Monday, 28 October 2013

The Quest To Long Healthy Hair..

I have been struggling growing my hair for the last few years now, i made a completely awful decision to cut my very long hair off into a bob, big mistake, i had never had short hair and now i knew why, it didnt suit me what so ever and i have never been able to get it back to its original length since!

For a while now i had been seeing so many different things about this 'miracle' hair growth shampoo called F.A.S.T by a brand called Nissim, i had been hunting it down for ages and could never find it, until now, HALLELUJAHHH!!!

It claims to help your hair grow twice at twice its usual monthly growth, my hair i would say grows about 1/2 an inch a month so this should make it grow to around a full inch a month, which if your growing your hair out is SUPER good!

Dont get my wrong my hair is not short, but the sides compared to the back of my hair are significantly shorter, this is due to dodgy haircuts in the past and also cutting my own fringe in (which you should never do, believe me) so im wanting to grow my hair to an even all over length and get it to atleast waist length to where it was before i had stupidly cut it all off :)

As you can also see from the photo above my hair is very fine and thin, ive been hearing alot of good things that this shampoo and conditioner also help thicken up the hair and making it appear more full and volumised which i something i cant wait to see!

Ive used the products once already and i must say you will find it rather drying when you use the shampoo alone (you are supposed to use it twice in one wash, i just apply this to the scalp as that is where the hair grows from, and allow it to rinse through my ends) but once applying the conditioner it instantly refreshes the hair and makes it silky smooth and very manageable :)

Im going to be documenting my hair growth over the next few months on here and hopefully with some YouTube vlogs, so keep an eye out for those, and if any of you are also growing your hair out please let me know of any tips you have and also if this product has worked for you!

Lots of love, Frankie xXx

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Autumnal Eyes..

Seeing as Autumn is finally here i decided it was time i break out the autumnal makeup, ive been hunting for the perfect olive/green eyeshadow for a week or so now, with a few mishaps in my search, bottle green and 'halloween' green i have established does not suit me, i have found the perfect little gem for my skin and eye colour!

Lancome Ombre Absolue Shadow in 1202 - Erika is the most beautiful subtle olive green, with a light dusting of shimmery glitter running through it, apparently according to many bloggers out there this has been a very hyped up, talked about colour, which i hadn't actually ever heard of, it was only when i was on a recent trip to Boots i decided to have a look at Lancome's recent offerings i discovered this little gem..

You definitely need to use a primer with Erika as the glitter fallout is unreal, its definite one in which you do your eye makeup before your foundation routine as you will have a very gleen glittery face if you dont, i absolutely love this colour and cannot wait to wear it for my birthday on saturday as i have reserved it for my birthday face of the night :)

Secondly i purchased the Cils Booster XL - essentially a mascara primer which gives you exceptionally long plump lashes in one coat, it has small fibers inside the mixture which prime and protect the lashes whilst enhacing the colour of your mascara once applied..

You apply this to clean lashes as you would your usual mascara, allow it to dry then apply your regular mascara on top of it and you have amazing looking eyes in a flash, i actually didnt expect it to make a huge difference but i was so shocked to see how long it made my lashes look, i can definitely tell the difference when i dont use it now!

Lastly i picked up the Ombre Hynose Mascara in Brown, my reaons for picking up my FIRST ever brown mascara were due to a few YouTubers who i hear keep saying brown mascara works really well for blue eyes and for a pale skin, which is exactly me, ive been thinking for a while now that black mascara is too harsh on my face so this is the perfect balance for me, you cant actually really tell that its brown once its on, it just looks alot softer on my face than a regular black mascara does!

I really love the wand on the Hypnose mascara, it has a curved shape to it which make its really easy to define the lashes and gives you a really lovely curl to them which holds all day!

Have you tried any of these products before? Im actually really loving Lancome at the moment, thanks Carly Cristman for your YouTube videos and sending me back in there direction :)

Happy Sunday everyone :) P.S a little personal note, my baby sister was born on friday evening, so welcome to the world baby Ivy Tabitha Clarke <3

Monday, 21 October 2013

My Current Makeup Storage & Collection..

