Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Hugo Boss job :D

Helloooo everyone, ah i am extremely excited as i am now working for Hugo Boss!
Ive finally got a job im so proud to have, and best of all im not just going to be a sales advisor i am a supervisor eeeek!
It has taken me so long to finally get a job there so im feeling rather elated that im going to have a career in fashion even if it does mean i still have to attend college for another year to get my diploma!
Plus i will also have Hugo Boss uniform :D and i will have 20% discount, i think im going to be spending my wages before i even get them lol!
I will be selling the premium and superiour Boss black, tailored suits also the other Boss labels!
The store is brand new so i will be one of the first to work there, also were having a Boss launch party which i will be attending, where the Boss merchandisers, visualizers and other Boss employees will be attending (and hopefully a celebrity or two haha!)

This is what i wore to the interview, i didnt want to be to casual as i knew i had to somewhat impress, so i just wore a United Colours of Benneton black dress, Vintage belt and my Topshop wedges, i also used my Dolce & Gabbana Micol bag which is shown somewhere in one of my recent blog posts.
Sorry for the really bad photo but i had to take a quick picture on my blackberry!

Hope everyones ok, how has your week been so far? :)
Frankie xxx


  1. Wow, congratulations! That sounds like an amazing job! Hope you enjoy(;

  2. Thankyou, i had my first day today i was super scared, but everything went ok i hope :)
    im following you :) xx

  3. that's awesome! congrats on the job. It sounds amazing :) x

  4. Thankyou so much, my first official day is this saturday im super nervous! x

  5. Amazing photos!
    You look stunning!

    xx Black Adder Fashion