Tuesday, 24 January 2012

My favourite jewellery pieces...

Just a short piece about some of my favourite pieces of jewellery :)

First of all, my rings which my beautiful Samuel brought me, the bottom ring is two pink diamond flowers on a silver ring, and the top is a silver and gold band with 8 small diamonds connecting to one larger diamond, i love them as they are both so delicate and easy to wear, which is brilliant for me as i never take them off as im too scared im going to lose them :)

Secondly are my Ted Baker earrings which my mum brought for my 21st birthday in November, she wanted to buy me a small keepsake so i chose these as they are so cute and easy to wear and wont ever date, and i will have them forever to pass down in my family.

The next photo is my Micheal Kors watch again was for my 21st brought by my dad, along with an N2 bracelet which i purchased at a stall inside London fashion weekend when i went there about two years ago.
The bracelet has a french qoute engraved into it "entre quatre yeux" which means "four eyes" and has a gorgeous blue eye charm hanging from one side of the bracelet, i love this bracelet as it is delicate and has a mysteriousness to it as to what the quote entails..