Ive been wanting to get some sort of storage for my makeup for a while now but due to lack of funds and no where to actually house anything in this house at the moment im having to make do with whats around my home already, i decided on emptying out an old set of draws that was holding a few random bits of Sams clothing, its not how i want it and fingers crossed in the next few months ill be able to change it up by getting some actual makeup storage but for now it houses everything nicely and i can actually get to everything meaning it will finally all get used :) So here goes..

We keep our TV on the draws so we can watch it easily in bed but i always end up using it to watch YouTube videos on, i was watching makeup collection videos at the same time to get some inspiration :)

On top i just keep my makeup brushes in old candle jars with little scented stones inside them to keep them in the jars nicely and adds a nice smell to the room :)

I have my Rituals lavender candle, and a plain sugar scented pillar one, also i have a Dolce & Gabbana powder and my Laura Mercier - Tarte Au Citron body cream which is my absolute favourite, also a mini MAC mirror just incase i need to touch up quickly!

Also the little gold makeup brush is a vintage Guerlain one i brought a few years ago, it has pastel hairs from yellow to blue, purple then pink, its so beautiful and has Guerlain inscribed into the metal handle, i love it and will never use it as its way too pretty :)

I added these little lavender scented love hearts from Primark to the draws just to make them a little prettier.

In the top draw i have all my face products, i basically used old perfume boxes and a Chanel gift box to house everything in, it fits everything perfectly and as i said earlier i can now get to everything so much easier than i could before as everything was stored inside a plastic Muji container and a dozen of makeup bags that were all completely jam packed full!

I have my foundations & concealers in 2 boxes, blushes, higlights & bronzers in another 2 boxes, face primers in one box, my setting sprays have been kept inbetween some of the boxes and i also added a few hair clips/bands in there too for keeping my hair of my face when im applying makeup :)

Next up i have my eye products draw, i used the plastic Muji draws to house everything in this draw as they fit all my palettes easier, and seeing as i dont have that many of them it all fits quite nicely :)

I have a candle jar which i cleaned out holding all my eye pencils, my Urban Decay eye primer and a whole load of lash glues for my eyelashes which i have just positioned down the side of the palettes so i can get to them easily!

Lastly is my lip draw, i love this draw as it houses all my beautiful MAC lipsticks :D

I had a glass jewellery holder given to me last christmas which actually houses lipsticks perfectly in it, also a section for lipbalms, inside the draw i have managed to stack the MAC lipsticks in threes which mean i have them all in one place if i ever need one, i also have another Muji draw in here holding my other lipsticks/glosses/lip crayons and also another MAC pot which i got from the christmas collection last year containing some more lipsticks as i couldnt fit them all in the plastic draw, in the middle i have all my pot versions of lip products, my holy grail lip balm - Nuxe - Reve De Miel and my Lush - Bubblegum lip scrub.

In the back i keep some little mirrors incase i have friends over doing there makeup and they can use those without having to all crowd around one mirror!

So there you have it, my simple makeup collection/storage, as i say i am really hoping to update it to something alot better than this in the near future and i will be doing that post as soooooon as i get my little hands on some new bits!

Hope you all enjoyed this post, i love snooping through other peoples makeup stashes as im such a nosey parker!

Speak to you all soon and have a good week my lovelys!

Lots of love, Frankie xXx

Sunday, 20 October 2013

eve lom - kiss mix..

I just wanted to write a mini post on this wonder i recently brought, the Eve Lom - Kiss Mix, its a beautiful minty lipbalm with super moisturizing properties!

House inside beautiful, simplistic, typlical Eve Lom packaging, this beauty acts as a sunscreen aswell as protecting against the harsh winter winds so is ideal for use all year round, perfect for this cold weather we have coming up!

I like to pair this with a lip scrub just before bed to really allow it to penetrate into my lips, it has a lovely tingling/cooling sensation which makes you feel like its really working on those chapped lippies, i always wake up with beautifully soft smooth lips :)

Overall i love this little pot of menthol goodness, its perfect for applying before and after lipstick to make it less drying on the lips and is a lovely little gloss by its self, it also has really good staying power so good for days when you havent got much time to keep applying products!

Have any of you tried Kiss Mix?

Love Frankie xXx

Saturday, 19 October 2013

the personal post..

