Monday, 12 March 2012

In love with M.A.C Cosmetics..

Hey everybody, so recently I have completely fallen in love with Mac!!!
Ive always liked the brand but for some reason it has taken over my mind (and my wage packet) and now my makeup bag seems to be filled with it!
This month I brought the studio fix foundation, with a new foundation brush, as I firmly believe to get the best looking foundation you have to have the right tools for the job!
Secondly I brought 'watch me simmer' lipstick from the new shop cook collection, along with the Nicki Minaj lipstick Sam brought for me which arrived a few days before!
The colours are very similar but watch me simmer has more coral/red tones to it which makes it perfect for summery days :)
Finally I purchased the face powder/highlighting/blusher compact from the Vera collection, which is so cute as it has three different colours to it meaning you can use them in different ways on all of the face, which is handy for me as I have had to scale my huge weight of a makeup bag down to just essentials (due to back ache from carrying it around in my bag all day)!!!
Overall I am extremely happy with all my purchases and I'm sure with London coming up in a few days I will be headed along to the MAC store there and coming away with a few new goodies :)

I'm also looking into doing a Mac masterclass, to further my own makeup skills and also to add to my cv for future jobs, have any of you or know anyone who has done the course before and know if it is worth doing as I really am interested in it :)

Is anyone loving Mac, or any other particular favourite makeup brands?
Let me know!


  1. Oh I love that blusher! That looks like such a lovely colour.

    The Urban Umbrella

  2. Thankyou! It looks so lovely on, I should really have taken photos with the products to show you what they look like on! Maybe I will another time :) xxx

  3. wow that blush looks so pretty, I want!!

  4. That looks super promising! Love it :)

  5. MAC is the best make-up brand, I love all their products! Have fun with yours :)

  6. That highlighter/blush is so gorgeous looking. I love MAC, definitely one of my fav brands because they have so much choice! My favourite brand changes all the time, but right now it's probably NARS. X