just because of my confidence. 

14. How many high-end products do you have?
Well.. Probably way to many to count haha, I have quite a few but not as much as probably most bloggers/youtuberz out there. I do love high end products more than I do drugstore. I find the quality much better and pigmentation is always amazing. Although I have found some amazing drugstore products, for instance MUA eyeshadows are really nice! 

15. Do you plan your OOTD every night or decide when you're getting dressed?
Noo I'm actually a really lazy dresser, I love comfy clothes and hate not feeling casual, I do love to dress up but only if there's an occasion to do so, I'm not a dressy girl in everyday life. 

16. How often do you change your handbag?
A few times a month I guess, I have various handbags for general use and I can get fed up easily from them, my current zara bag has probably lasted me a while considering how much I usually swap them around, I must like it :) 

17. What time do you wake up and go to sleep?
I wake up around 8am as I love my sleep I generally tend to be in bed around 9.30-10pm, even if I'm laying there reading blogs or watching YouTube!

18. How often or when do you workout?
Probably not enough. I'm constantly busy doing something, on my days off of my full time job I could be doing a bridal trial or prom makeup etc, before I was working so much I would go to the gym everyday, I was in love with it but now I need to motivate myself to get back into it as I definitely know the weight has crept back on!

19. Left handed or right handed?

20. How tall are you?
5'3 I'm tiddly :)

21. Do you speak any foreign languages?
I have my own language haha, me and my boyfriend have a silly language between the two of us which only we understand lol. Other than that I can speak a little Spanish and a little French but don't quote me!

22. How many pets do you have?
Me and Sam have two kittens which you've most likely seen in my earlier posts. Simon and Bella :D

23. How often are you on Blogger?
I'm usually on here everyday at least once, ill check it via my iPhone on my breaks at work and evenings il be on here whilst you tubing!

24. Do you read comments posted on blogs?
Yea I like to see what other people's opinions are on others blog posts, I enjoy reading mine and getting conversation with other bloggers. I'd love to meet and get to know a lot more of you :)

25. Do you keep a list of products to try as you see other posts?
I have a list in my iPhone notes of all the products to buy/wanting. It's quite long and mainly consists of mac lipsticks haha!

26. How did you come up with your blog name?
Boo is what my boyfriend nicknamed me years ago and it's stuck ever since, Frankie boo it is :)

27. What kind of camera do you use for your photographs?
Lumix G1, it's a huge camera so I'm getting a new one for my birthday so that I can carry it around in my bag with me as my lumix is just to bulky and heavy!

28. How often do you clean your house?
I've always been really OCD so everything has to be in it's place otherwise it drives me crazy, but working so much means the house can be a little messy at times, it drives me insane which is why days off are usually dedicated house tidy days (regarding I'm not booked for anything)

29. What's your favorite colour?
I know it not technically a colour but white is my favourite. I have everything white in my house as its so crisp, also nearly everything in my wardrobe is white, if not I love orange, the brighter the better :)

30. Do you swear?
Probably too much..

31. What are you doing with the rest of your day?
Well I've been at work today. Now I'm relaxing with my boyfriend whilst he watches his football team play a game at the local pub, then il be in bed watching YouTube videos and checking instagram :)

Wow! That was a longgggg tag but I enjoyed answering questions you guys might want to know about me. Hopefully this has given you a little insight to my everyday life, if there's anything you would like to ask me comment below an I shall reply to all of you!

Also I'm wondering if there's any particular blog posts you guys would like me to do for you, be it makeup related, akincare, products etc, let me know!

Lots of love
Frankie xXx

Thursday, 22 August 2013

My Evening Skin-care Routine, and Guest Blogger..

Hello my wonderful followers, I have written a guest blog for Helen from Beautiful Things blog, as she is away on holiday and asked a few of us if we would like the opportunity to write for her whilst she is relaxing with her family, of course i jumped at the choice as i love getting the chance to write for other people, it just means i get to share my blog via hers and vice versa, also i get the chance to meet even more of you bloggers out there!

So my guest post is all about my evening skin-care routine,you can read this post below, or over at her blog: this is a continuation on from my morning skin-care routine post a few posts back!

Firstly i light my lavender candle by Rituals, this scents the room with a lovely sleepy lavender smell, preparing me for bedtime!