So ive been contemplating for a few days now about writing a personal post, and this evening made me completely make my mind up on doing it, so here it is..

Tonight i had been invited out with my partner and a few friends to our local pub and from the minute i got there i realised how left out i felt, i know why this is and i guess im partly to blame, i dont drink alcohol so i guess they feel like im some-what different from the rest of the group which in turns makes me excluded from there little group of fun, my reasons for not drinking are down to a huge weight in my life *anxiety*

This wasnt something i was going to talk about through this blog as i wanted to keep it aside from everything in my blog, i keep seeing a few posts about speaking up about anxiety and i feel maybe i should too, im quite happy to speak about it in my everyday life so i guess if i can help others through speaking about it on my blog i will do!

Basically i left everyone and went home this evening, i walked home in tears frustrated at them and at myself for letting my troubles get in the way, and also annoyed at the fact that because i dont drink i shouldnt be included, why do they feel the need to judge on the fact that i dont drink? Im just as fun, if not more happy than them when im sober and have some of the best nights with a completely clear head, so what is it about anxiety that makes me seperate from everyone else?

Anxiety is something i have been suffering with for about 3 years now, i did suffer from the worst panic attacks, which since going on medication i hadnt had one for nearly a year, until the last few weeks, they seem to have come back and i think its making me focus more on them than everyone else around me, maybe i seemed disconnected to everyone this evening and thats why i hadnt been involved?

I just want to be able to speak to like minded people who also suffer from anxiety and panic attacks and gather a way of talking about it with the hopes that we can all work our way through it and offer tips and advice for each other on how we deal with it, the one thing i have noticed is that it seems to be creative people that seem to suffer with it the worst, i dont know why this is maybe all that creativness causes overdrive in our minds haha!

Excuse the long rambly post, i just needed to clear my mind and i thought writing this would help!

If you ever want to talk to me about anything my email is if not leave a comment and i always reply :)

Lots of love Frankie xXx

riri for mac..

As soon as i saw a press release image of this collection way back when i instagrammed it back at the end of April, the beautiful rose gold packaging instantly drew me in, the fact its Rihanna had nothing to do with it (yer right)!

I had originally wanted to get the 'talk that talk' lipstick, a dark deep purple tone, it had sold out instantly and can i get my hands on it, no of course, so i decided to go with the original 'Riri Woo' this was the other lipstick i had wanted to get hold of and thankfully my local MAC still had a few left, pheww!

I also picked up the Riri lashes, i didnt actually realise that she had released lashes in her collection until i went to buy the lipstick, i saw them and put them straight on the till and handed over my card without hesitation!

Im absolutely in love with Riri Woo, a blue toned red with Rihanna's signature Riri carved into it, i almost dont want to use it for that reason but i definitely will be, infact i will be applying this beautiful shade to my lips as soon as i have posted this and head off to work!

Now you can see why i needed (wanted) these lashes, for starters they are the most natural looking lashes i have ever come across, they are a very dark brown which makes them even better suited to me as i have such light lashes naturally that black ones can sometimes look to harsh on me, they are so fluttery, they look like semi-permanent lash extensions where they have been so naturally done, im in love with them and cannot wait to wear them, i havent ever owned a pair of MAC lashes before so im even more excited to try them!

Im always a sucker for MAC collections, but this time im so pleasantly surprised by this one even more than any previous collections that have been released, the quality is so good, i love that the packaging is really well done, not just cheap plastic looking, and the fact that its Rihanna just tops it off, who doesnt want to wear something on there lips that emulates the queen of hot, she makes everything instantly sexy and the shades she has chosen for her line make you feel confident and independant!

Have any of you picked up something from the Riri collection, what did you get or lusting after?

Frankie xXx

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

yves saint laurent - volupte's..

Evening girls (and the occasional guy) i wanted to post just a mini haul of two lip products i brought at the weekend as they are just to godamn beautiful not to share with you all :)

I picked these up from my local House Of Fraser on Saturday, i had gone shopping with my nan (shes actually rather young at heart so going shopping with her is quite fun, im sure she might read this and be over the moon i said that, HI NAN)

I actually intended on picking up one of the glossy stains from YSL but couldnt seem to find one that i really wanted to go home with, i have one of the Rouge Sheer Candys already and love the colour of it, but wanted something a little more neautral for daytime and something i can just chuck on for work..

