Thursday, 29 July 2010


Hi everyone, im updating my blog with what ive been upto in the last few days :)
Monday i had my interview for Boss, which is shown in the post below, Tuesday i spent the day in London with my family, the day included going on the London Eye, the London Dungeons, Madamme Taussauds, and dinner :)

Overall the day was extremely tiring after alot of waiting around for the entrance into the exhibitions, even though we had fast track tickets, i most definitely recommend spending the extra money on the better tickets as the ques for the ordinary line were ridiculously oversized!

The Eye was incredible as i havent ever been on it before.
It takes around £26-28 minutes to get around the whole thing and it reaches at the top to 443ft in the air, it is officially the world's tallest cantilevered observation wheel!

The view from the Eye was incredible you could literally see for miles upon miles of London city skyscrapers, the The Gherkin, London Bridge, The Houses of Parliament and many more of Londons main attractions!

The view from the top of the Eye.. Amazing isnt it?

Madame Taussauds was alot of fun also, i visited here about five years ago and this time i think the experience was a whole lot better, plus im at an age now when i have more appreciation for the process in creating the artwork involved!

The likeness in the waxworks was ridiculously similar to what an actual person would look like, especially how have they have recreated such a likeness to the celebritys they feature!

I think the London Dungeons wasnt as good as i expected, i think you have to be younger to appreciate the 'horror' experience although the idea to the attraction is very well thought out and the stories they tell of the life through the years in London are rather interesting and i think you could learn alot if you listen carefully enough lol!

In the black cab :D


  1. Great pics, hopefully I'll visit London again in two months! My knuckle ring is from eBay by the way :)

  2. I really want to go to london sometime! It looks like an amazing city! You've got the cutest background btw!

  3. London baby! I just love that city, but it's quite expensive to us :-)
    I'm following your blog!


  4. WOW! What fantastic photos!! I really want to go to London someday very soon

  5. Hey thanks for following me on here :)
    Thankyou for your lovely comment, London is amazing i think i must go atleast every few months its such a beautiful and inspiring place to visit :)