Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Relaxed work look..

Helloo all my lovelys! Just a quick short post on what I wore to work today and my new blush :)
A casual relaxed look with my new linen top, topshop super skinny black jeans (most comfortable jeans ever!!) and my leopard print shoes with red trim! And not forgetting my simple accessorie, my Michael Kors watch! I just love simple touches to outfits and this watch does just that!
Also Iv been looking for a cream blush everywhereeeee!!! I was tempted to look for a more expensive one but came across this topshop beaut today and had to have it! £6 bargain! Will do a review on this in my next post!
How's everyone's week going? And have you brought any new pieces this week? Let me know

Sunday, 26 February 2012

My new weekly Sunday Instagram..

Hello my lovelies, so my new segment for Frankie Boo is going to be a weekly Instagram photo update, as I only decided this yesterday I have Just a few photos from over the weekend, bits ive brought, love and have been using the past days!
Hope you've all had brilliant weekends and looking forward to the week ahead, what are you plans?
Ps if any of you are on Instagram leave your links in a comment and il be sure to follow :)

Friday, 24 February 2012

Victoria Beckham for Madame Figaro...

How AMAZING does Victoria Beckham look in the latest Madame Figaro issue!
Theres always been alot of controversy surrounding Miss Beckham over the years, but personally i think she's gorgeous, and a role model to all women, she has built herself as a brand over the years and proven to us females that your goals and dreams are possible if you work hard enough to get them!
.. And of course you cant forget who her husband is ;)


Nicki & Ricky for MAC Viva Glam

Nicky Minaj & Ricky Martin as you may already know have teamed up to create a collection for MAC Viva glam, and im one of the lucky people who has, thanks to my wonderful boyfriend who brought it for me, managed to get hold of it before it goes on sale in March!
The best part of the collection, bar the colours being pretty gorgeous, (like the creators themselves) is that all proceeds go to the MAC Aids fund, teaming up to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS in young people all over the world!

The lipstick i chose! The colour is amazing, cant wait to wear this during the warmer weather with a tan :)


Thursday, 23 February 2012

Mac Rebel Lipstick...

As I said in the comments on my last post, here's a few photos of my recent Mac purchase!
It all depends on how many layers you put on as to how dark it goes. I prefer just one coat with a slight gloss ontop as it has a slight pinkish hue, but I must say I do like the dark purple too, but would most likely limit this to nights out for me!
Have any of you brought any new makeup/products recently that you love? If so I'd love to hear from you :) xxx

Monday, 13 February 2012

Pretty new things..

A quick post just to show you the few bits I brought today, I rushed quickly into town before I went to work today to buy Sam a valentines present and ended up coming away with more for myself than him ah!
I really wanted a new diary and fell in love with this silver crock effect one from WH Smiths, The latest Vogue edition, pale pink nail varnish, new top coat a simple vest/dress from topshop which looks so plain here but on it looks so cute, cant wait to wear it tommorow :D and the most gorgeous colour lipstick from MAC, in Rebel! Which as you can see is the most beautiful purple!
Oo and I also got my haircut today for free from Sams brothers girlfriend which was a bonus as it really needed cutting and I didn't want to have to spend loads to get it done!
Hope you've all had a lovely day and I would love to hear if you have made any plans for valentines tommorow?
Spread the love to everyone <3

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Having a lovely time away <3

It's a little chilly down here having had snow the last few days but were having a wonderful weekend away, will update you all with photos and more soon :)


Thursday, 2 February 2012

Outfit posts coming soon..

Right everybody im vowing to do my very first outfit post!
Im generally quite shy when it comes to broadcasting what im wearing all over the internet, unless its a night out and i make a huge effort to look nice then im really quite self conscious when it comes to having my photo taken, BUT ive just brought some new bits and pieces which im quite intrigued to show you all and see what all your opinions are :)

Sneak peek into whats coming up in the next few posts :)

Hope youve all had a good thursday?
Im looking forward to spending the day with my lovely boyfriend whos not well so im sure i will be nurse Frankie tommorow looking after my poorly pup :)


does your lipstick match your personality...

So i found this on a blog the other week and wanted to do a post of it myself as i do seriously think its true!

1. Rimmel London: 020 Sassy
2. Natural Collection: Pink Mallow
3. MAC: AB9 M.A.C Red
4. Rimmel London: 091 Coral In Gold

Have any of you done this recently, if so id love to hear the outcomes of your personality lipsticks :)


all set for the day ahead..

Aim for today, read through Elle, blog through my phone and paint my nails pretty pastel pink :)
Is anyone going for a paticular nail trend at the moment, seeing as there are sooo many around right now?