I chose this beaut #9 from the Sheer Candy collection, this range is super moisturizing, there more like a very pigmented lip balm and give your lips so much moisture which is so good for this time of year and the cold weather coming our way!

The second one i picked up was #15 Rouge Volupte Shine in Coral

These are meant to be lipsticks but again i think they are more like a pigmented lip balm but this time they have alot more colour pay off and are a little more longer lasting on the lips and a thicker formula, i definitely prefer the pigmentation of these compared the the Sheer Candy's but i wouldnt use them for a night out or somewhere i needed a lipstick to stay on all day as they just dont last very long on the lips!

Overall i really like them, i also absolutely love the packaging, in my personal opinion there is not better looking lipstick out there, they look exspensive, chic and such high quality, i just wish i could collect them all :)

Have any of you tried or have these, whats your favourite colours ?

Love Frankie xXx

Monday, 14 October 2013

kevin aucoin - the celestial powder - candlelight..

I knew i wanted this before i even saw it, its perfect & simple , no nonsense packaging and a truly amazing product hidden away inside, the Kevin Aucoin, Celestial Powder in Candlelight is a highlight lovers dream come true!

I must say i hadnt actually intended going out and buying this but a recent little trip with my friend Millie to Space NK found me picking up this delight and walking away with a happy face :)

Ok so yesss you can see from the photos that i did the cardinal sin when it comes to beauty blogs and i used it before i took photos, i couldnt help it, it had sat in its little Space NK bag for a few days waiting for me to get around to photographing it but busy days and long nights currently left me with no time and a want to use it, so that i did, and god im glad i did!

Personally im not a huge fan of the packaging, i know alot of people love that its simple but i just find it so boring for such an amazing product, this is the first thing ive brought from Kevin Aucoin and i think the packaging may have a little reason for this, but for this highlight i will definitely foresee it as i couldnt honestly tell you just how beautiful it is!

The product itself is so finely milled and buttery soft, it literally glides onto the skin weightlessly, you wouldnt even know you were applying it to your face but the glow it gives you is nothing like ive found from any other highlight, in the pan it looks quite dark but when transferred onto the skin it gives the most angelic pearlescent glow, it makes you look healthy, radiant and glowing literally instantly.
It picks up the light on your face and makes you look completely transformed in the swipe of a brush!

You can see how light the powder is, but the sheen is so apparent even on my pale skin, it is just way to perfect for words and i never ever thought i would've found it this amazing!

I think you can tell how happy i am that i purchased Candlelight, and i know i have almost certainly found a product i will stick by for life, i just want to tell everyone about it because it is just way too good to be left under wraps, the fact that Candlelight it so good makes me want to try even more in his collections, i definitely have my eye on a few lipsticks..

Let me know if you have tried anything from Kevin Aucoin and if you have tried Candlelight!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend?

Lots of love Frankie xXx

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

skyn iceland - icelandic relief eye cream..

Good morning my beautiful readers, hope your days going well :)

I wanted to write a little post for you about a new eye cream i purchased, at first i wasn't going to bother talking about it as its one simple product which i didnt think many people would've been really interested in reading about, that is until i started using it!

Icelandic Relief Eye Cream is described as a lightweight contouring eye cream to minimize puffiness, wrinkles and dark circles.
I can definitely say that the claims it has are backed up by this product, since working full-time, blogging and keeping on top of the house i can say sleep is something that i dont get alot of any more, i have never been one to get bags or dark circles under my eyes, i was actually convinced at one point i was one of those lucky few that just had a good under eye area, unfortunately long days and short nights have taken there toll on me and now im an avid member of the dark circle crew ah!

The main reason for me buying this was because of the fact it is named as a 'relief' cream, i like the sound of this, it makes me feel as if the product is just going to take the weight of the day of my shoulders and allow me to relax in the evening, ive done a little research into the product for you and thought i would give you the facts on this little gem..

