Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Helllooo, i am back on the blogging scene, i have not blogged in absolutely ages, and i must say i had fallen out of lust with the whole idea of it!
But i am back and happy i have come out of the horridly long writers block i had!
Iv been upto so many things, and havent been able to share this with anyone other than the world of facebook, which is pretty boring if i must add!!!

Last week i went to Graduate Fashion Week at Earls Court in London, and i had the most FANTASTIC time!
One of my favourite designers from the exhibition was Charlotte Robinson.
(visit her @ tumblr: Charlotterobinson.tumblr.com)
Her designs were outstanding, and with every piece i came across i was stunned at how beautifully crafted the garments were and you could really feel the time and effort she had put into each individual piece!

This garment was my favourite, and i also love that she made her own accessory, the hair tye is made from zips sewn together and i love the edge it gives to the hairstyle, along with the makeup, she had really thought everything through down to the last details, and im not saying she was the only one to have done this, but she was one of the few who really stood out to me!
Charlotte attends the colchester school of art & design and she has inspired me to have a closer look at the courses available there!

Whilst i was there i also stumbled across Henry Holland, who was judging the graduees work, me and my friend plucked up the courage to say hi but he was slightly rude as he was 'busy judging' still its HH and i love him!

I am also on my final few weeks of my fashion course :(
I must say i am pretty looking forward to leaving just so i can have a break from everything that ive been doing in the last two years and have some time out to concentrate on finding what i really want to do in life!
Theres so many options of what roads to go down nowadays that i am left in a blur of what is ME!
I know im not the only person out there feeling this right now, so if anybody feels the same way please feel free to share your views with me as i think i need to be able to speak to other people in the same position!

Anyways i dont want to bore you all to much and we leave you with this first post, and will continue on later to update all you lovely bloggers with more of whats gone on in my time away :)