I cleanse my face with the Lancome - Galateis Douche cleanser, it does a thorough job of removing all my makeup and dirt from the day off, sometimes i will double cleanse so i know everything has been thoroughly swept away, i follow this step with the Lancome - Tonique Douche toner, there are so many people out there who believe toner is one of the useless products that companies make you believe you have to buy, when in fact you dont need it, i definitely dis-agree with this statement, im prone to adult acne and when i havent used a toner it makes my skin flare up as i think without it your skin is too greasy from the previous products mixing with moisturizer, i love to use toner as it really refreshes your face after removing your makeup and calm everything down ready for you next step..

Estee Lauder - Advanced Night Repair Serum.
Serum is another step alot of people dont think you need but i would highly reccomend it, you apply around 2-3 drops of this all over your face before you apply your moisturizer, introducing this into my nightly routine has made a huge difference to my face, i wake up with firm, plumped skin with a radiant glow!

I then apply my moisturizer, the one i have been loving at the moment is Origins - Gin-zing, a lovely lightweight formula which literally smells like Terrys Chocolate Orange, so dangerous to smell this before bed but i makes it so heavenly apply!

I then apply a little Clinique - Anti Blemish Solution to any acne that has popped up on my face, dab a little amount onto your finger and then onto the targeted area, this is a really good treatment, but only use this on the area needed or it dries out the skin!

Eye cream is something i have been aiming to get into recently as i read an interesting article in the Daily Mail, explaining how a woman had to undergo eye surgery, and when she was on the operating table, they cut into her eye and all the fluid she had applied there for years leaked out as they had the wrong formulations in them for the eye area and just sat on top of the skin, totally gross so im avoiding any substance not made for around that delicate area!

I really like both of these, Llocitane - Ultra Riche Eye Balm & Soap and Glory - You Wont Believe Your Eyes.

Lastly on my face i use a lip balm to intensly hydrate my lips overnight, i wear alot of lipsticks during the day so these can be very drying on the lips, night-time is when your skin does most of its repairing process so this is the best time to get my lips into shape for the following day!

I apply a small amount of Moroccan Oil/Light to my hair depending on how dry its gotten, and if its in need of a good cut, i brush this through with my Tangle Teezer and plait my hair so it doesnt get too knotty overnight, this also helps lock in the oil into the hair, allowing it to penetrate the follicles!

This may seem like a really long drawn out process to be doing before bed, but once you've done it for a few days your body adjusts to it and im done within a few minutes, blow out my candle and off to sleep for me!
I really hope you all liked my guest post, and if you would like to read more of my posts please dont forget to follow :)

Lots of love, Frankie xXx

My MAC Lipstick/lipgloss Collection..

I always see these posts around the blogger world and love looking through everyones collections, i love seeing what colours people have gone for and to get a different perspective of the lipsticks away from the stores, i feel like whenever you look at them all in a store you can be overwhelmed because they all look so similar next to each other when they are all very different (some people would disagree with this, but i guess they dont do makeup! "All those pink lipsticks are completely different shades, can you not tell?"

So as you can see i love my lipsticks/lipglosses/lipbalms i genuinely feel that no make-up look is complete without one of the above, you can really transform the overall look of a face from a pop of pink, or a sultry deep purple lip, this is my personal collection above, i do work as a freelance make-up artist away from my full time job in which i have another collecion of products i use (hence why there are two de-potted lipsticks in the collection as i loved them too much not to put them in my personal collection).

To me there are so many different shades there, they're all so different, especially when you see them swatched :)

Ive tried to photograph them in order, i hope you can see which one is which in relevance to the swatches?

I genuinely feel like MAC have the best lip products around, the pigmentation of the is always incredible, even on the nudest shades the colour is so vivid with only one swipe over the lips, if i could i would have every single shade in the collection (along with the MAC stand too, imagine how cool that would look on your dressing table).

What are your favourite MAC shades, and do you have any reccomendations for me, i would love to hear about your choices?
P.s you can also visit my facebook: Frances Clarke Makeup & my website for more information about my makeup artistry services :)

Speak soon, Frankie xXx

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

My Morning Skin-care Routine..

From my previous posts i have been talking to you all about skin-care and troubles with my own skin, my face has been really playing up recently so i am trying to test out different products to see what's working for me and the products that aren't so i can share this with you so you can judge what would be good for your own skin type :)

First off i wake up and usually check all my social networking sites and on here to see what all you lovely followers have written to me, then i head off to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face (this is usually on my day off i use a water based cleanser as i normally use my Lancome cleanser and toner in my bedroom as its quick and easy when im in a rush for work).
I have been using the Una Brennan - Super Facialist Cleanser in Neroli, this product is wonderful at completely cleansing your face and removes all the dirt without completely stripping the skin!