Features & Benefits:

- Vitamin K increases circulation to help diminish dark under-eye circles
- Anti-aging rice peptides help firm skin by destroying the enzymes that break down collagen and elastin
- Orange peel helps reduce puffiness
- Cotton powder fills fine lines and acts as an optical diffuser to downplay wrinkles and dark circles
- Icelandic kelp helps revitalizes skin and fight inflammation

The cream is of a really thick whipped consistency, but once applied to the under eye area it is extremely light weight and soothing, its such a delight to apply this after freshly cleansing your face and moisturising, its a luxury product that i really cant rave more about.

I picked mine up from the M&S beauty hall, you can also buy it online here:

Hope you have a wonderful day :)

Lots of love Frankie xXx

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Maybelline Colour Tattoo - Pomegranate..

I think this may be a post that every blogger in the blogging universe may of heard about and thats the amazing Maybelline Colour Tattoos, i have a few of these already but i felt the urge after buying Mac Cranberry to add this little gem to my already growing makeup stash.. Pomegranate .

The colour is absolutely beautiful, its like a vived red/burgundy with tiny flecks of glitter running through it, it isnt overly glittery when applied to the lid so you can get away with wearing this during the daytime and smoking it out for an evening look, i dont think theres really anything i can compare it to out there, its a shade ive never really seen before and i think thats why i love it so much!

Paired with the Mac Cranberry the combo is just stunning, i do apologise for not actually have a photo of the look but i will upload one to my instagram page as soon as i can @frankiebooblog.

The Colour Tattoos as you can see are super pigmented, this is just one swipe of the product on my hand so you can see how much of any impact they can make on your eyes, this shade looks so beautiful with blue eyes, its a lovely warm tone and perfect for that autumnal make-up look, christmas please anyone?

Hope your all having a lovely day, have you tried the Colour Tattoos? Whats your favourite shades :)

Frankie xXx

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Beauty Haul.. House of Fraser, Boots & Lush..

So id tweeted a few days ago asking what primers/setting sprays you all recommended, id been on the hunt for some new ones as my current bits just weren't working that well for me, i dont know if its to do with the weather but my make-up just isnt staying on my skin, it doesnt matter what foundation i wear it just comes off and im left patchy at the end of the day :(

The majority of people that replied kept saying to go for the Urban Decay setting sprays which was infact the ones i had my eyes on already, ive been previously using Mac Fix+ which dont get me wrong i absolutely LOVE it, it just leaves me looking to dewy for this time of year which i think isnt helping my makeup stay on very well.

I decided to go for the Chill setting spray as it sets your makeup perfectly but doesnt matte out the skin, it still leaves you looking fresh and not overly dewy, but gives a healthy glow without being shiney, i tried this out the past few days and i have to say my makeup has'n't budged, not even in the slightest, i even wore it last night and my makeup was still completely intact after going to a gig and a club (yes i know i actually ventured out for once in my life instead of playing cat lady at home with my blanket and a cup of tea)

The primer i had already kind of decided on as ive been wanting to give this a go ever since i saw Boots had started stocking it, the SmashBox Photo-ready primer is oil and paraben free, i liked the idea of this, once applied to your face it literally sinks into the skin, completely disguising any pores on your face leaving you with a lovely smooth base ready to apply your foundation, concealer etc.

I purchased the smaller 12ml sized primer incase i didnt like it, this is currently in Boots for £12.50 which i think is a really good price for a SmashBox product, and its also the first time ive tried something from the brand :)

This little orangey goodness caught my eye, its a shower brush, anyone who knows me knows i have a serious hair product addiction and anything that can be used in the shower to help smoothand de-tangle my wild mane is a huge bonus, i had never seen these before and i think the fact it was orange helped sway me into buying it as im obsessed with the bloody colour :)

I also really like Denman products, i have a teezer brush from them and it gives the best volume out of any brush ive ever used, they have such good quality brushes so i trust this will be just as good!

Another product again ive been wanting for ages but could never justify the £5.50 price tag for a small tub of basically sugar you could make yourself at home, but the last few weeks my lips have been dryer than normal and frankly im too lazy to make my own haha, the smell of this is divine, literally sweet bubblegum goodness in a jar, plus you can use the product straight from the pot and lick of the remains which is good for a little sweet tooth lover like me!

