Sunday, 20 January 2013

Happyyyy Newwww Yearrrrr everyone :D So its the beginning of a new year and im sure the beginning of all those new years resolutions, i know i have mine, of which one of those is most definitely getting back into blogging, im also venturing into vlogging (video blogging) on youtube, i am slowly easing into it as the big world of youtube is rather scary and not something i would ever have thought i would've gotten into, but hey im giving it a go :D If any of you have any advice for me about vlogging, etc please feel free to comment below with anything you have to say as i could use all the words of wisdom in the world right now :) You can watch my video at :) I have lots of exciting things to catch up with you all on and im sure you will have some more posts coming your way soon from me! Anyhoo this is just a short and sweet post to say hello again to you all :D Hope youve all had a fantastic start to your year and fingers crossed everything goes well for you throughout the rest of the 2013 :D Lots of love Frankie xxx P.s Have any of you got any new years resolutions for 2013, and what are they? x