Using my Sarah Chapman - Cleansing Mitts

Completely wet the mitt, i make sure i only ever use warm water, if you use water too hot/cold it can break the cappileries in the face, so using warm water makes sure your skin doesnt ever get the chance to react to the water temperature.

I apply the cleanser to the mitt and rinse a little more water over the top allowing the cleanser to foam a little.

I then in circular motions wash the cleanser over my face and then rinse off :)

So back to my bedroom now, these are the products i keep on my bedside table as i use them at night also, and i said before when im getting ready on a usual day i would clean my face with the products on here!

Of course my little baby would be sleeping on the bed once i get back in the room, i think he sees the bedroom as his once ive left the room.

So at the moment i have been using the Origins - Gin-Zing moisturizer, the scent OH MY GOD, its like Terry's Chocolate Orange, whenever i apply this it instantly makes me want some, which isnt a good thing first thing in the morning haha, im not 100% sure if this is working on me at the moment, as i said earlier my skin has been breaking out alot, but they seem to be around my chin area, which apparently is stress/hormonal acne, and the rest of my face seems clear, so im hoping that once the acne around my chin dies down i will be able to see if this is really working for me (i bloody hope so, cos the smell is just so god damn good)

Next i apply my Ll'occitane - Ultra Riche Eye Cream, a soft balm which i apply around the eye area, simple i guess but i'm trying to look after the skin around my eye to prevent aging skin too early :)

Lastly i apply a small amount of my Laura Mercier - Tarte Au Citron moisturizer to my arms, neck, and deccolatage, the scent of this is beautiful and i often dont feel the need to apply perfume once ive used this product as the scent is strong but not over-powering and lovely for the summertime :)

So that is my current skin-care routine, i would love you all to share your own products/routines with me as i would love to hear about the products that are working for you :)

For any of those wanting to speak to me away from my blogger, my email is i would love to get in contact with some of you as you dont get to speak to each other properly through blogger :)

Dont forget to follow :)

Lots of love, Frankie xXx

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Illamasqua Blush Duo2..

Hello my lovelies, im finally enjoying a day off at home in which im sure im going to be blogging all day, because i can yay :)

Another product from my new love Illamasqua, i finally converted to this brand (as you know if you read my blog) a few weeks ago and so glad i did!

I visited the Selfridges on Oxford Street and wandered into the beauty hall, straight to the Illamasqua stand, i saw this instantly as ive been wanting a new blush that was really light baby pink, i had looked at Mac's 'Well Dressed' until i saw this for £26 which meant i got two products for £7 more than the Mac blush, and i actually preferred the colour's in this:

Isnt it beautiful ahhh!

The two colours according to the sales assistant are 2 of the most popular selling blushes from there original blush line, so you were getting a lot for you money when you think of the cost of purchasing the two seperately!
Katie is such a lovely colour, its a soft candy pink, you really only need a light dusting of this on your brush as the blush is so pigmented.

Ambition reminds me of Nars 'Orgasm' blush, its a beautiful pinky/corally colour with flecks of gold glitter running through it, when applying this again you only need a tiny amount, which is so good as you know the product will last you a long time, when i first saw them in the pan i didnt think you got alot of product, until i swatched them and realised the pigmentation was as good as it is :D

Overall i'm super pleased i brought this as they are exactly the two colours i had been searching for, for such a long time and i finally have the perfect everyday blushes!

Have any of you seen this pallete, would did you think of it and other Illamasqua blushes?

Follow my blog if you want to guys, finally getting my followers up yay :)

Lots of love

Frankie xXx

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Victoria's Secret Body Mists..

On my recent shopping trip to London at the weekend i ventured into the Victoria's Secret in New Bond Street, having never visited any of the stores before i couldnt wait to see what it had in store!

Well.. The store is obviously beautiful, and full of beautiful staff aswell, they have lots of the angels wings on display so you can drool over the amazing outfits the girls would've worn in the catwalk shows, and seeing as i have been watching them for years i couldnt wait to finally see them in real life!

Anyway onto the scents, i purchased 'Wild At Heart' and 'Sweet & Flirty' there both really lovely scents, i was tempted to buy three as i really liked the 'Warm & Cosy' scent also, but decided against it as its slightly more wintery for this time of the year!