I must say its really helped the condition of my lips and they look much plumper and more alive again now, i use this before bed and then apply the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Lip Balm over the top and i wake up with beautiful soft lips ready for the day ahead :)

Hope you've all had a good weekend, mine has been super busy with work and actually going out for once, im now very sleepy and will be reverting back to my usual cat lady self and lazing with Samuel and the cats watching a film.

Let me know what youve all been upto and if you've brought any goodies this week?

lots of love, Frankie xXx

Friday, 4 October 2013

#RushBloggerMeet at Rush Hair & Beauty..

Hey guys, sorry its been a few days since ive posted but ive been super busy with work and other things that i just haven't gotten round to posting much this week, im now currently sitting down infront of my TV watching Youtube, drinking tea from my favourite Cath Kidston mug and FINALLY writing a post for you all :D

So last night i ventured upto London for an amazing event i had the luck of being invited too, it was the #RushBloggerMeet which was being hosted by the wonderful people at House of Rush in Piccadilly, what an amazing venue to have chosen!
The event was hosted by the lovely ladies and a fellow blogger Becky from Lipgloss and Lashes and Laura who works for a PR company @Lauzzenger, the girls did such a fantastic job at making everyone feel welcome and the event was seriously so good, im so pleased i got the chance to attend, thankyou girlies :D

First of let me tell you just how beautiful this place is, id done a little sneaky online before i went there to see what it looked like and its even more beautiful in real life, the smell, seriously, heavenly, they were burning candles around the whole salon called 'THAI treatments' i WILL be hunting these things down because i neeeeeed them burning in my home!

The beauty treatment rooms are beautiful, you literally walk in and feel relaxed by the scent and the calm music playing softly in the background, we all got the oppurtunity to have oxygen facials, seriously i think i fell asleep half way through, its so relaxing, its basically a facial using oxygen being blown onto your face through a small nozzle, it feels like a dusting of cool water as it is moved around your face and you can have it done whilst wearing your makeup so perfect for a lunch-break treatments, it is pure oxygen which opens your pores allowing them to fully breath clean air therefor thoroughly allowing your pores to be cleaned, it leaves your skin with a beautiful dewy finish (Sam from Honey Go Lightly having her facial).

The interior of the salon is so chic, with quotes dotted around by famous names, inspiring you as you walk around, i've also decided i must book myself in here for a cut as i just want to sit infront of the beautiful hanging mirrors and take a selfie
(blogger problems)!
Also How cute are the room names :)

We also got to have a manicure done, super relaxing and if you'd seen the state of my nails before hand you'd have been glad they were offering this haha, i love having my nails done so this was such a treat for me, i chose Essie 'Fishnet Stockings' a beautiful berry red colour perfect for this Autumnal weather..

Doctor Carvar was also there to give us demonstations on Botox and Dermal Fillers, something ive considered in the past and now i have seen her first hand performing the procedure on a client i must say im more inclined to get them done in a few years, the lady having them done didnt even flinch, you can also dissolve the product too, so if you dont like the effect you can actually remove it, this is whats swayed my mind as im paranoid of having the dreaded 'frozen face'

Im so pleased i went and learnt so much from attending, met some lovely bloggers and got the chance to drool over the salon, the products and the food, i forgot about the food, delicious yummyness all in one area, i wanted some cake but never did as i feared of getting it all over me haha!

How bloody good does that cake look, i should've asked to take it home, i could've done with it on the train journey mmm ::)

Thankyou girls and to Rush for allowing us all to attend such a fantastic event, and a huge thankyou for the goody bags, im SOOOO pleased with my filofax, im in need of a new one :D
I also cant wait to try out all the other goodies, it did include some hair paste from Rush which i gave to Samuel, he used it tonight to go out and it smells like bananas mmm, also some Lindt chocolates but i ate them as there my favourites :)

Incase your wanting to get yourself over to Rush i have a code for you, you can get 20% of any beauty treatment or 50% of microderm treatment (which im desperate to try myself) when you call to book use the quote BLOG20 or MICRO50 to take up this fantastic offer!

Hope youve all had a brilliant week?

Lots of love Frankie xXx