Monday, 23 January 2012

A little bit about myself..

Sooo seeing as i havent properly blogged in suchhhh a long time and so many things have changed in my life i thought it might be a good idea to tell you all about some of things going on in the world of Frankie... First of all me and my lovely friend Millie are starting our very own blog TOGETHER!!! I am very excited about this, as much as i love my own indiviudal blog it becomes hard work keeping it all upto date by yourself and having the time to be able to take photos, find things to blog about and generally keeping everything in perspective, so this is a very exciting venture, i think for us both, as Millie's always wanted to start her own blog but never really got the chance to do so, so for us to have one together (fingers crossed) will be a lot of fun! We virtually have the same taste in about almost everything and we both work in womens fashion so it will be quite interesting to see what we both have to talk about in our new blog! If anyone can think of any names for this then please feel free to comment any suggestions and all we be taken into great consideration :)
I am also very excited as the 25th of this month is mine and Samuel's 4 year anniversary <3 <3 <3 I cant believe thats its been 4 years already, and honestly i know everyone says how they have the best boyfriend and the perfect relationship, but i honestly do believe we are so perfect for each other, the love we have is so special and true i could talk about it for hours but im sure you dont all want to hear me babbling a load of gushy words all over my post, so ill keep it short and sweet, basically we are going to spend the weekend down at Sandgate where his uncle has his second house right on the beach, where we going to relax for a few days, have lots of cosy time infront of the tv watching films, walks along the beach (most probably spent with me taking loads of photos) and eating out at some of the amazing restaurants! Perfect way to spend time alone with the one i love the most!
(Photo on our last day at Knole House) Last thing to update you all, i have finished my fashion course and currently working part time as i said earlier in a womens clothing store, i am hoping to go back to college in september to study beauty therapy as i have decided this would be a wise career choice for me to go into as i am incredibly interested in beauty and health and believe i could succeed in this business rather well! I would love to hear from you all about what you have all be upto recently and your plans for the rest of 2012? Lots of love Frankie xxx


  1. Happy Anniversary, darling!
    Such a handsome couple ~ love that dress!


  2. Aw thankyou so much, I love the dress to but unfortunately i tore the side seam and the material is so sheer on top im scared to touch it now!

    Following you xxx