'Wild At Heart' is described as: "Live wild at heart in red passion fruit and sheer musk. This refreshing body mist from our Victoria’s Secret PINK collection shows skin some love with conditioning aloe and a subtle hint of scent"

Its a lovely lovely scent, this was the one i picked up first, its warming and fruity, considering these are body mists they produce a heavy scent, almost as strong as a eau de parfum without being too over powering.

'Sweet & Flirty': Get flirty in sugar berry and pink grapefruit. This refreshing body mist from our Victoria’s Secret PINK collection shows skin some love with conditioning aloe and a subtle hint of scent.

After coming home and smelling these away from the store, this has become my favourite of the two, its fresh, fruity, definitely a smell that will wake you up first thing in the morning, spray this on your skin after having your shower as they all have moisturizing properties with the aloe ingredient in them!

At £15 each they can be rather pricey considering they are only body mists but if you buy them in store at the moment they are a special purchase price of two for £18 so makes one of them only £3 :)

I would definitely re-purchase these and have a few more on my list for the next time i visit london, also i wanted to share with you my new little storage boxes as i think there just so cute :D

Ive filled them with just a few of my everyday/weekly products that aren't to be hidden away in my beauty cupboard as they get used more often that the other products i have!

Nighty night my lovely followers, seeing as i have posted three times in one day i think im ready for a good nights sleep :)

Lots of love

Frankie xXx

YSL Beauty Haul..

So on a trip to London on the weekend i decided i was going to treat myself to some Yves Saint Laurent beauty goodies, i had been super eager to get my hands on the Touche Eclat foundation, as a lover of the original Touche Eclat Highlighter/concealer pen i had a feeling this was going to be a pretty good product to indulge in, its described as: " A unique alchemy, the magic light of Touche Eclat is infused in a foundation of refined purity, free of any opaque powders, its perfecting formula liberates a pure luminous glow that defines the contours of the face with dimensional radiance.
Its ultra-sensorial texture blends with the skin for a perfect, made-to-measure coverage.
Dullness and imperfections dissapear, without covering or masking contours of the face.
Full of life, the complexion is dressed with a natural, unique luminescence"

These are some pretty grand claims which i think a company like YSL should definitely live upto, and that they do, this foundation is perfect for those not looking for a heavy coverage, its a light foundation with a dewy glow, fresh looking, it really awakens the face and you feel fresh after applying it, if your looking for a product thats really going to mask any imperfections this isnt the one for you, it would be perfect for weddings as the finish is so radiant, it really would make any bride look beautiful on there big day!

You can see from the photo the consistency of the foundation!

The foundation blended out onto my hand, as you can see it really does have a beautiful finish to it, its more of a daytime product, as for the evening i personally would want a little more coverage, the product only has one downside for me and thats its staying power, after a full day at work around my chin and on my nose the product had completely worn off on me, thats even with adding a little powder in those areas, you would most likely need to use a setting spray with this foundation if you planned on using it from morning to evening!

Secondly i of course i had to get myself the original Touche Eclat

I really love the new design on this product, it has tiny hammered holes all over the packaging, im sure many of you wouldnt like this but i think it adds a new fun element to the product.

I used to have one of these a good few years ago and never really knew back then exactly its use, i used it solely as a concealer but it is infact more of a radiant enhancing highlighter, perfect for the undereye area as it really covers dark circles and awakens the eyes, im really into looking after the skin around my eyes at the moment and using a product like this really enhances them during the day!

It provides a medium coverage and is really lovely for around the eyes as it isn't to thick therefore there is little creasing!

The last piece i picked up was the Babydoll mascara, i think i may have found the BEST mascara EVER!!!

It is seriously amazing, it lengthens every single lash, it coats every single lash so evenly, it is actually beautiful, it even has the most gorgeous scent to it, you can smell it whilst your applying it to your eyes and it really makes you feel like your using a luxurious product, just look how long its made my lashes:

On both of these photos i have done one single coat of mascara, the formula is just crazy it really works at giving you the most amazing looking lashes, the applicator is a plastic wand, something i usually hate on mascaras but for some reason this actually works perfectly!

I hate to say it as i find it a cliche beauty blogger phrase, but i may have found my holy grail mascara!

Im completely sold on purchasing more YSL products in the future, its not usually a brand i would go to if i wanted high end products but i think that will slowly be changing in time as they have some wonderful products, i definitely think i will be adding the Touche Eclat foundation to my makeup-artistry kit for the beautiful brides i have to makeup over the summer as i think they will love this foundation as much as i do!

Have any of you tried these products or other ones from YSL, what are you favourites, id love to hear them!

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Speak to you soon,

Frankie xXx